Citrix ADC Nitro Error Messages

0x300 ERRORS

Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_RNAT_INV 769 0x301 Reverse NAT not applicable for default route.
NSERR_INVALID_IF 770 0x302 Invalid interface name/number.
NSERR_MGRLIMIT_REACHED 771 0x303 Maximum manager limit reached.
NSERR_SP_INVALD_TABLE 772 0x304 SP table entries should be in increasing order.
NSERR_RNAT_NATIP_EXISTS 773 0x305 RNAT to the target network with specified NAT IP already exists.
NSERR_RNAT_EXISTS 774 0x306 ACL or NETWORK based RNAT rule already exists.
NSERR_RNAT_NOT_EXISTS 775 0x307 ACL or NETWORK based RNAT rule does not exist.
NSERR_RNAT_NATIP_NOT_EXISTS 776 0x308 RNAT to the target network with specified NAT IP doesn't exist.
NSERR_RNAT_INVALID_NATIP 777 0x309 NAT IP is not valid.
NSERR_RNAT_XACLWITHTTL 778 0x30a Acl with ttl can not be used in NAT64/RNAT/RNAT6/ForwardingSession/LSN rule.
NSERR_ARP_DISABLED 784 0x310 IP has arp disabled.
NSERR_ARP_SEC_NOT_OWNEDIP 785 0x311 Secondary can not arp for this IP.
NSERR_CPE_RULE_INVAL 786 0x312 Invalid rule.
NSERR_INVAL_FLOWTYPE 787 0x313 Only authorization, audit, VPN session and traffic policies can be bound to aaa user or group.
NSERR_INVAL_POLICY_TYPE 788 0x314 Response rule is invalid in an authorization policy.
NSERR_CPE_RULE_ACTION_INVAL 789 0x315 Request action is valid only for request rule.
NSERR_CPE_DEF_SET_INVAL 790 0x316 Default policy cannot be set.
NSERR_INVAL_FORCECLEANUP 791 0x317 Invalid forcecleanup value.
NSERR_INVAL_AAA_GROUP 792 0x318 Invalid authorizationgroup value.
NSERR_INVAL_PROXY 793 0x319 Invalid allprotocolproxy value.
NSERR_INVAL_HTTTPPROXY 800 0x320 Invalid HTTP proxy value.
NSERR_INVAL_FTPPROXY 801 0x321 Invalid FTP proxy value.
NSERR_INVAL_SOCKPROXY 802 0x322 Invalid SOCKS proxy value.
NSERR_INVAL_GOPHERPROXY 803 0x323 Invalid GOPHER proxy value.
NSERR_INVAL_SSLPROXY 804 0x324 Invalid SSL proxy value.
NSERR_INVAL_AAAGRP_MAX 805 0x325 Max 5 groups can be specified in authorizationgroup.
NSERR_INVAL_MAX_PORT_NUM 806 0x326 Maximum 16 ports can be specified in httpport.
NSERR_INVAL_HTTPPORT 807 0x327 Invalid port.
NSERR_INVAL_VPNVSERER_POLTYPE 808 0x328 This type of policy cannot be bound to VPN Vserver.
NSERR_INVAL_VPNGLOBAL_POLTYPE 809 0x329 This type of policy cannot be bound to VPN Global.
NSERR_CPE_REM_INUSE 810 0x32a Bound policy cannot be removed.
NSERR_PROXY_CONFLICT 811 0x32b Proxy server for all protocols already configured.
NSERR_PROXY_INVAL 812 0x32c Domain names allowed only if proxy type is browser
NSERR_PXYEXCPT_INVAL 813 0x32d Proxy exception allowed only if proxy type is browser
NSERR_CPE_POLTYPE_NO_CSE 814 0x32e Policy type does not support client security expressions in rule
NSERR_SESSACT_CSE_INCOMPATIBLE 815 0x32f Session action and rule are incompatible
NSERR_NOMEM_CSE 816 0x330 Not enough memory while adding client security expressions
NSERR_INCOMPAT_FS_RULE 817 0x331 File system expressions supported in authorization policy only
NSERR_INCOMPAT_FS_MIX 818 0x332 Incompatible expressions mixed with file system expressions in rule
NSERR_DR_ENABLE 819 0x333 Dynamic routing can be enabled on only one IP per subnet
NSERR_MAX_DISTANCE 820 0x334 Only null interface routes can have distance equal to 255
NSERR_NULL_ROUTE_DISTANCE 821 0x335 It is not possible to set the administrative distance/cost metric for a null interface route
NSERR_BAD_ACTION_TCP_PROFILE_TYPE 822 0x336 TCP profile cannot be set to this service type
NSERR_BAD_ACTION_HTTP_PROFILE_TYPE 823 0x337 HTTP profile cannot be set to this service type
NSERR_SP_INVALID_THRESHOLD 824 0x338 Invalid base threshold value
NSERR_VIP_ROUTE_EXISTS 825 0x339 VIP exists for this host route
NSERR_ACTION_BOUND 832 0x340 Action bound to policy can not be deleted.
NSERR_MAX_IPLIMIT 833 0x341 Maximum limit for bound IP to this resource record reached, remaining IP's destined for this resource record will be discarded.
NSERR_BAD_PREFIX_LEN 826 0x33a Invalid rnat/lsn network prefix len it must be 0-128
NSERR_INV_NETADDR 827 0x33b Invalid IPv6 network address
NSERR_MIN_DISTANCE 828 0x33c Static route cannot have distance less than 1
NSERR_IPSEC_PROFILE_INUSE 829 0x33d Profile is in use by an ip tunnel.
NSERR_IPSEC_INVALID_PROFILE_NAME 830 0x33e Invalid profile name.
NSERR_SPOTTED 831 0x33f Spotted IP cannot be used here
NSERR_IPSEC_PBR_ONLY_IP_SUPPORTED 834 0x342 Only IP range is supported
NSERR_IPSEC_IP_NOT_CONTIGUOUS 835 0x343 Invalid IP range. The IP range does not cover all the IP's for a given subnet mask
NSERR_INVAL_USER_ACCOUNTING 836 0x344 Invalid userAccounting value. userAccounting value must be a radiusPolicy.
NSERR_RDP_PROFILE_INUSE 837 0x345 Profile is in use.
NSERR_RDP_INVALID_PROFILE_NAME 838 0x346 Invalid profile name.
NSERR_RDP_INVALID_RDP_FILE_NAME 839 0x347 RDP file name should have .rdp extension and some special characters for RDP file name are not supported.
NSERR_RDP_INVALID_SERVERPROFILE_NAME 840 0x348 Invalid server profile name.
NSERR_RDP_SERVERPROFILE_ALREADY_IN_USE 841 0x349 Server profile is already in use.
NSERR_AUTO_PROXY_URL_INVALID 842 0x34a Invalid Autoproxy URL
NSERR_AUTO_PROXY_NO_BROWSER 843 0x34b Autoproxy URL is allowed only if proxy type is Browser.
NSERR_AUTO_PROXY_CONFLICT 844 0x34c Both Autoproxy URL and manual proxy parameters (allprotocolproxy, http proxy, ftp proxy, proxy exception list, ...) cannot be configured at same time.
NSERR_RDP_INVALID_HOST_LEN 848 0x350 Invalid Host length. Atleast 3 characters expected
NSERR_RDP_NEED_IP 849 0x351 RDP IP is needed
NSERR_IPSEC_INV_PROF 850 0x352 For IPSEC tunnels, profile name cannot be 'none'
NSERR_RDP_NEED_PSK 854 0x356 PSK is needed
NSERR_IPSEC_ONLY_V1 858 0x35a Responder Only config is supported with IKEv1
NSERR_RDP_LISTENER_SPECIFY_PORT 859 0x35b Invalid Listener. Specify Port
NSERR_RDP_INVALID_LISTENER_HOST 860 0x35c Invalid Listener. Specify valid host, atleast 3 characters expected
NSERR_RDP_LISTENER_INVALID_PORT 861 0x35d Invalid Listener. Specify valid Port
NSERR_PROXY_NOT_ALLOWED 862 0x35e Proxy feature not licensed
NSERR_HOST_RT_GW_NOT_SET 3806 0xede Host Route Gateway not set

0x850 ERRORS

Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_MONITOR_INTERVAL 2128 0x850 Monitor interval must be greater than response timeout
NSERR_MONITOR_DESTIP 2129 0x851 Destination IP must be specified for transparent, tunneled or tos monitors
NSERR_MONITOR_CODES 2130 0x852 Too many response codes, only 16 allowed
NSERR_MONITOR_REF 2131 0x853 Monitor must be unbound before it can be deleted
NSERR_MONITOR_BUILTIN 2132 0x854 Built-in monitors cannot be deleted
NSERR_MONITOR_BOUND 2133 0x855 The monitor is already bound to the service
NSERR_MONITOR_TYPE 2134 0x856 Invalid monitor type
NSERR_MONITOR_LOCAL 2135 0x857 Monitor object cannot be bound to local service
NSERR_TIMEOUT_RANGE 2136 0x858 Timeout value out of range; enter a value between 2 minutes and 1440 minutes
NSERR_INVALIDHASHLEN 2137 0x859 Hashlength should be between 1 and 4096 (inclusive)
NSERR_NOTAUTHORIZED 2138 0x85A Not authorized to execute this command
NSERR_MONITOR_DEFAULT 2139 0x85B No operations allowed with the default monitor
NSERR_MONITOR_LDNS_ADD_PERM 2140 0x85C Cannot add monitor of ldns type
NSERR_MONITOR_LDNS_BIND_PERM 2141 0x85D Cannot bind ldns monitor
NSERR_BACKUP_LOOP 2144 0x860 The VIP is already a backup in the chain
NSERR_SECURE_UDP 2154 0x86A Secure mode not supported for this protocol
NSERR_MONITOR_WRONG_TYPE 2155 0x86B Existing monitor is of different type than given
NSERR_LRTM_PERM 2156 0x86C Enabling LRTM on this monitor type is not permitted
NSERR_MONITOR_SCRIPTNAME 2157 0x86D Invalid script name for user monitor
NSERR_MONITOR_DISPATCHERIP 2159 0x86F Invalid dispatcher IP for user monitor
NSERR_MONITOR_USERPERM 2160 0x870 Operation not permitted for a user monitor
NSERR_MONITOR_NOCODES 2161 0x871 A response code is required for this monitor type
NSERR_INVAL_MON 2162 0x872 Attempt to bind invalid monitor type
NSERR_TYPE_EXISTS 2163 0x873 Only one monitor of this type can be bound to a service
NSERR_MONITOR_UNBIND_DEFAULT 2164 0x874 Default monitor cannot be unbound from a service
NSERR_MONITOR_BIND_DEFAULT 2165 0x875 Default monitor cannot be bound explicitly to a service
NSERR_MONITOR_DISABLE_DEFAULT 2166 0x876 Default monitor cannot be disabled or enabled
NSERR_DRTM_PERM 2167 0x877 Dynamic response timeout is not permitted on this monitor type
NSERR_MON_DTRM_DEVIATION 2168 0x878 Response timeout of the monitor has been changed to interval - 1
NSERR_MONITOR_INVALID_VALUE 2169 0x879 Time parameter must be a multiple of 10
NSERR_MONITOR_NOT_BOUND 2170 0x87A Monitor not bound to service
NSERR_INVALID_MONITOR 2171 0x87B Monitor does not exist
NSERR_MONITOR_NO_SUCHIPADDR 2172 0x87C Some IP addresses were not present
NSERR_MONITOR_SCRIPT_ARG_SIZE 2173 0x87D Combined argument size too long
NSERR_METRICTABLE_NOENT 2174 0x87E Metric table does not exist
NSERR_METRICTABLE_EXIST 2175 0x87F Metric table exists
NSERR_DEL_METRICTABLE_PERMANENT 2176 0x880 Permanent metric table cannot be deleted
NSERR_MAX_METRIC_BINDING 2177 0x881 Maximum of 10 SNMP type metric can be bound to the monitor
NSERR_METRIC_NOENT 2178 0x882 Metric does not exist
NSERR_METRIC_EXISTS 2179 0x883 Metric exists
NSERR_OID_EXIST 2180 0x884 SNMP OID exists
NSERR_SNMP_OID_INVAL 2181 0x885 SNMP OID is invalid
NSERR_METRICTABLE_RDONLY 2182 0x886 No operations allowed on read only metric table
NSERR_THRESHOLD_ZERO 2183 0x887 This metric will not be used for CUSTOM LB as its threshold value is zero
NSERR_LDAP_MONITOR_INCOMPLETE 2184 0x888 bindDN or baseDN must be specified before LDAP monitor can be used
NSERR_MYSQL_MONITOR_INCOMPLETE 2185 0x889 userName or database must be specified before MYSQL monitor can be used
NSERR_POP3_MONITOR_INCOMPLETE 2186 0x88A userName must be specified before POP3 monitor can be used
NSERR_NNTP_MONITOR_INCOMPLETE 2187 0x88B group must be specified before NNTP monitor can be used
NSERR_FTPEXTENDED_MONITOR_INCOMPLETE 2188 0x88C fileName must be specified before FTP-EXTENDED monitor can be used
NSERR_SNMP_MONITOR_INCOMPLETE 2189 0x88D snmpOID or snmpCommunity must be specified before SNMP monitor can be used
NSERR_CITRIX_XML_SERVICE 2190 0x88E application must be specified before CITRIX-XML-SERVICE monitor can be used
NSERR_CITRIX_WEB_INTERFACE 2191 0x88F sitePath must be specified before CITRIX-WEB-INTERFACE monitor can be used
NSERR_LDNS_MON_CANT_DISABLE 2192 0x890 Atleast one ldns monitor needs to be enabled
NSERR_RES_RETRY_ON_IP_SVR 2193 0x891 Resolve retry can be set only on domain based servers
NSERR_IP_ON_DBS_SVR 2194 0x892 IP Address cannot be set on a domain based server
NSERR_MONITOR_FAILURERETRIES 2196 0x894 Monitor retries must be greater than monitor failureRetries
NSERR_MONITOR_IP 2198 0x896 The server/monitor destination ip address is not appropriate for this monitor
NSERR_MONITOR_SUBNET 2199 0x897 The server/monitor destination ip address should be in a directly connected subnet for this monitor
NSERR_MONITOR_STATIC 2200 0x898 A static/permanent MAC entry is configured for the server/monitor destination ip address
NSERR_TOSID_NOT_SET 2201 0x899 Tos id must be specified for tos enabled vserver/monitor
NSERR_FAILURERETRIES_NOT_SUPPORTED 2202 0x89A The failure retries is not supported for this monitor type. Resetting the value of failure retries to 0(Disabled).
NSERR_SUCCESSRETRIES_NOT_SUPPORTED 2203 0x89B The success retries is not supported for this monitor type. Resetting the value of success entries to 1(Disabled).
NSERR_SETVS_INVAL_MYSQLPARAMS 2204 0x89C This parameter is only applicable to a MYSQL vserver.
NSERR_SETVS_INVAL_PROTOCOL_PARAMS 2205 0x89D The parameters are only applicable to HTTP or SSL vservers.
NSERR_SETVS_INVAL_PROTOCOLS_PARAMS 2206 0x89E The parameters are only applicable to HTTP , SSL or RTSP vservers.
NSERR_DDC_VALIDATE_CRED_REQUIRED 2207 0x89F Username, password and ddc domain are required for Xen Desktop monitor\n
NSERR_CITRIX_WI_EXTENDED_MONITOR_INCOMPLETE 2208 0x8A0 userName, password, sitepath and domain must be specified before CITRIX-WI-EXTENDED monitor can be used
NSERR_SETVS_INVAL_MSSQLPARAMS 2209 0x8A1 This parameter is only applicable to a MSSQL vserver.
NSERR_DRTM_MON_BOUNDED_SVC 2210 0x8A2 In a cluster system, deviation can't be set/unset on any already bound monitor.
NSERR_MONITOR_RESP_TO_THRESH 2211 0X8A3 Response timeout threshold is rounded off to nearest multiple of 10 less than the given value
NSERR_PASSIVE_ON_LOAD_ONLY 2212 0x8A4 PASSIVE option can be set only on LOAD monitors.
NSERR_SETVS_INVAL_ORACLEPARAMS 2213 0x8A5 This parameter is only applicable to a ORACLE vserver.
NSERR_RADIUS_ACCOUNTING_MONITOR_INCOMPLETE 2214 0x8A6 Secret key must be specified before RADIUS ACCOUNTING monitor can be used
NSERR_MONITOR_SCRIPT_ARG_CNT 2215 0x8A7 Too many script arguments
NSERR_INVALID_DBSLB_BIND 2216 0x8A8 More than one bind not possible on one service for DBSLB
NSERR_USER_NONETPROF 2217 0x8A9 Netprofile cannot be set on scriptable monitors, so ignoring the configured netprofile for this monitor.
NSERR_MONITOR_NO_SSLPROFILE_BOUND 2218 0x8AA No SSL profile is attached to monitor. Attach SSL profile first
NSERR_DIAMETER_MONITOR_INCOMPLETE 3550 0xDDE originHost and originRealm configuration is missing

0x900 ERRORS

Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_SVCPORTTYPE 2305 0x901 Service exists with the same port and service type
NSERR_VIP_IN_GROUP 2306 0x902 vserver is bound to a group. Set persistence parameters on group to change them for all vservers in group or unbind vserver from group and set on individual vserver.
NSERR_UNSUPPORTED_BKP 2307 0x903 This backup/primary persistence combination is not supported
NSERR_NONHTTPSSL_VIPINGRP 2308 0x904 Cookie persistence cannot be applied - group has non HTTP/SSL type of vserver
NSERR_NONHTTP_VIPINGRP 2309 0x905 Cookie persistence cannot be applied - group has non-HTTP type of vserver
NSERR_USE_PROPER_RM_CMD 2310 0x906 Use remove IP option instead
NSERR_LBMETHOD_NOT_SUPPORTED 2321 0x911 LB method not supported for LLB/PBR
NSERR_PERSISTENCE_NOT_SUPPORTED 2322 0x912 Persistence not supported for LLB/PBR
NSERR_VSERVER_PARAMETERS 2323 0x913 Vserver arguments not valid for LLB/PBR VIP
NSERR_SERVICE_PARAMETERS 2324 0x914 Service parameters are invalid for LLB/PBR VIP
NSERR_LBVIP_DELETE 2325 0x915 Vserver cannot be removed with out removing LB/PBR route
NSERR_CACHEPOLICY_RESPACTION_INVAL 2326 0x916 Integrated caching action cannot be applied on a response
NSERR_CACHELICENSE_FAILED 2327 0x917 The license for Integrated Caching feature was not enabled due to an internal error
NSERR_LBVIP_MULTIROUTES 2328 0x918 VIP can't be associated with multiple LB/PBR routes
NSERR_LBMAC_INVAL 2329 0x919 MAC/IPTUNNEL mode can be set only for a VIP with wildcard IP or with service type ANY or for a sessionless VIP
NSERR_CACHESTATS_OBJ_NOTPRESENT 2336 0x920 No object in cache matching the specified attributes
NSERR_CACHEPOLICY_NOTACTIVE 2337 0x921 Integrated caching policy is not active
NSERR_CACHE_BUILTINS_NOT_SOURCED 2338 0x922 Failed sourcing cache builtins, Disabling IC
NSERR_CACHEPOLICY_PRIORITY_INVAL 2339 0x923 Invalid priority
NSERR_ROUTE6_DEFAULT_ONLY 2340 0x924 Only default route configuration supported
NSERR_ROUTE6_DEFAULT_EXISTS 2341 0x925 Configured route already exists
NSERR_ROUTE6_INVALID_GATEWAY 2342 0x926 Invalid gateway
NSERR_ROUTE6_MAX 2343 0x927 Already maximum number of routes configured
NSERR_ROUTE6_NOT_EXIST 2344 0x928 Route does not exist
NSERR_IPV6_INVALID_ADDR 2345 0x929 Incorrect IPv6 address type
NSERR_LBVIP_IPV6TOV4 2352 0x930 Changing IP from IPv6 to IPv4 not permitted
NSERR_IPV6_NSIPTOVIP 2353 0x931 Configuring NSIP as VIP not permitted
NSERR_IPV6_VIPTONSIP 2354 0x932 Configuring VIP as NSIP not permitted
NSERR_IPV6_SCOPE 2355 0x933 Incorrect IPv6 address scope. (Default: global)
NSERR_LBVIP_IPV4TOV6 2356 0x934 Changing IP from IPv4 to IPv6 not permitted
NSERR_IPV6_LINKLOCALTOVIP 2357 0x935 Configuring Link-Local address as VIP not permitted
NSERR_IPV6_MAPIPONNSIP 2358 0x936 Mapped IP should not be configured for NSIP (Ignoring mapped ip)
NSERR_SECUREIPPORTADDRINUSE 2359 0x937 Internal secure service exists with the same port and service type. Please use this for secure access
NSERR_IPV6_INVALID_PREFIX 2360 0x938 Link-local prefix length is not equal to 64
NSERR_ND6_LINKLOCAL_VLAN 2361 0x939 Vlan is necessary with IPv6 Link-local address
NSERR_INVALID_IPV6_PREFIXLFT 2362 0x93A Invalid IPv6 prefix life time. prefix valid life time must be greater than or equal to preferred life time
NSERR_IPV6_ND_TIMEOUT 2363 0x93B Can not SET/UNSET ndtimeouts, when ra_learning is enabled.
NSERR_ND6_VLAN_INTF 2368 0x940 Interface/channel not a member of given vlan
NSERR_PERSIST_TIMEOUT_TO_DEFAULT 2369 0x941 Unsetting Persistency, changing timeout to default
NSERR_LB_GROUP_NOT_EXIST 2370 0x942 LB group does not exist
NSERR_LB_VSERVER_ALREADY_BOUND 2371 0x943 Vserver is already bound to a LB group
NSERR_ROUTE6_INVALID_LINKLOCAL_GATEWAY_VLAN 2372 0x944 Vlan ID must be specified for linklocal gateway
NSERR_ROUTE6_NO_GWORIF 2373 0x945 Either Gateway or Interface (vlan) should be specified for route
NSERR_ROUTE6_VLAN_MONITOR 2374 0x946 Monitor should not be given for vlan route
NSERR_LBMETHOD_LEASTREQ_NOT_SUPPORTED 2375 0x947 LeastRequest LB method not supported for this service type
NSERR_IPV6_MULTIPLE_LLIP 2376 0x948 Multiple link-local IPs to a Vlan is not allowed
NSERR_IPV6_TOOMANY_PREFIXES 2377 0x949 Too many prefixes to a Vlan, maxmimum 5 prefixes are allowed
NSERR_RAPREFIX_BOUNDTOVLAN 2378 0x94A Router Advertisement prefix is bound to vlan
NSERR_LB_VSERVER_NOT_BOUND 2379 0x94B Given vserver is not bound to this LB group
NSERR_VSERVER_BOUND_TO_NG 2380 0x94C Cannot delete vserver that is bound to a nodegroup
NSERR_LRMINTHROUGHPUT_ONLACPONLY 2382 0x94E Link Redundancy minimum throughput can be set only on LACP Channels
NSERR_CACHE_POLICY_CONTENTGRPMISMATCH 2383 0x94F Type of Content Group and Policy does not Match.
NSERR_NONHTTPNOSQL_VS 2384 0x950 Specified policy can be bound only to HTTP/SSL/HTTP_QUIC//MYSQL/MSSQL/PROXY vserver.
NSERR_SMPP_CUSTOM_SVRID_LEN_NOT_SUPPORTED 2385 0x951 CustomServerID length for SMPP protocol must be 2
NSERR_SMPP_CUSTOM_SVRID_NOT_EXIST 2386 0x952 CustomServerID is mandatory for SMPP protocol
NSERR_SMPP_CUSTOM_SVRID_EXIST 2387 0x953 CustomServerID already exists, it should be unique for SMPP protocol
NSERR_SIP_DUPLICATE_SRC_PORT 2388 0x954 RNAT source port and RNAT secure source port must be different
NSERR_SIP_DUPLICATE_DST_PORT 2389 0x955 RNAT destination port and RNAT secure destination port must be different
NSERR_IP_ADDR_ICMP_DIS_NOT_ALLOWED 2390 0x956 Disabling ICMP for an IP(v6) address is not allowed
NSERR_IP_ADDR_ND6_DIS_NOT_ALLOWED 2391 0x957 disabling neighbor discovery for an ipv6 address is not allowed
NSERR_IP_ADDR_STATE_DIS_NOT_ALLOWED 2392 0x958 state disable is not allowed for an IP(v6) address
NSERR_ND6_LOOP_LL_NOT_ALLOW 2393 0x959 Loopback/self or link-local IP addresses not allowed
NSERR_PERSISTENCE_NOT_SUPPORTED_ON_GROUP 2417 0x971 Vserver level persistency is enabled on the group. Set Persistence parameters on bound vservers.
NSERR_ARGS_AAA_OTP 2420 0x974 authentication can not be ENABLED when otpsecret is specified
NSERR_ARGS_AAA_SSHPUBKEY 2421 0x975 authentication can not be ENABLED when sshPubKey is specified
NSERR_CLOUD_CRED 2422 0x976 Unable to connect to the cloud. Check credentials.
NSERR_CLOUD_NSCRED 2423 0x977 Unable to issue NITRO API calls.
NSERR_SECTYPE_PLAINTEXT 2424 0x978 validateServerCert configuration not allowed when secType is PLAINTEXT.
NSERR_ARGS_AAA_HASH_ATTRIB 2425 0x979 Value to is Invalid. Either an attribute has more than 127 bytes or total string exceeds 2047 bytes
NSERR_CLOUD_DNS 2432 0x980 Unable to connect to the cloud. DNS resolution failed.
NSERR_CLOUD_FSERR 2433 0x981 Unable to validate cloud credentials. Access error.
NSERR_REDIRECTION_INVALID 2434 0x982 Mac mode redirection setting on Vserver should not be enabled for LLB config.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_ACL_NOT_EXISTS 864 0x360 ACL rule does not exist
NSERR_ACL_EXISTS 865 0x361 IP address has existing ACL rule
NSERR_ACLPIP_WOSRCDST 866 0x362 Peer IP can't be given without src/dst flag
NSERR_ACL_SAMEIP_PIP 867 0x363 IP address and peer IP can't be same
NSERR_ACL_INVAL_PEERIP 868 0x364 Invalid peer IP
NSERR_ACL_IPPIP_EXISTS 869 0x365 ACL with identical parameter specification already exists
NSERR_XACLDELERROR 870 0x366 ACL has already been removed
NSERR_XACLADDERROR 871 0x367 Src/DstPort or RedirectPort can be specified only if protocol is TCP (6) or UDP (17)
NSERR_XACL_PRIORITY_EXISTS 872 0x368 ACL with this priority already exists
NSERR_XACL_ICMP_REQD 873 0x369 ICMP type / code can be specified only if protocol is ICMP(1)
NSERR_NOLOOPBACK 874 0x36a ACL cannot be configured on the loopback interface
NSERR_INVICMPTYPE 875 0x36b Invalid ICMP type
NSERR_INVICMPCODE 876 0x36c Invalid ICMP code
NSERR_XACLRNATDEL 877 0x36d ACL is bounded to RNAT/LSN, cannot be removed
NSERR_XACLMODCFGINFO 878 0x36e ACL modified, apply ACLs to activate change
NSERR_XACLFWDSESSIONDEL 879 0x36f ACL is bounded to FORWARDSESSION, cannot be removed


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_ACL6_IPPIP_EXISTS 896 0x380 ACL6 with identical parameter specification already exists
NSERR_ACL6_DELERROR 897 0x381 ACL6 has already been removed
NSERR_ACL6_ADDERROR 898 0x382 Port can be specified only if protocol is TCP (6) or UDP (17)
NSERR_ACL6_PRIORITY_EXISTS 899 0x383 ACL6 with this priority already exists
NSERR_ACL6_ICMP_REQD 900 0x384 ICMPv6 type/code can be specified only if protocol is ICMPv6 (58)
NSERR_ACL6_UNSPECADDR 901 0x385 unspecified address (::) can not be configured in ACL6
NSERR_ACL6_MODCFGINFO 902 0x386 ACL6 modified, apply ACLs6 to activate change
NSERR_ACL6_PREFIXLEN 903 0x387 Prefix length should not be configured in ACL6. (Use range instead)
NSERR_ACL6_RNAT_NOT_ALLOWED 904 0x388 Action must be ALLOW to bind ACL6 to RNAT
NSERR_ACL6RNAT_DELERROR 905 0x389 This ACL6 is associated with rnat6/nat64/forwardingsession/lsn config, Remove rnat6/nat64/forwardingsession/lsn first
NSERR_RNAT6_INVALID_REDPORT 906 0x38a Invalid option for SET/UNSET, redirect port can be specified only for acl6 based RNAT
NSERR_ACL6_RNAT_EXISTS 907 0x38b ACL6 based rnat is already exist for this acl6(Duplicate config)
NSERR_NET_RNAT6_EXISTS 908 0x38c Network based rnat/lsn already exists for this network address(Duplicate config)
NSERR_RNAT_VIP_PORT_ALLOC_FAIL 909 0x38d ERROR : Port allocation for VIP v6 address Failed
NSERR_ACL6_RNAT_NAT64_NOT_ALLOWED 910 0x38e ERROR : Acl6 already bound to nat64 config
NSERR_ACL_SRCMAC_MASK_LENGTH 911 0x38f SrcMacMask length should be 12
NSERR_ACL_INVALID_NAME 1444 0x5a4 ERROR : ACL name length should be >=1 and <=128
NSERR_ACL_SRCMAC_MASK_PAIR 1455 0x5af SrcMacMask should Contain consecutive 1s or 0s per octet and pair of 0s should not be present after pair of 1s


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_ADTCP_PROFILE_NOT_FOUND 3781 0xec5 AdaptiveTCP profile not found
NSERR_ADTCP_PROFILE_INVALID 3792 0xed0 Invalid AdaptiveTCP profile
NSERR_ADTCP_CQARULE_NAME_INUSE 3793 0xed1 Rule name already in use


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_APPFLOW_INVALIDPORT 3936 0xf60 Invalid collector port
NSERR_NO_SUCH_COLLECTOR 3938 0xf62 No matching collector
NSERR_APPFLOW_METRICS_ACTION 3939 0xf63 Set operation is not allowed on Appflow action with metricsLog option enabled.
NSERR_APPFLOW_NONZERO_REFCOUNT 3940 0xf64 The AppFlow entity is in use.
NSERR_APPFLOW_COLLECTOR_NAME_INUSE 3941 0xf65 AppFlow collector name already in use.
NSERR_APPFLOW_ACT_INVAL 3942 0xf66 No such AppFlow action exists.
NSERR_APPFLOW_NETPROF_REQD 3472 0xd90 NetProfile required for AppFlow collector within partition.
NSERR_COLLECTOR_TRANSPORT_MISMATCH 1220 0x4c4 All collectors attached to an action should have the same transport type.
NSERR_SAME_TYPE_PROFILE_BOUND 1221 0x4c5 Two profiles of same type cannot be bound.
NSERR_COLLECTOR_LOGSTREAM 1222 0x4c6 ANOMALOUS transaction option is valid only with Logstream collector.
NSERR_HTTP_STREAM 1225 0x4c9 Only REST type collectors are allowed with this profile.
NSERR_PROFILE_TYPE_MISMATCH 1226 0x4ca Invalid profile type.
NSERR_ENABLE_IPFIX_LOGGING 1227 0x4cb IPFIX logging not enabled.
NSERR_BOUNDTO_ANALYTICS 1228 0x4cc Bound to analytics entity.
NSERR_HTTP_SVC_ONLY 1229 0x4cd Only HTTP service is allowed with this profile.
NSERR_REST_COL_PROFILE 1230 0x4ce Either one of REST collector or HTTP-Stream profile can be active at a time.
NSERR_PROFILE_TYPE_EXISTS 1231 0x4cf Only one profile of this type can exist.
NSERR_INVALID_APPFLOW_TRANSPORT 1245 0x4dd Invalid service-type. Only Logstream and IPFIX are allowed.
NSERR_COLLECTOR_DUPLICATES 1267 0x4f3 Duplicate collectors not allowed.
NSERR_MULTIPLE_EVENTS_AUDITS_CONFIG 1268 0x4f4 Events and Auditlogs can be enabled on only one time series profile


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_AS_NOSTARTURL 3120 0xc30 No such StartURL check
NSERR_AS_EXIST_STARTURL 3121 0xc31 The StartURL check is already in use
NSERR_AS_NODENYURL 3122 0xc32 No such DenyURL check
NSERR_AS_EXIST_DENYURL 3123 0xc33 The DenyURL check is already in use
NSERR_AS_NOCOOKIECONSISTENCY 3124 0xc34 No such CookieConsistency check
NSERR_AS_EXIST_COOKIECONSISTENCY 3125 0xc35 The CookieConsistency check is already in use
NSERR_AS_NOFIELDCONSISTENCY 3126 0xc36 No such FieldConsistency check
NSERR_AS_EXIST_FIELDCONSISTENCY 3127 0xc37 The FieldConsistency check is already in use
NSERR_AS_NOXSS 3128 0xc38 No such CrossSiteScripting check
NSERR_AS_EXIST_XSS 3129 0xc39 The CrossSiteScripting check is already in use
NSERR_AS_NOSQL 3130 0xc3a No such SQLInjection check
NSERR_AS_EXIST_SQL 3131 0xc3b The SQLInjection check is already in use
NSERR_AS_NOFIELDFORMAT 3132 0xc3c No such FieldFormat check
NSERR_AS_EXIST_FIELDFORMAT 3133 0xc3d The FieldFormat check is already in use
NSERR_AS_NOOBJECTEXPRESSION 3134 0xc3e No such SafeObject check
NSERR_AS_EXIST_OBJECTEXPRESSION 3135 0xc3f The SafeObject check is already in use
NSERR_AS_NOFIELDTYPE 3136 0xc40 No such FieldType. See /var/log/ns.log for more details.
NSERR_AS_NOT_SUPPORTED_VS 3137 0xc41 Specified policy can be bound only to HTTP/SSL/HTTP_QUIC/PROXY vserver
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_STARTURL 3138 0xc42 Invalid StartURL Action
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_DENYURL 3139 0xc43 Invalid DenyURL Action
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_COOKIECONSISTENCY 3140 0xc44 Invalid CookieConsistency Action
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_FIELDCONSISTENCY 3141 0xc45 Invalid FieldConsistency Action
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_XSS 3142 0xc46 Invalid CrossSiteScripting Action
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_SQL 3143 0xc47 Invalid SQLInjection Action
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_FIELDFORMAT 3144 0xc48 Invalid FieldFormat Action
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_OBJECTEXPRESSION 3145 0xc49 Invalid SafeObject Action
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_BUFFEROVERFLOW 3146 0xc4a Invalid BufferOverflow Action
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_CCARD 3147 0xc4b Invalid CreditCard Action
NSERR_AS_FIELDFORMAT_MIN_GT_MAX 3148 0xc4c Minimum FieldFormat length cannot exceed maximum FieldFormat length
NSERR_AS_FIELDTYPE_BAD_NAME_LEN 3149 0xc4d Invalid FieldType name length
NSERR_AS_BAD_COMMENT_LEN 3150 0xc4e Invalid comment length
NSERR_AS_FIELDTYPE_BAD_REGEX_LEN 3151 0xc4f Invalid regex length
NSERR_AS_SECURITY_CHECK_REQUIRED 3152 0xc50 Security check required
NSERR_AS_FIELDTYPE_BUILTIN 3153 0xc51 Built-in FieldTypes cannot be modified or deleted
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_CONTENT_TYPE 3154 0xc52 Invalid ContentType Action
NSERR_AS_BAD_DEFAULT_CHARSET 3155 0xc53 Invalid default character set
NSERR_AS_BAD_COOKIECONSISTENCY_NAME 3156 0xc54 Invalid Cookie name
NSERR_AS_BAD_ERRORURL 3157 0xc55 Invalid ErrorURL
NSERR_AS_BAD_ENCODING_URL 3158 0xc56 Invalid encoding for URL
NSERR_AS_BAD_ENCODING_FIELDNAME 3159 0xc57 Invalid encoding for field name
NSERR_AS_BAD_ENCODING_COOKIENAME 3160 0xc58 Invalid encoding for cookie name
NSERR_AS_BAD_ENCODING_OBJECTEXPRESSION_NAME 3161 0xc59 Invalid encoding for SafeObject name
NSERR_AS_BAD_ENCODING_EXPRESSION 3162 0xc5a Invalid encoding for expression
NSERR_AS_BAD_ENCODING_REGEX 3163 0xc5b Invalid encoding for regex
NSERR_AS_MODIFIED_URL 3164 0xc5c Replaced character that is not printable ASCII with escaped equivalent in URL
NSERR_AS_MODIFIED_OBJECTEXPRESSION 3165 0xc5d Replaced character that is not printable ASCII with escaped equivalent in expression
NSERR_AS_CFFIELD_BAD_FIELDNAME_LEN 3166 0xc5e Invalid confidential form field name length
NSERR_AS_CFFIELD_BAD_URL_LEN 3167 0xc5f Invalid confidential form field URL length
NSERR_AS_NOCFFIELD 3168 0xc60 No such confidential form field
NSERR_AS_BAD_CFF_NAME 3169 0xc61 Name may not contain leading/trailing spaces.
NSERR_AS_BAD_CFF_URL 3170 0xc62 URL may not contain leading/trailing spaces.
NSERR_AS_CFF_DUP 3171 0xc63 The confidential field is already in use.
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_XDOS 3172 0xc64 Invalid XML Dos Action
NSERR_AS_EXIST_XML_DOS_URL 3173 0xc65 The XML DoS URL check is already in use.
NSERR_XML_URL_NOT_SUPPORTED 3174 0xc66 Only .* is supported for XML checks.
NSERR_AS_NO_XDOS_URL 3175 0xc67 No such URL exist for XDOS check.
NSERR_AS_INVALID_XML_DOS_CONF 3176 0xc68 Invalid configuration: xmlMaxFileSize can not be less than xmlMinFileSize when both checks are enabled.
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_XML_SQLINJECTION 3177 0xc69 Invalid XML - SQLInjection Action.
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_XML_XSS 3178 0xc6a Invalid XML - CrossSiteScripting Action.
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_XML_WELLFORMEDNESS 3179 0xc6b Invalid XML - Format Action.
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_PROFILE_TYPE 3180 0xc6c Invalid Appsecure Profile Type.
NSERR_AS_MODIFIED_FIELDNAME 3181 0xc6d Replaced character that is not printable ASCII with escaped equivalent in form field name
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_WSI 3182 0xc6e Invalid XML WS-I Action.
NSERR_AS_EXIST_XML_WSI_URL 3183 0xc6f The XML WS-I URL check is already in use.
NSERR_AS_NO_WSI_URL 3184 0xc70 No such URL exist for WS-I check.
NSERR_AS_INVALID_XML_WSI_CONF 3185 0xc71 Invalid WS-I rule id in the list.
NSERR_AS_OBJECTNAME_TOO_BIG 3186 0xc72 Object too big.
NSERR_AS_OBJECT_NO_EXIST 3187 0xc73 Imported file does not exist [Please import the file before use]. See /var/log/ns.log for more details.
NSERR_AS_SERVER_NAME_TOO_BIG 3188 0xc74 Server name too big.
NSERR_AS_OBJECT_NOT_READABLE 3189 0xc75 Object not readable [Please make sure it exists].
NSERR_AS_NOPROFILE 3190 0xc76 No such profile.
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_XML_ATTACHMENT 3191 0xc77 Invalid XML - Attachment Action
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_MSGVAL 3192 0xc78 Invalid XML Message Validation Action.
NSERR_AS_EXIST_XML_MSGVAL_URL 3193 0xc79 The XML MSGVAL URL check is already in use.
NSERR_AS_NO_MSGVAL_URL 3194 0xc7a No such URL exist for MSGVAL check.
NSERR_AS_INVALID_XML_MSGVAL_CONF 3195 0xc7b Invalid MsgVal configuration.
NSERR_AS_BIND_XML_MSGVAL_CONF 3196 0xc7c Error in message validation binding. For More details see log messages.
NSERR_AS_IMPORT_FAILED 3197 0xc7d Importing the resource failed
NSERR_AS_OBJECT_EXIST 3198 0xc7e Object already exists
NSERR_AS_INVALID_OPTION 3199 0xc7f Invalid option
NSERR_AS_REMOVE_FAILED 3200 0xc80 Problem in removing resource
NSERR_AS_NO_RESOURCE 3201 0xc81 No such resource. Object you are trying to update or remove does not exist.
NSERR_AS_SHOW_FAILED 3202 0xc82 Problem in showing object
NSERR_AS_DEPENDENCY_FAILED 3203 0xc83 Problem in downloading dependencies
NSERR_AS_COMPILATION_FAILED 3204 0xc84 Problem compiling object. For more details see /var/log/ns.log file
NSERR_INVALID_OBJECT_NAME 3205 0xc85 Invalid name; names must begin with an alphanumeric character or underscore and must contain only alphanumerics, '_', '#', '.', ':', '@', '=' or '-'
NSERR_AS_IMPORT_DOWNLOAD_FAILED 3206 0xc86 Problem in importing the object. Please check the DNS NameServer/Route settings and try again. For more details see /var/log/ns.log file
NSERR_AS_RESOURCE_INUSE 3207 0xc87 Can not remove resource. Resource is in use
NSERR_AS_BAD_MAPPING_DATA 3208 0xc88 Mapping Data Corrupted
NSERR_AS_PROFILE_CHANGE_HTML 3209 0xc89 HTML checks will not be applicable when profile type is not HTML
NSERR_AS_PROFILE_CHANGE_XML 3210 0xc8a XML checks will not be applicable when profile type is not XML
NSERR_AS_IMPORT_ALREADY_INPROCESS 3211 0xc8b Import failed. Another resource with the same name being processed
NSERR_AS_INVALID_XML_ERROR_OBJECT 3212 0xc8c Invalid XML error object
NSERR_AS_XML_WELLFORMEDNESS_DISABLED 3213 0xc8d XML Security checks can not be performed, once an XML message is found not wellformed.
NSERR_AS_INDIVIDUAL_IMPORT_LIMIT_EXCEEDED 3214 0xc8e Import failed - importing file size greater than configured size limit
NSERR_AS_TOTAL_IMPORT_LIMIT_EXCEEDED 3215 0xc8f Import failed - exceeding the configured total size limit on the imported objects
NSERR_AS_LEARNING_BUSY 3216 0xc90 Please wait for the learning database to finish updating
NSERR_AS_DEPRECATED_XML_WSI_RULE_R4003 3217 0xc91 WS-I Rule R4003 has been deprecated, it will be removed from the WS-I binding list.
NSERR_AS_EXIST_XML_ATTACHMENT_URL 3218 0xc92 The XML Attachment URL check is already in use.
NSERR_AS_NO_XML_ATTACHMENT_URL 3219 0xc93 No such URL exist for XML Attachment check.
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_SOAP_FAULT 3220 0xc94 Invalid SOAP Fault Filtering Action.
NSERR_AS_XML_DOS_VALUE_OUT_OF_RANGE 3221 0xc95 XML DoS check value is not within the allowed range.
NSERR_AS_XML_MSGVAL_CLI_ERROR 3222 0xc96 -XMLValidateResponse requires one of [-XMLValidateSOAPEnvelope, -XMLWSDL, -XMLRequestSchema, -XMLResponseSchema]
NSERR_AS_INVALID_CUSTOM_SETTINGS_OBJECT 3223 0xc97 Import failed. Please check syntax of signature object
NSERR_AS_SESSION_TIMEOUT_LIFETIME_CONFLICT 3224 0xc98 The session lifetime cannot be less than the session timeout
NSERR_AS_CLASSIC_POLICY_ALREADY_BOUND 3225 0xc99 Failed to bind advanced policy because a classic one is already bound globally or to a vserver. Binding classic and advanced policies at the same time is not allowed
NSERR_AS_ADVANCED_POLICY_ALREADY_BOUND 3226 0xc9a Failed to bind classic policy because an advanced one is already bound globally or to a vserver or to a user defined policylabel. Binding classic and advanced policies at the same time is not allowed
NSERR_AS_CUSTOM_SETTINGS_NO_INJECTION_TYPE 3227 0xc9b Failed to set signature object. One of the tags do not have 'type' attribute
NSERR_AS_NOCSRF_TAG 3228 0xc9c No such CrossSiteRequestForgery check
NSERR_AS_EXIST_CSRF_TAG 3229 0xc9d The CrossSiteRequestForgery check is already in use
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_CSRF_TAG 3230 0xc9e Invalid CSRF Tag Action
NSERR_AS_TURNING_TAGGING_OFF_CSRF_TAG_ON 3231 0xc9f Must set CSRF tagging check to 'none' before disabling form tagging.
NSERR_AS_TURNING_CSRF_TAG_ON_TAGGING_OFF 3232 0xca0 Form tagging must be enabled before turning on CSRF tag checks.
NSERR_AS_IMPORT_LIMIT_LESS_THAN_IMPORT_DIR_SIZE 3233 0xca1 Import limit should be greater than the current total imported objects size.
NSERR_AS_UNSUPPORTED_IMPORT_PROTOCOL 3234 0xca2 Unsupported import source protocol. Supported protocols are http, https and ftp
NSERR_AS_UNSUPPORTED_EXPORT_PROTOCOL 3235 0xca3 Unsupported export target protocol. Supported protocols are http and https
NSERR_AS_EXPORT_FAILED 3236 0xca4 Export failed. Check /var/log/ns.log for details.
NSERR_AS_BAD_LOCAL_FILE 3237 0xca5 Local URI cannot be empty and should not contain ./en-us/adc-nitro-api/current-release/error-messages/ or ? or #
NSERR_AS_INVALID_REGEX_CUSTOM_OBJECT 3238 0xca6 Invalid regular expression in custom object. Reverting to default settings.
NSERR_AS_BUILTIN_INVALID_OP 3239 0xca7 Invalid operation for built-in profile
NSERR_AS_INVALID_ADV_POLICY_STATE 3240 0xca8 Cannot bind advanced policy with state set to DISABLED
NSERR_AS_BUILTIN_NAMES_IN_CONF 3241 0xca9 Entities with names reserved for built-in profiles have been discarded
NSERR_AS_DEFAULT_PROFILE_IS_BYPASS 3242 0xcaa The default profile is set to bypass traffic. It can be set using the 'set appfw settings' command.
NSERR_AS_NO_LEARN_DENYURL 3243 0xcab Learn is not supported as a denyURLAction.
NSERR_AS_INVALID_XML_FILE_SIZE 3244 0xcac Invalid configuration: xmlMinFileSize / xmlMaxFileSize can not be less than 4 or greater than 1000000000.
NSERR_AS_NO_LEARN_BUFFEROVERFLOW 3246 0xcae Learn is not supported as a bufferOvewflowAction.
NSERR_AS_NO_LEARN_XML_FORMAT 3247 0xcaf Learn is not supported as an XMLFormatAction.
NSERR_AS_NO_LEARN_XML_SQLINJECTION 3251 0xcb3 Learn is not supported as an XMLSQLInjectionAction.
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_MULTIPLE_HEADER 3252 0xcb4 Invalid Multiple Header Action. Only one of Block and KeepLast is allowed / None cannot be used with another Multiple Header Action.
NSERR_AS_NO_LEARN_XML_MSGVAL 3253 0xcb5 Learn is not supported as an XMLValidationAction.
NSERR_AS_NO_LEARN_XML_SOAP_FAULT 3254 0xcb6 Learn is not supported as an XMLSOAPFaultAction.
NSERR_AS_IMPORT_INTERNAL_ERROR 3255 0xcb7 Internal error while importing resource.
NSERR_AS_NETSVC_CONN_FAILED 3256 0xcb8 Critical internal error. please retry after some time.
NSERR_AS_VALIDATION_FAILED 3257 0xcb9 Problem validating Imported object against specification. For more details see /var/log/ns.log file.
NSERR_AS_CKI_TRANSFORM_DISABLED 3258 0xcba This setting will not take effect until cookieTransforms is turned ON.
NSERR_AS_NOXMLXSS 3259 0xcbb No such XMLXSS check
NSERR_AS_EXIST_XMLXSS 3260 0xcbc The XMLXSS check is already in use
NSERR_AS_NOXMLSQL 3261 0xcbd No such XMLSQLInjection check
NSERR_AS_EXIST_XMLSQL 3262 0xcbe The XMLSQLInjection check is already in use
NSERR_AS_NO_ENDTAG 3263 0xcbf Missing end tag in the imported signature file.
NSERR_AS_SIG_INVALID_RULEID 3264 0xcc0 Invalid rule id in imported signature. Rule id must be between 1 and 2, 147, 483, 647.
NSERR_AS_SIG_INVALID_RULE_VERSION 3265 0xcc1 Invalid version in imported signature.
NSERR_AS_SIG_PARSE_ERROR 3266 0xcc2 Error parsing imported signatures.
NSERR_AS_SIG_INVALID_ATTRIBUTE 3267 0xcc3 Imported signatures have invalid attributes
NSERR_AS_SIG_MULTIPLE_LOCATIONS 3268 0xcc4 Imported signature patterns has multiple locations
NSERR_AS_SIG_INVALID_STATE 3269 0xcc5 Error parsing imported signatures. Invalid parse state.
NSERR_AS_CKI_ENCRYPT_METHOD_IS_NONE 3270 0xcc6 For security purposes, please set the NS encryptions parameter using the \"set ns encryptionParams\" command.
NSERR_AS_UPDATE_FAILED 3271 0xcc7 Updating the resource failed
NSERR_AS_OBJECT_NOT_USED 3272 0xcc8 The specified object is not used
NSERR_AS_SIG_MULTIPLE_URLS 3273 0xcc9 Imported signature pattern location has multiple URLs
NSERR_AS_SIG_MULTIPLE_FIELD_NAMES 3274 0xcca Imported signature pattern location has multiple field names
NSERR_AS_SIG_NO_FASTMATCH 3275 0xccb A signature rule has no fastmatch pattern. See log for details.
NSERR_AS_PE_POLICY_NOTSUPPORTED 3276 0xccc Not supported for classic policy.
NSERR_AS_SIG_MULTIPLE_CREDIT_CARD_RULES 3278 0xcce Imported signatures has multiple credit card patterns in Rule.
NSERR_AS_TURNING_TAGGING_OFF_SESSIONLESS_FFC_ON 3279 0xccf Must disable sessionless field consistency checks before disabling form tagging.
NSERR_AS_TURNING_SESSIONLESS_FFC_ON_TAGGING_OFF 3280 0xcd0 Form tagging must be enabled before enabling sessionless field consistency checks.
NSERR_AS_SIG_INVALID_CREDIT_CARD_PATTERN 3281 0xcd1 Imported Signatures has invalid Credit Card pattern.
NSERR_AS_SIG_INVALID_SAFE_OBJECT_PATTERN 3282 0xcd2 Imported Signatures has invalid Safe Object pattern.
NSERR_AS_IMPORT_INVALID_TAR_ARCHIVE 3283 0xcd3 Imported archive is invalid. Please provide valid tar.gz archive.
NSERR_AS_SQLINJECTION_KEYWORD_INVALID_ATTRIBUTE 3284 0xcd4 Imported signatures has invalid SQL injection attributes.
NSERR_AS_SPLSTRING_INVALID_ATTRIBUTE 3285 0xcd5 Imported signatures has invalid special string attributes.
NSERR_AS_SQLINJECTION_KEYWORD_LITERAL_EXCEED_MAXLEN 3286 0xcd6 Maximum allowed length for type \"LITERAL\" for keyword is 255.
NSERR_AS_SPLSTRING_LITERAL_EXCEED_MAXLEN 3287 0xcd7 Maximum allowed length for type \"LITERAL\" for special string is 255.
NSERR_AS_XSLT_TRANFORM_LATEST 3288 0xcd8 Problem converting imported signature to the latest version. For more details see /var/log/ns.log file.
NSERR_AS_XSLT_TRANFORM_USER 3289 0xcd9 Problem converting imported signature with the given xslt file. For more details see /var/log/ns.log file.
NSERR_AS_SIG_RESP_BODY_EXPR_ERROR 3290 0xcda Match type EXPRESSION is not supported in response rules.
NSERR_AS_NOTRUSTEDLEARNINGCLIENT 3291 0xcdb No Such Trusted Learning Client.
NSERR_AS_EXIST_TRUSTEDLEARNINGCLIENT 3292 0xcdc The Trusted Learning Client is already in use.
NSERR_AS_POLICY_ALLOWED_BINDPOINT_NONE 3293 0xcdd Only bindpoint none is allowed for this policy.
NSERR_AS_XSS_DENIED_PATTERN_INVALID_ATTRIBUTE 3294 0xcde Imported signatures has invalid denied pattern attribute.
NSERR_AS_XSS_DENIED_PATTERN_EXCEED_MAXLEN 3295 0xcdf Maximum allowed length for type \"LITERAL\" for denied pattern is 255.
NSERR_AS_XSS_ALLOWED_PATTERN_INVALID_ATTRIBUTE 3296 0xce0 Imported signatures has invalid allowed pattern attribute.
NSERR_AS_XSS_ALLOWED_PATTERN_EXCEED_MAXLEN 3297 0xce1 Maximum allowed length for type \"LITERAL\" for allowed pattern is 255.
NSERR_AS_SIG_MULTIPLE_SUB_LOCATIONS 3298 0xce2 Imported signature pattern location has multiple sub locations
NSERR_AS_SIG_INTERNAL_ERROR 3299 0xce3 Internal error when configuring signatures.
NSERR_AS_SIG_URL_TAG_ERROR 3300 0xce4 Signature file has tag in an improper location.
NSERR_AS_SIG_HEADER_NAME_TAG_ERROR 3301 0xce5 Signature file has tag in an improper location. See /var/log/ns.log for more details.
NSERR_AS_SIG_COOKIE_NAME_TAG_ERROR 3302 0xce6 Signature file has tag in an improper location. See /var/log/ns.log for more details.
NSERR_AS_SIG_FIELD_NAME_TAG_ERROR 3303 0xce7 Signature file has tag in an improper location.
NSERR_AS_SIG_PATTERN_ADD_ERROR 3304 0xce8 Problem constructing signature pattern from file
NSERR_AS_SIG_NON_LITERAL_FASTMATCH 3305 0xce9 Signature file has \"fastmatch\" on a non-literal match. See /var/log/ns.log for more details
NSERR_AS_SIG_NEGATED_LITERAL_FASTMATCH 3306 0xcea Signature file has \"fastmatch\" on a negated literal match.
NSERR_AS_SIG_MEM_ALLOC_FAILED 3307 0xceb Memory allocation failed while loading signatures.
NSERR_AS_SIG_TOO_MANY_PATTERNS 3308 0xcec Signature file has a rule with too many patterns.
NSERR_AS_SIG_LITERAL_HEX_PARSE_ERROR 3309 0xced Signature file has a pattern with hex byte syntax error.
NSERR_AS_SIG_PCRE_COMPILE_ERROR 3310 0xcee Signature file has an invalid PCRE.
NSERR_INVALID_SIGNATURE_NAME 3311 0xcef Invalid signature name; it must begin with an alphanumeric character or underscore and must contain only alphanumerics, '_', '.', or '-'
NSERR_AS_SIGNATURE_MERGE 3312 0xcf0 Problem merging imported signature rules with the existing signature rules. For more details see /var/log/ns.log file.
NSERR_AS_RECORDER_MEM_ALLOC_ERROR 3313 0xcf1 Cannot allocate memory for requested recorder size.
NSERR_AS_SIG_INVALID_FILE_VERSION 3314 0xcf2 Signature file has an invalid SignaturesFile 'version' value.
NSERR_AS_AUTO_SIGNATURE_UPDATED_FAILED 3315 0xcf3 Updating of signatures failed. For more details see /var/log/ns.log file.
NSERR_AS_NO_CONTENT_TYPE 3316 0xcf4 No Such content-type.
NSERR_AS_EXIST_LOG_EXPRESSION 3317 0xcf5 LogExpression is already in use.
NSERR_AS_POLICY_SET_NOTALLOWED 3318 0xcf6 Set disallowed as advance profile can only be associated to policy that is either not bound or bound to spotted vservers.
NSERR_AS_SIGNATURE_URL_NOT_ACCESSIBLE 3319 0xcf7 Signature URL set in 'set appfw settings' is not accessible. Please check the DNS NameServer/Route settings and try again.
NSERR_AS_NODEGROUP_UNBIND_VSERVER_NOTALLOWED 3320 0xcf8 Unbinding vserver from nodegroup disallowed as vserver has appfw policy bound to it.
NSERR_AS_NODEGROUP_BIND_NODE_NOTALLOWED 3321 0xcf9 Nodegroup could be associated with only one node if it has a vserver that has appfw policy bound to it.
NSERR_AS_BUILT_IN_OBJECT_ERROR 3322 0xcfa Cannot add or remove built in objects.
NSERR_AS_SIGNATURE_VALIDATE_FAILED 3323 0xcfb Imported signature is failed to validate against sha1 file. For more details see /var/log/ns.log file.
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_INFER_CONTENT_TYPE_XML_PAYLOAD 3324 0xcfc Invalid XML Infer Content-Type action.
NSERR_AS_INVALID_PARAMETER 3325 0xcfd Sha1 parameter is allowed to use only with Import Appfw Signatures command
NSERR_AS_LEARNING_DB_ERROR 3326 0xcfe Learning database is either corrupt or does not exist.
NSERR_AS_VALIDATION_SIGNATURE_MAPPING_FAILED 3327 0xcff SignatureMapping.xml is invalid. Failed to validate SignatureMapping.xml against its schema file.
NSERR_AS_EXIST_CONTENT_TYPE 3332 0xd04 Content-type is already in use.
NSERR_AS_SIG_MISSING_MAX_MATCH_LEN 3333 0xd05 Signature file has a rule with a response body pattern without the required maxMatchLength attribute
NSERR_AS_NOT_ALLOWED_CONTENT_TYPE 3334 0xd06 Content-types 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' or 'multipart/form-data' or 'text/x-gwt-rpc' are allowed by default and do not need to be explicitly configured in the allowed list
NSERR_AS_TOTAL_IMPORT_SIZE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED 3335 0xd07 Update is successful but update operation of this import object exceeded total import size limit. Now total import size limit is changed to newer value.
NSERR_AS_MAX_TOTAL_IMPORT_LIMIT_EXCEEDED 3336 0xd08 Update operation of this import object exceeded maximum total import size limit. Please remove the object.
NSERR_INVALID_DEFAULT_SIGNATURE_NAME 3337 0xd09 Signature name must only be '*Default Signatures' or '*Xpath Injection Patterns'
NSERR_AS_SIG_OFFSET_GTE_DEPTH 3338 0xd0a Signature file has a pattern with offset attribute greater than or equal to the depth attribute. See /var/log/ns.log for more details
NSERR_AS_SQLWILDCHAR_INVALID_ATTRIBUTE 3339 0xd0b Imported signatures has invalid wild char attributes.
NSERR_AS_WILDCHAR_LITERAL_EXCEED_MAXLEN 3340 0xd0c Maximum allowed length for type \"LITERAL\" for wild char exceeded.
NSERR_AS_SIG_EXCLAMATION_LITERAL 3341 0xd0d Cannot have an exclamation point alone as a literal
NSERR_AS_REMOVE_FAILED_RENAME_FAILED 3342 0xd0e Problem in removing resource - file rename failed
NSERR_AS_ARCHIVE_PROFILE_FAILED 3343 0xd0f Some commands failed during archive profile. Please see /var/log/ns.log for more details.
NSERR_AS_RESTORE_PROFILE_FAILED 3345 0xd11 Some commands failed during restore profile. Please see /var/log/ns.log for more details.
NSERR_AS_EMPTY_CONTENT_TYPE 3352 0xd18 Empty content type
NSERR_AS_SIG_FASTMATCH_BAD_LOCATION 3359 0xd1f A signature rule has fastmatch pattern in a bad location. See log for details.
NSERR_AS_SESSIONLESS_FFC_POST_ONLY 3360 0xd20 'POST ONLY' is same as option 'ON' in streaming
NSERR_AS_TURNING_TAGGING_OFF_FFC_ON 3361 0xd21 Form-tagging cannot be disabled and remains enabled as long as field consistency check is enabled.
NSERR_AS_NO_CREDIT_CARD_NUMBER 3363 0xd23 No such credit card number.
NSERR_AS_EXIST_CREDIT_CARD_NUMBER 3364 0xd24 Credit card number is already in use.
NSERR_AS_NO_SUCH_IMPORTED_OBJECT 3365 0xd25 No such imported object.
NSERR_AS_LEARNING_SQL_ERROR 3366 0xd26 SQL Error when performing learning operation
NSERR_AS_IMPORT_FILE_IS_EMPTY 3367 0xd27 Imported file is empty
NSERR_AS_IMPORT_OVERWRITE_OPTION_NOT_SUPPORTED 3368 0xd28 Overwrite option is not supported.
NSERR_AS_BAD_INSPECT_CONTENT_TYPE 3369 0xd29 Invalid inspection content type
NSERR_AS_GEO_LOCATION_LOGGING_ENABLED 3376 0xd30 GeoLocationLogging only works when CEFLogging is enabled
NSERR_AS_NO_SUCH_WSDL_OBJECT 3377 0xd31 WSDL does not exist
NSERR_AS_NO_SUCH_XMLSCHEMA_OBJECT 3378 0xd32 XMLSchema does not exist
NSERR_AS_NO_SUCH_XMLERRORPAGE_OBJECT 3379 0xd33 XMLErrorPage does not exist
NSERR_AS_NO_SUCH_SIGNATURE_OBJECT 3380 0xd34 Signature does not exist
NSERR_AS_NO_SUCH_ARCHIVE_OBJECT 3381 0xd35 Archive does not exist
NSERR_AS_NO_SUCH_HTMLERRORPAGE_OBJECT 3382 0xd36 HTMLErrorPage does not exist
NSERR_AS_XSS_ALLOWED_TAG_INVALID_ATTRIBUTE 3393 0xd41 Xss allowed Tag has invalid attribute
NSERR_AS_XSS_ALLOWED_ATTR_INVALID_ATTRIBUTE 3394 0xd42 Xss allowed attribute has invalid attribute
NSERR_AS_SQL_TRANSFORM_INVALID_ATTRIBUTE 3395 0xd43 SQL transform has invalid attribute
NSERR_AS_SRC_INVALID 3404 0xd4c Invalid source
NSERR_AS_IMPORT_NOT_DEFAULT_WITH_SHA1 3405 0xd4d Name should be *Default Signatures when -sha1 is specified
NSERR_AS_WAR_UPDATE_FOLLOWED_BY_IMPORT 3407 0xd4f Execute update command to push the object to packet engine so that the imported object is applied.
NSERR_AS_CUSTOM_SETTINGS_SQL_MULTIPLE_INJECTION_TYPE 3423 0xd5f Failed to set signature object. Multiple injection tags of sql type are not allowed
NSERR_AS_BAD_CCARD_FLAGS 3439 0xd6f Invalid Credit Card Value
NSERR_AS_NO_LOGEXPRESSION 3790 0xece No Such Log Expression
NSERR_AS_RFCPROFILE_BAD_ACTION 3808 0xee0 Bad rfc profile action
NSERR_AS_RFCPROFILE 3809 0xee1 Invalid rfc profile action
NSERR_AS_BAD_MALFORMED_REQ_ACTION 3814 0xee6 Invalid malformed request Action
NSERR_AS_SIG_INVALID_RULE_YEAR 3822 0xeee Invalid year attribute value in imported signature.
NSERR_AS_SIG_INVALID_CPU_USAGE 2442 0x98A Invalid cpu usage attribute value in imported signature.
NSERR_AS_SIG_INVALID_SEVERITY 2443 0x98B Invalid severity attribute value in imported signature.
NSERR_AS_NO_JSON_XSS 2554 0x9fa No such JSON XSS check
NSERR_AS_EXIST_JSON_XSS 2549 0x9f5 The JSON XSS check is already in use
NSERR_AS_NO_JSON_SQL 2553 0x9f9 No such JSON SQL check
NSERR_AS_EXIST_JSON_SQL 3582 0xdfe The JSON SQL check is already in use
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_JSON_DOS 3447 0xd77 Invalid JSON Dos Action
NSERR_AS_EXIST_JSON_DOS_URL 3448 0xd78 The JSON DoS URL check is already in use
NSERR_AS_JSON_URL_NOT_SUPPORTED 3449 0xd79 Only .* is supported for JSON checks
NSERR_AS_NO_JSON_DOS_URL 3450 0xd7a No such URL exist for JSON DOS check.
NSERR_AS_PROFILE_CHANGE_JSON 3451 0xd7b JSON checks will not be applicable when profile type is not JSON
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_JSON_SQL 3452 0xd7c Invalid JSON SQLInjection Action
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_JSON_XSS 3453 0xd7d Invalid JSON CrossSiteScripting Action
NSERR_AS_NO_SUCH_JSONERRORPAGE_OBJECT 3501 0xdad JSONErrorPage does not exist
NSERR_AS_PROFILE_CHANGE_HTML_JSON 3500 0xdac HTML, JSON checks will not be applicable when profile type is not HTML or JSON respectively
NSERR_AS_PROFILE_CHANGE_HTML_XML 3502 0xdae HTML, XML checks will not be applicable when profile type is not HTML or XML respectively
NSERR_AS_PROFILE_CHANGE_XML_JSON 3503 0xdaf XML, JSON checks will not be applicable when profile type is not XML or JSON respectively
NSERR_AS_PROFILE_CHANGE_HTML_XML_JSON 3488 0xda0 HTML, XML, JSON checks will not be applicable when profile type is not HTML, XML or JSON respectively
NSERR_AS_NO_FILEUPLOAD_TYPE 3848 0xf08 No Such File Upload Type.
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_FILEUPLOAD_TYPE 361 0x169 Invalid File Upload Types Action
NSERR_AS_DYNAMIC_PROFILING_NOT_SUPPORTED 3849 0xf09 Dynamic Profiling is not supported in cluster mode
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_DYNAMIC_PROFILING 3850 0xf0a Invalid Dynamic Profiling Action.
NSERR_AS_INVALID_RESTORE_PROFILE 385 0x181 Invalid Restore operation. Relaxation rules not enabled for restore.
NSERR_AS_INVALID_RESTORE_PROFILE_ACTION 386 0x182 Invalid Restore operation. Overwrite and Augment can't both be specified.
NSERR_AS_INVALID_RESTORE_PROFILE_URL 387 0x183 Invalid Restore operation. Match URL and Replace URL must both be specified if either one is present.
NSERR_AS_BAD_ACTION_COOKIE_HIJACKING 388 0x184 Invalid Cookie Hijacking Action
NSERR_AS_SNORT_CONVERT 4051 0xfd3 Problem converting snort rules to waf signature file. For more details see /var/log/ns.log file.
NSERR_AS_CMDINJECTION_KEYWORD_INVALID_ATTRIBUTE 3245 0xcad Imported signature has invalid Command injection attributes.
NSERR_AS_CMD_NOT_EXIST 2986 0xbaa Specified command injection relaxation rule does not exist
NSERR_AS_PART_DIR_NOT_FOUND 3007 0xbbf Error in getting partition specific directory.
NSERR_AS_FAKEACCOUNT 390 0x186 Fake Account Error
NSERR_AS_CFFIELD 391 0x187 Confidential Field Error
NSERR_AS_BLOCKKEYWORD 392 0x188 Block Keyword Error
NSERR_AS_JSON_BLOCKKEYWORD 393 0x189 JSON Block Keyword Error
NSERR_AS_BYPASS_LIST 3851 0xf0b Bypass List Error
NSERR_AS_DENY_LIST 3852 0xf0c Deny List Error


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_BACKUP_CONFINVALID 3425 0xd61 Configuration file is not valid or corrupted.
NSERR_BACKUP_CREATEDIR 3426 0xd62 Unable to create directory .
NSERR_BACKUP_MISSING 3427 0xd63 Backup file does not exist.
NSERR_BACKUP_CREATETAR 3428 0xd64 Unable to create backup tar file.
NSERR_BACKUP_CONFMISSING 3429 0xd65 Configuration file not found.
NSERR_BACKUP_FILEMISSING 3430 0xd66 Missing filename argument in the input.
NSERR_BACKUP_INVALIDFILE 3431 0xd67 Invalid/Tampered backup file encountered.
NSERR_BACKUP_EXTRACTTAR 3432 0xd68 Unable to extract backup tar file.
NSERR_BACKUP_REMOVE 3433 0xd69 Unable to remove backup tar file.
NSERR_BACKUP_MAXLIMIT 3434 0xd6a Reached max limit of 50 for backup files. Remove older files to proceed.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_NOTRUNNING 256 0x100 NetScaler not running
NSERR_PERM 257 0x101 Operation not permitted
NSERR_NOENT 258 0x102 No such resource
NSERR_SRCH 259 0x103 No such process
NSERR_INTR 260 0x104 Interrupted system call
NSERR_IO 261 0x105 Input/output error
NSERR_NXIO 262 0x106 Device not configured
NSERR_2BIG 263 0x107 Argument list too long
NSERR_NOEXEC 264 0x108 Exec format error
NSERR_BADF 265 0x109 Bad file descriptor
NSERR_CHILD 266 0x10A No child processes
NSERR_DEADLK 267 0x10B Resource deadlock avoided
NSERR_NOMEM 268 0x10C Cannot allocate memory
NSERR_ACCES 269 0x10D Permission denied
NSERR_FAULT 270 0x10E Bad address
NSERR_NOTBLK 271 0x10F Block device required
NSERR_BUSY 272 0x110 Device busy
NSERR_EXIST 273 0x111 Resource already exists
NSERR_XDEV 274 0x112 Cross-device link
NSERR_NODEV 275 0x113 Operation not supported by device
NSERR_NOTDIR 276 0x114 Not a directory
NSERR_ISDIR 277 0x115 Is a directory
NSERR_INVAL 278 0x116 Invalid argument
NSERR_NFILE 279 0x117 Too many open files in system
NSERR_MFILE 280 0x118 Too many open files
NSERR_NOTTY 281 0x119 Inappropriate ioctl for device
NSERR_TXTBSY 282 0x11A Text file busy
NSERR_FBIG 283 0x11B File too large
NSERR_NOSPACE 284 0x11C No space left on device
NSERR_SPIPE 285 0x11D Illegal seek
NSERR_ROFS 286 0x11E Read-only file system
NSERR_MLINK 287 0x11F Too many links
NSERR_PIPE 288 0x120 Broken pipe
NSERR_DOM 289 0x121 Numerical argument out of domain
NSERR_RANGE 290 0x122 Result too large
NSERR_AGAIN 291 0x123 Resource temporarily unavailable
NSERR_INPROGRESS 292 0x124 Operation now in progress
NSERR_ALREADY 293 0x125 Operation already in progress
NSERR_NOTSOCK 294 0x126 Socket operation on non-socket
NSERR_DESTADDRREQ 295 0x127 Destination address required
NSERR_MSGSIZE 296 0x128 Message too long
NSERR_PROTOTYPE 297 0x129 Protocol wrong type for socket
NSERR_NOPROTOOPT 298 0x12A Protocol not available
NSERR_PROTONOSUPPORT 299 0x12B Protocol not supported
NSERR_SOCKTNOSUPPORT 300 0x12C Socket type not supported
NSERR_OPNOTSUPP 301 0x12D Operation not supported
NSERR_PFNOSUPPORT 302 0x12E Protocol family not supported
NSERR_AFNOSUPPORT 303 0x12F Address family not supported by protocol family
NSERR_ADDRINUSE 304 0x130 Address already in use
NSERR_ADDRNOTAVAIL 305 0x131 Can't assign requested address
NSERR_NETDOWN 306 0x132 Network is down
NSERR_NETUNREACH 307 0x133 Network is unreachable
NSERR_NETRESET 308 0x134 Network dropped connection on reset
NSERR_CONNABORTED 309 0x135 Software caused connection abort
NSERR_CONNRESET 310 0x136 Connection reset by peer
NSERR_NOBUFS 311 0x137 No buffer space available
NSERR_ISCONN 312 0x138 Socket is already connected
NSERR_NOTCONN 313 0x139 Socket is not connected
NSERR_SHUTDOWN 314 0x13A Can't send after socket shutdown
NSERR_TOOMANYREFS 315 0x13B Resource in use
NSERR_TIMEDOUT 316 0x13C Operation timed out
NSERR_CONNREFUSED 317 0x13D Connection refused
NSERR_LOOP 318 0x13E Too many levels of symbolic links
NSERR_NAMETOOLONG 319 0x13F File name too long
NSERR_HOSTDOWN 320 0x140 Host is down
NSERR_HOSTUNREACH 321 0x141 No route to host
NSERR_NOTEMPTY 322 0x142 Directory not empty
NSERR_PROCLIM 323 0x143 Too many processes
NSERR_USERS 324 0x144 Too many users
NSERR_DQUOT 325 0x145 Disc quota exceeded
NSERR_STALE 326 0x146 Stale NFS file handle
NSERR_REMOTE 327 0x147 Too many levels of remote in path
NSERR_BADRPC 328 0x148 RPC struct is bad
NSERR_RPCMISMATCH 329 0x149 RPC version wrong
NSERR_PROGUNAVAIL 330 0x14A RPC prog. not avail
NSERR_PROGMISMATCH 331 0x14B Program version wrong
NSERR_PROCUNAVAIL 332 0x14C Bad procedure for program
NSERR_NOLCK 333 0x14D No locks available
NSERR_NOSYS 334 0x14E System Call not supported; Possible Reason: NetScaler is not running
NSERR_FTYPE 335 0x14F Inappropriate file type or format
NSERR_AUTH 336 0x150 Authentication error
NSERR_NEEDAUTH 337 0x151 Need authenticator
NSERR_WOULDBLOCK 338 0x152 Operation would block
NSERR_NOCODE 339 0x153 Feature is not implemented
NSERR_NOTSUSER 340 0x154 Not super-user
NSERR_BIGDATA 341 0x155 Data size is too big
NSERR_SMALLDATA 342 0x156 Data size is too small
NSERR_NOMORENT 343 0x157 No more entry in table
NSERR_NOSERVICE 344 0x158 No Service
NSERR_OSERROR 345 0x159 Operating system error
NSERR_NONEXPCMD 346 0x15A Unexpected command
NSERR_CMDPROPFAIL 347 0x15B Command propagation failed
NSERR_TOOMANYNODES 348 0x15C Too many nodes
NSERR_SECONDARYFAIL 349 0x15D Command failed on secondary node, but succeeded on primary node. Configuration will be synchronized to ensure secondary and primary have same configuration.
NSERR_INVALBACKUP 350 0x15E Invalid backup vserver
NSERR_NOSERVER 351 0x15F No such server
NSERR_LOGINREQD 352 0x160 Login is required
NSERR_RPCINVAL 353 0x161 RPC invalid argument
NSERR_NOUSER 354 0x162 Invalid username or password
NSERR_INVALPASSWD 355 0x163 Invalid username or password
NSERR_LICENSE 356 0x164 Feature(s) not licensed
NSERR_DEFERRED 357 0x165 The command is stored for later execution
NSERR_PROPAUTHFAIL 358 0x166 Command propagation failed due to user authentication problems
NSERR_NODELSUSER 359 0x167 The superuser cannot be removed
NSERR_NOMODSUSER 360 0x168 Permissions for this superuser cannot be modified
NSERR_INVALNODEID 362 0x16A Invalid node ID specified
NSERR_NOTOPHA 363 0x16B Operation not permitted on stand-alone node
NSERR_NOOPPEERBAD 364 0x16c Operation not possible due to invalid peer state. Rectify and retry.
NSERR_NOOPBAD 365 0x16d Operation not possible as system state is invalid. Use show node for more information.
NSERR_NOPNOW 366 0x16e Operation not possible now. Please wait for system to stabilize before retrying.
NSERR_NOOPPRI 367 0x16f Operation permitted only on secondary node.
NSERR_NOOPSEC 368 0x170 Operation permitted only on primary node.
NSERR_REDIRECT 369 0x171 Redirect request (VIP down)
NSERR_BUFOVERFLOW 370 0x172 Buffer overflow occurred
NSERR_NOUSERPOLICY 371 0x173 No command policy defined, permission denied
NSERR_NOSYSGROUP 372 0x174 System group does not exist
NSERR_NOSYSCMDPOL 373 0x175 System command policy does not exist
NSERR_HAIPV6PT 374 0x176 IPV6 Feature cannot be disabled while HA is running over IPv6.
NSERR_HANSIPV6 375 0x177 IPv6 NSIP cannot be changed while HA is running over IPv6.
NSERR_NSIPV6ACTIVE 376 0x178 IPv6 NSIP is not in ACTIVE state, rectify and retry.
NSERR_RTMON_STANDALONE 377 0x179 Unbind all route monitors before making node standalone.
NSERR_INTERFACENOTALLOWED 384 0x180 Unauthorized: User is not allowed through this interface
NSERR_IPV6FEAT_DISABLED 378 0x17a IPv6 Feature Disabled
NSERR_DHCP_PBR_DEPENDENT 379 0x17b PBR rule present with nexthop dependent on released DHCP lease
NSERR_IPSECPROF_PERM 380 0x17c Tunnel protocol IPSEC must have ipsec profile set to 'none'.
NSERR_IFPAIR_BOUND 381 0x17d Interface(s) already member of other interface pair
NSERR_IFPAIR_NOTPAIR 382 0x17e Number of member interfaces need to be exactly 2
NSERR_PBR_SETIPTUNNEL 383 0x17f SET operations on PBR for changing iptunnel not allowed. Remove and add PBR with new iptunnel
NSERR_IPRANGENOTALLOWD 394 0x18A Range not allowed for wildcard IP
NSERR_IVALIDIPRANGE 395 0x18B Invalid range value
NSERR_IPRANGEMAXLIMIT 396 0x18C Range value greater than maximum limit 254
NSERR_IP_NOT_EXIST 397 0x18D IP does not exist for default or specified td
NSERR_TOOMANYRULES 398 0x18E Maximum number of ACLs on the system has been exceeded
NSERR_PASSWD_LEN_MIN_8 399 0x18F Password too short - minimum length is 8 characters
NSERR_SYNC_DISABLED 410 0x19A Synchronization disabled
NSERR_NODE_DISABLED 411 0x19B Node disabled
NSERR_SYNC_PROGRESS 412 0x19C Synchronization is in progress
NSERR_ADNS_PERM 413 0x19D Operation not permitted on ADNS service
NSERR_NOINC_IPSAMESUBNET 414 0x19E Peer IP should be on the NSIP subnet if INC mode is disabled
NSERR_INVALID_PEERIP 415 0x19F Not a valid peer IP
NSERR_REDIRECT307 416 0x1A0 Redirect request (send 307 temporary redirect
NSERR_INVALHOSTNAME 417 0x1A1 Invalid hostname
NSERR_REWRITE_NOT_SUPPORTED 418 0x1A2 Port rewrite not supported on this vserver type
NSERR_IPCHG_DENY 419 0x1A3 IP address change not permitted on this entity
NSERR_IPCHG_GSLB 420 0x1A4 GSLB local service IP cannot be changed. Please change the corresponding vserver's IP
NSERR_GSLB_IPCHG 421 0x1A5 corresponding GSLB service/GSLB service item IP has also been changed.
NSERR_NOAUDITSRVC 422 0x1A6 No audit service running on the specified port
NSERR_LACPKEY_NOTSET 423 0x1A7 LACP key not set
NSERR_CHANNEL_INUSEBYLACP 424 0x1A8 Channel in use by LACP
NSERR_LACPENABLED 425 0x1A9 LACP enabled interface cannot be bound manually to a channel
NSERR_IFACEMANUALLYBOUND 426 0x1AA LACP cannot be enabled, interface manually bound to a channel
NSERR_INTRECINUSE 427 0x1AB Domain name for the reverse domain name already exists
NSERR_PUBIPPORT_VIP_CONFLICT 428 0x1AC Public IP, port conflict with another entity bound to the same GSLB vserver
NSERR_IPPORT_VIP_BOUND 429 0x1AD IP, port conflict with an entity already bound to the vserver
NSERR_NO_BACKUP_VIP 430 0x1AE No such backup vserver
NSERR_REQ_SET_ARGS 431 0x1AF No arguments to set
NSERR_SVCGRP_MEMBER_NAMECONFLICT 432 0x1B0 Name conflicts with an existing service or service group member name
NSERR_SERVER_NAME_EXIST 433 0x1B1 Server name already exists
NSERR_MAX_SERVICE_BINDING_ON_VSERVER 434 0x1B2 Maximum services bound to vserver exceeded
NSERR_MAX_SVC_ENTITY_BINDING_ON_SVCGROUP 435 0x1B3 Maximum services bound to service group exceeded
NSERR_FSMALL 436 0x1B4 File too small
NSERR_INTOFLOW 437 0x1B5 Integer overflow
NSERR_ASYNC_BLOCKED 438 0x1B6 Expression evaluation has blocked for body accumulation
NSERR_SACL_CLEARPENDING 439 0x1B7 Clear in progress
NSERR_SACL_NAME_EXISTS 440 0x1B8 An ACL with the same name exists
NSERR_SACL_SUPERSET_EXISTS 441 0x1B9 Operation not permitted. (An overlapping rule already exists)
NSERR_SACL_SUBSET_EXISTS 442 0x1BA Operation not permitted. (A rule which is subset of this rule already exists)
NSERR_NOINC_ROUTEMONITOR 443 0x1BB Route monitors should be added only if INC mode is enabled
NSERR_SESSION_EXPIRED 444 0x1BC Session expired or killed. Please login again
NSERR_SESSION_EXCEEDED 445 0x1BD Session limit exceeded
NSERR_CFE_CONN_EXCEEDED 446 0x1BE Connection limit to CFE exceeded
NSERR_CFE_KILLSELF 449 0x1C1 Invalid session id. Current session cannot be killed
NSERR_CFE_INCOMPLETESESSION 450 0x1C2 Invalid session. Response/challenge is incomplete
NSERR_ACL_ALREADYINSTATE 451 0x1C3 Entity already in this state
NSERR_CFE_SESSION_NOEXIST 452 0x1C4 Session does not exist
NSERR_SYSGROUP_USER_EXISTS 453 0x1C5 User already bound to system group
NSERR_SYSGROUP_POLICY_EXISTS 454 0x1C6 Policy already bound to system group
NSERR_SLEEP 455 0x1C7 Sleep process sleep
NSERR_PPEDIE 456 0x1C8 Your PPE is no more
NSERR_NOCONN_CMDPROPFAIL 457 0x1C9 Unable to establish connection with the secondary. Command propagation failed
NSERR_TIMEOUT_SECONDARY 458 0x1CA There is no response from the secondary. Propagation timed out
NSERR_NOT_SUPPORTED 460 0x1CC Feature not supported in this release
NSERR_NOENT_VSERVER 461 0x1CD No such Vserver
NSERR_NOENT_SVC 462 0x1CE No such service
NSERR_NOENT_SVC_SVCGRP 463 0x1CF No such service/serviceGroup
NSERR_HA_NOV4_NETMASK 464 0x1D0 IPv4 netmask is not required for IPv6
NSERR_MAX_VSEVRVER_BINDINGS_TO_SERVICE 465 0x1D1 Maximum vservers bound to a service exceeded
NSERR_SACL6_CLEARPENDING 466 0x1D2 Simple ACL6 Clear in progress
NSERR_SACL6_NAME_EXISTS 467 0x1D3 Simple ACL6 with the same name exists
NSERR_SACL6_SUPERSET_EXISTS 468 0x1D4 Operation not permitted. (An overlapping rule already exists)
NSERR_SACL6_SUBSET_EXISTS 469 0x1D5 Operation not permitted. (A rule which is subset of this rule already exists)
NSERR_NO_BACKUP_VIP_BOUND 470 0x1D6 No backupVserver bound
NSERR_SESSION_EXPIRED_REDIRECT 471 0x1D7 Session expired, Please login again
NSERR_NOENT_VLAN 472 0x1D8 Vlan does not exist
NSERR_MAX_SVC_ENTITY 473 0x1D9 Maximum service limit reached
NSERR_CL_EXIST 474 0x1DA Resource already exists in cluster
NSERR_OWNERNODE_NOTALLOWED 475 0x1DB Can not specify owner node.
NSERR_OWNERNODE_NOT_SPECIFIED 476 0x1DC Owner node is not specified.
NSERR_NOT_SUPPINCLUSTER 477 0x1DD Operation not supported in Cluster.
NSERR_VSERVER_TYPE_MISMATCH 478 0x1DE Vserver type mismatch.
NSERR_ITER_END 479 0x1DF End of iteration reached.
NSERR_CONNECT_TO_CLUSTER_IP 1382 0x566 Please connect to cluster IP and run showtechsupport on that node.
NSERR_LB_AUDIT_IP_DENY 1383 0x567 Changing IP address of LB vserver not permitted when Audit server also referring to same server_info .
NSERR_IC_OFF_DISABLING_FEO 1384 0x568 IC is disabled, but FEO is enabled.
NSERR_SYNC_VLAN_EXIST 1385 0x569 Please unset sync vlan, before removing the HA node.
NSERR_CMDPROP_DISABLED 1450 0x5AA Command propagation disabled.
NSERR_NOTHEME 1451 0x5AB Portal theme doesn't exist
NSERR_THEMEEXISTS 1452 0x5AC Portal theme already exists
NSERR_THEME_INUSE 1453 0x5AD Portal theme in use
NSERR_NO_CONTENT 1454 0x5AE 204 No Content
NSERR_ARP_IFACE_NODE_MISMATCH 1440 0x5a0 Interface and node mismatch
NSERR_HA_BOTH_PRIMARY 1441 0x5a1 Cannot failover as Node State set to STAYPRIMARY
NSERR_PROP_DISABLED 1448 0x5a8 Propagation disabled
NSERR_HA_FAILOVER_PERM 1449 0x5a9 Failover not permitted as one node is up and another node is down
NSERR_NOEULA 938 0x3AA Eula name doesn't exist
NSERR_EULAEXISTS 939 0x3AB Eula with same name already exists
NSERR_EULA_INUSE 940 0x3AC Eula name in use
NSERR_SYSLOG_TCP_CONFIG_ERR 1459 0x5B3 tcpProfileName/maxLogDataSizeToHold cannot be set when transport is UDP
NSERR_SYSLOG_LOOPBACK_OR_LOCAL_IP_NOTALLOWED 1460 0x5B4 TCP transport is not allowed for local logging(when serverIP is configured as Loopback IP or NetScaler's local IP)
NSERR_MAX_CONC_SAVECONFIG 1461 0x5B5 Maximum number of concurrent save configs are in progress. Try again later.
NSERR_SYSLOG_PERSISTENCE_NOTSUPPORTED 1463 0x5B7 Persistency is not supported for SYSLOGTCP and SYSLOGUDP service types
NSERR_SYSLOG_HASHLBMETHODS_NOTALLOWED 1464 0x5B8 Hash based LB methods which depend on packet parameters cannot be set for SYSLOGTCP/SYSLOGUDP service types
NSERR_SVC_EXISTS 1468 0x5BC Service exists with this server information
NSERR_SYSLOG_NOLBVIP 1469 0x5BD No such LB vserver of type SYSLOGUDP/SYSLOGTCP exists
NSERR_SYSLOG_LBPROTOCOL_NOTALLOWED 1470 0x5BE LB vserver of type other than SYSLOGUDP/SYSLOGTCP cannot be set to syslogaction
NSERR_SYSLOG_TRANSPORT_UNSET_NOTALLOWED 1471 0x5BF Transport cannot be unset when LB vserver name is configured
NSERR_SYSLOG_TRANSPORT_MISMATCH 1472 0x5C0 Mismatch in transport type of LB vserver and syslog action
NSERR_SYSLOG_LBVSRVR_INUSE_BY_SYSACT 1473 0x5C1 The LB vserver is being accessed by syslog action
NSERR_SYSLOG_LBVSRVR_RENAME_NOTSUPPORTED 1474 0x5C2 Renaming LB vserver is not supported for SYSLOGUDP/SYSLOGTCP service types
NSERR_SYSLOG_INVALID_SERVIP 1475 0x5C3 ServerIP cannot be configured as or 0 for syslog action
NSERR_AUDITLOG_PORT_SET_UNSET_NOTALLOWED 1476 0x5C4 Port cannot be set/unset when LB vserver name/Server domain name is configured
NSERR_SYSLOG_TCPPROFILE_NOTALLOWED 1477 0x5C5 TCP profile name cannot be set when LB vserver name is configured
NSERR_SYSLOG_CANNOT_SET_LBVSNAME 1478 0x5C6 Unset the TCP profile name and then set the LB vserver name
NSERR_MPTCP_CANNOT_SET_MPTCPADVERTISE 1495 0x5D7 MPTCP Advertise can be set only on the IP of type VIP.
NSERR_PORTALBINDING_NOT_SUPPORTED 1479 0x5C7 Operation not supported. Unset VPN uitheme parameter first and then try again.
NSERR_PORTALTHEME_NAME_NOT_ALLOWED 1480 0x5C8 \'EULA\' and \'Custom\' keywords are reserved. Please try with any other name
NSERR_AUDIT_VERSION_MISMATCH 1481 0x5C9 Audit version mismatch
NSERR_RADIUS_LISTENER_PERM 1482 0x5CA Operation not permitted on RADIUS LISTENER service
NSERR_SYSLOG_NETPROFILE_NOTALLOWED 1483 0x5CB Network profile name cannot be set when LB vserver name is configured
NSERR_AUDITLOG_DMNRESOLVRETRY 1484 0x5CC Domain name can be resolved only when server domain name is configured
NSERR_AUDITLOG_ARGUMENT_MISSING 1485 0x5CD One of the arguments \"Server IP/Server domain name/LB vserver name\" is required for auditlog action
NSERR_AUDITLOG_DBS_SERVER_EXIST 1486 0x5CE Auditlog internal DBS server with the same domain name exists
NSERR_ICAMODE_STATUS_NOT_OK 1487 0x5CF vpn icamode status not okay
NSERR_SYSLOG_LBVSERVER_NOTALLOWED 1488 0x5D0 LB vserver name cannot be set when network profile is configured. Unset the netProfile and set LB vserver name
NSERR_INSTALL_FAILED 1490 0x5D2 Installation failed.
NSERR_OSPFAREA_UNSET 1491 0x5D3 Unset of OSPFArea is allowed only for VIP and SNIP
NSERR_PREQ_HOSTROUTE 1492 0x5D4 Pre-requisite Hostroute is disabled
NSERR_PREQ_NETWORKROUTE 1493 0x5D5 Pre-requisite Networkroute is disabled
NSERR_AUDITLOG_SVC_EXISTS 1496 0x5D8 Auditlog service exists with this server information
NSERR_AUDITSINFO_EXISTS_WITH_SAME_DOMAINNAME 1497 0x5D9 Auditlog action exists with the same domain name
NSERR_NO_PERM_ON_PLATFORM 1501 0x5DD Operation not supported on this platform
NSERR_NOTDBS_SERVER_AUTOSCALE_SGRP 3779 0xEC3 Cannot configure autoScale as POLICY option for an IP based server.
NSERR_AUTO_SCALE_CLOUD_API_TYPE_ONLY 3810 0xEE2 Operation is supported for servicegroup with autoscale type CLOUD or API only.
NSERR_AUTO_DISABLE_GRACEFUL_NOT_SET 3811 0xEE3 Auto Disable Graceful not enabled. Set autoDisablegraceful parameter to YES.
NSERR_AUTO_DISABLE_GRACEFUL_NOT_SUPPORTED_ON_AZURE 3812 0xEE4 Auto Disable Graceful not supported on Azure Platform.
NSERR_MAX_MONITORS_BINDINGS_TO_SERVICE 3813 0xEE5 Maximum monitors bound to this entity exceeded
NSERR_INSUFFICIENT_IAM_PRIVILEGES 3815 0xEE7 Insufficient iam privileges configured for this feature
NSERR_LOGIN_NEXTFACTOR 3816 0xEE8 Nextfactor Login
NSERR_SVC_GRP 1855 0x73F Unable to discover Autoscale group/setting in cloud
NSERR_MISSING_POLICY 2197 0x895 Unable to discover scale down policy of Autoscale group/setting in cloud
NSERR_AZURE_MANAGED_IDENTITY_NOT_ALLOWED 1508 0x5e4 The name MANAGED_IDENTITY cannot be configured in azure application. Instead, it has to be configured as azureApplication directly in azurekeyVault configuration
NSERR_AUTO_SCALE_DNS_TROFS_DELAY 1509 0x5e5 Operation is supported for servicegroup with autoscale type DNS only.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_BOT_UPDATE_FAILED 1696 0x6a0 Updating the resource failed
NSERR_BOT_CFG_INVALID_JSON 1697 0x6a1 Invalid JSON Configuration
NSERR_BOT_CFG_IPREP_INVALID_CATEGORY 1713 0x6b1 Invalid category in IPReputation config
NSERR_BOT_CFG_RATELIMIT_NO_URL 1723 0x6bb No URL option in RateLimit configuration
NSERR_BOT_CFG_RATELIMIT_NO_COOKIE 1724 0x6bc No Cookie option in RateLimit configuration
NSERR_BOT_CFG_MAX_KM_LIMIT_REACHED 1725 0x6bd Keyboard-mouse Config Limit exceeded.
NSERR_BOT_CFG_RATELIMIT_INVALID_CATEGORY 1726 0x6be Invalid category in ratelimit config
NSERR_BOT_CFG_MAX_WHITELIST_LIMT_REACHED 1760 0x6e0 White List Config Limit exceeded.
NSERR_BOT_CFG_MAX_BLACKLIST_LIMT_REACHED 1761 0x6e1 Black List Config Limit exceeded.
NSERR_BOT_CFG_MAX_RATELIMIT_LIMT_REACHED 1763 0x6e3 RateLimit Config Limit exceeded.
NSERR_BOT_SIGNATURE_URL_NOT_ACCESSIBLE 1768 0x6e8 Signature URL set in 'set bot settings' is not accessible. Please check the DNS NameServer/Route settings and try again.
NSERR_BOT_CFG_MAX_CAPTCHA_LIMIT_REACHED 1769 0x6e9 Captcha Config Limit Exceeded
NSERR_BOT_SIGNATURE_INVALID_URL 1772 0x6ec Invalid Signature URL.
NSERR_BOT_BAD_TRAPURL 1773 0x6ed Invalid TrapURL. Url should start with '/'
NSERR_BOT_DEFAULT_SIGNATURE_FILE_PARSE_ERROR 1774 0x6ee Unable to parse Bot Signature File.
NSERR_BOT_NEG_TRAP_URL_REGEX 1775 0x6ef Negated regex are not allowed.
NSERR_BOT_INVALID_DFP_MOBILE_TYPE 1698 0x6a2 Invalid Device Fingerprint mobile type
NSERR_BOT_UPDATE_SIGNATURE_META_UPDATE_FAILED 1701 0x6a5 Signature Auto Update meta file update failed.
NSERR_BOT_PROFILE_BINDING_ALREADY_EXISTS 1703 0x6a7 An entity with the name already bound.
NSERR_BOT_CFG_MAX_TRAPURL_LIMIT_REACHED 1702 0x6a6 Trap URL Config Limit exceeded.
NSERR_BOT_CFG_MAX_LOGEXPRESSION_LIMT_REACHED 1705 0x6a9 Log Expression Config Limit exceeded.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_HEUREXP_RELEXP 480 0x1E0 Conflicting arguments, heurExpiryParam and relExpiry
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_HEUREXP_RELEXPMILI 481 0x1E1 Conflicting arguments, heurExpiryParam and relExpiryMilliSec
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_RELEXP_RELEXPMILI 482 0x1E2 Conflicting arguments, relExpiry and relExpiryMiliSec
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_ABSEXP_HEUREXP 483 0x1E3 Conflicting arguments, absExpiry and heurExpiryParam
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_ABSEXP_RELEXPMILI 484 0x1E4 Conflicting arguments, absExpiry and relExpiryMilliSec
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_ABSEXPGMT_HERUEXP 485 0x1E5 Conflicting arguments, absExpiryGMT and heurExpiryParam
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_ABSEXP_ABSEXPGMT 486 0x1E6 Conflicting arguments, absExpiry and absExpiryGMT
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_ABSEXPGMT_RELEXPMILI 487 0x1E7 Conflicting arguments, absExpiryGMT and relExpiryMilliSec
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_HITPARAMS_HITSLCTR 488 0x1E8 Conflicting arguments, hitParams and hitSelector
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_INVALPARAMS_HITSLCTR 489 0x1E9 Conflicting arguments, invalParams and hitSelector
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_HITPARAMS_INVLSLCTR 490 0x1EA Conflicting arguments, hitParams and invalSelector
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_INVALPARAMS_INVLSLCTR 491 0x1EB Conflicting arguments, invalParams and invalSelector
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_HITSLCTR_MATCHCOOKY 492 0x1EC Conflicting arguments, hitSelector and matchCookies
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_HITSLCTR_INVALREST2HOST 493 0x1ED Conflicting arguments, hitSelector and invalRestrictedToHost
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_HITSLCTR_IGNRPARAMVALCASE 494 0x1EE Conflicting arguments, hitSelector and ignoreParamValueCase
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_INVALSLCTR_MATCHCOOKY 495 0x1EF Conflicting arguments, invalSelector and matchCookies
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_INVALSLCTR_INVALREST2HOST 496 0x1F0 Conflicting arguments, invalSelector and invalRestrictedToHost
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_INVALSLCTR_IGNRPARAMVALCASE 497 0x1F1 Conflicting arguments, invalSelector and ignoreParamValueCase
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_POSRELEXP_RELEXP 498 0x1F2 Conflicting arguments, weekPosRelExpiry and relExpiry
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_POSRELEXP_RELEXPMILI 499 0x1F3 Conflicting arguments, weekPosRelExpiry and relExpiryMiliSec
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_ABSEXP_POSRELEXP 500 0x1F4 Conflicting arguments, absExpiry and weekPosRelExpiry
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_ABSEXPGMT_POSRELEXP 501 0x1F5 Conflicting arguments, absExpiryGMT and weekPosRelExpiry
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_IGNRPARAMVALCASE_HITPARAMS 502 0x1F6 Invalid arguments, ignoreParamValueCase is set while hitParams is 0
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_HIT_INVALPARAMS_MATCHCUKY 503 0x1F7 Invalid arguments, matchCookies is set while both hitParams and invalParams are 0
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_INVALREST2HOST_INVALPARAM 504 0x1F8 Invalid arguments, invalRestrictedToHost is set while invalParams is 0
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_PREFETCH_PREFETCHSEC 505 0x1F9 Invalid arguments, prefetchPeriod is set while prefetch is disabled
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_PREFETCH_PREFETCHMILI 506 0x1FA Invalid arguments, prefetchPeriodMilliSec is set while prefetch is disabled
NSERR_CACONF_CNFL_PREFETCHMILI_PREFETCHSEC 507 0x1FB Conflicting arguments, prefetchPeriodMilliSec and prefetchPeriod
NSERR_CACONF_ARG_LE_MIN_VAL 508 0x1FC Invalid arguments, given value is less than the minimum value
NSERR_CACONF_ARG_GE_MAX_VAL 509 0x1FD Invalid arguments, given value is more than the maximum value
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_NEGMINHIT 510 0x1FE ContentGroup cannot have negative minHit.
NSERR_CACHEHA_OBJPERSIST_NOTSET 511 0x1FF Cache Object Sync to Secondary is not set, use set cache parameter to enable.
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_INVALID_OPERATION 758 0x2f6 This operation is not permitted on selector based contentgroup


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_CENTRALMGMTSERVER_REGFAILED 2047 0x7ff Registration of device failed
NSERR_CENTRALMGMTSERVER_REQARGMISSING 2988 0xbac Required argument missing


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_NOSUCHIOCTL 1184 0x4a0 Command not implemented on server
NSERR_NOTARGETS 1185 0x4a1 No configured targets
NSERR_CANTRECOVER 1186 0x4a2 Configuration possibly inconsistent. Please check with the \"show configstatus\" command or reboot.
NSERR_IGNOREDIOCTL 1187 0x4a3 The command was ignored.
NSERR_REMOTECLOSE 1188 0x4a4 The remote side closed the connection.
NSERR_INVALID_TARGET 1189 0x4a5 The specified target does not exist
NSERR_FILE_ERROR 1190 0x4a6 File operation failed
NSERR_COMMENT_DROPPED 1191 0x4a7 Failed to retain all comments
NSERR_AGGREQ_TIMEOUT 1192 0x4a8 Request to Aggregator timed out
NSERR_AGGREAD 1193 0x4a9 Failed to read data from Aggregator
NSERR_RPC_CMD_DUP 1194 0x4aa Found unexpected RPC duplicate command
NSERR_RPC_CMD_NONDUP 1195 0x4ab Found unexpected RPC command
NSERR_CFE_PE_COMM 1196 0x4ac Communication error with the packet engine
NSERR_AGG_CONFAIL 1197 0x4ad Failed to connect to the aggregator
NSERR_CFE_PE_TIMOUT 1198 0x4ae No response from the packet engine
NSERR_AGG_INVALIDRESPONSE 1199 0x4af Invalid response from the aggregator
NSERR_NONTPSVR 1200 0x4b0 Cannot enable ntpd when there is no ntp server configured
NSERR_AGG_SENDFAIL 1201 0x4b1 Failed to send to aggregator
NSERR_CFE_ASLEARN_COMM 1202 0x4b2 Communication error with aslearn
NSERR_READONLY_SESSION 1203 0x4b3 Session is read-only; connect to the Cluster IP address to modify the configuration
NSERR_WRONG_PE_STATE 1204 0x4b4 The packet engine is in the wrong state to receive this command
NSERR_CFE_VALIDATION_FAILED 1205 0x4b5 Config validation failed
NSERR_XPATH_INTERNAL 1206 0x4b6 XPATH Internal Error
NSERR_CFE_CALLHOME_COMM 1207 0x4b7 Communication error with callhome
NSERR_BIND_NOENT 1208 0x4b8 No such bind resource
NSERR_PPNETMASK 1209 0x4b9 Netmask length 31 supports only point to point communications
NSERR_CFE_CLFSYNCD_COMM 1210 0X4ba Communication error with cluster filesync server
NSERR_DB_INTERNAL 1211 0x4bb Config DB Internal Error
NSERR_MIPDEPRECATED 1212 0x4bc MIP is deprecated. Please use SNIP
NSERR_VAL_INCONSITENT 1214 0x4be Validation inconsistent between PE and configd.
NSERR_CALLHOME_LOW_HB_CUSTOM_INTERVAL 1215 0x4bf Setting a low heartbeat interval will result in frequent CallHome uploads
NSERR_INVALIDTIMEOUT 1219 0x4c3 Invalid Timeout, it cannot be beyond admin configured value and should be between in the range of 300-86400


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_TCPCONNFAIL 1024 0x400 Connection failed
NSERR_LOGINFAIL 1025 0x401 Login failed
NSERR_NOLOGIN 1026 0x402 Not logged in
NSERR_AUTHTIMEOUT 1027 0x403 Not logged in or connection timed out
NSERR_NOT_PRIMARY 1028 0x404 You are connected to a secondary node; configuration changes made in this session will not be propagated to, or saved on, other nodes
NSERR_REMOTEOP 1029 0x405 Operation cannot be performed from remote login
NSERR_CONNLOST 1030 0x406 Connection with NetScaler lost
NSERR_RPCDATAMISMATCH 1031 0x407 Communication error (RPC data-size mismatch)
NSERR_RPCBADREPLY 1032 0x408 Communication error (bad RPC reply)
NSERR_UNABLETOPROMPT 1033 0x409 Unable to display secondary prompt
NSERR_LOGIN_CHALLENGED 1034 0X40A Login challenged
NSERR_LOGOUT_SAVE 1035 0X40B You are leaving without saving changes. Save changes now (Y/N)? [N]:
NSERR_CLEAR_CONFIG 1036 0X40C Are you sure you want to clear the configuration(Y/N)? [N]:
NSERR_REBOOT 1037 0X40D Are you sure you want to restart NetScaler (Y/N)? [N]:
NSERR_SHUTDOWNNS 1038 0X40E Are you sure you want to completely stop NetScaler (Y/N)? [N]:
NSERR_REBOOT_SAVE 1039 0X40F Configuration not Saved. Are you sure you want to restart NetScaler (Y/N)? [N]:
NSERR_USERABORT 1040 0x410 User requested abort
NSERR_EOF 1041 0x411 EOF
NSERR_INTERRUPT 1042 0x412 Interrupted
NSERR_INTERNAL 1043 0x413 Internal error
NSERR_NOT_CLIP 1044 0x414 You are connected to NSIP of a cluster node; configuration changes made in this session will not be propagated to, or saved on, other cluster nodes
NSERR_EULA_NOTACCEPTED 1045 0x415 End User License Agreement not accepted. Login from CLI/GUI to accept it.
NSERR_FORCE_PWDCHANGE 1046 0x416 ForcePasswordChange is enabled. Please login from CLI/GUI to change the default nsroot password
NSERR_PWD_EXISTS 1047 0x417 Default nsroot password is not allowed. Please enter a new password.
NSERR_STRMAXLEN_255 1048 0x418 String length exceeds maximum. Allowed maximum length is 255 bytes.
NSERR_STRMAXLEN_32 1049 0x419 String length exceeds maximum. Allowed maximum length is 32.
NSERR_NOPREFIX_LENGTH 1050 0x41A Prefix length must be given with network
NSERR_INVALIDPOLLVAL 1051 0x41B Minpoll value should not be greater than maxpoll
NSERR_SHELL_ACCESS 1052 0x41C User has shell access
NSERR_NORESPONSE 1056 0x420 No response from NetScaler
NSERR_IOERROR 1057 0x421 I/O error
NSERR_ENV 1058 0x422 Environment error
NSERR_CMDSFAILED 1059 0x423 Some commands failed
NSERR_ALLCMDSFAILED 1060 0x424 All commands failed
NSERR_INTMINVAL_CLT_IDLETIMEOUT 1061 0x425 Integer value below minimum for client idle timeout.
NSERR_INTMINVAL_SRV_IDLETIMEOUT 1062 0x426 Integer value below minimum for server idle timeout.
NSERR_INVALID_TCP_OPTION_TYPE 1063 0x427 Invalid tcp option type value. Allowed type values are 0 to 254
NSERR_NSINTERNAL_DEFPSWD_WARN 1064 0x428 One or more RPC nodes are configured with default passwords. For enhanced security, you must change the default RPC node password.
NSERR_OPNOTALLOW_ONCLIP 1065 0x429 Operation not permitted on CLIP
NSERR_LICEXPIRED 1066 0x42A Features(s) license expired
NSERR_FEATDISABLED 1067 0x42B Feature(s) not enabled
NSERR_LESS_PE 1068 0x42C Operation not permitted. PE pool is not enough to enable additional management CPU
NSERR_MAXLIMIT 1072 0x430 Maximum resource limit reached
NSERR_SET_NOSUPPORT 1073 0x431 Set operation not supported
NSERR_INVALIDVALUE 1074 0x432 Invalid value
NSERR_INVALIDNAME 1075 0x433 Invalid name; names must begin with an alphanumeric character or underscore and must contain only alphanumerics, '_', '#', '.', ' ', ':', '@', '=' or '-'
NSERR_INVALIDPASSWORD 1076 0x434 Invalid password. Password must contain atleast one lower case character, one upper case character, one numeric character and one special character when strong password is enabled.
NSERR_INVALIDMINPASSWORDLENGTH 1077 0x435 Minimum password length should be greater than or equal to 8 when strong password is enabled
NSERR_ENABLINGPASSWORDCOMPLEXITY 1078 0x436 Strong Password now enabled. Please ensure all the existing user passwords adhere to this restriction. Minimum Password Length is set to 8 as default.
NSERR_INVALIDPASSWORDLENGTH 1079 0x437 Password length should adhere to minimum password length value in system parameter settings.
NSERR_CANNOTSETMINPASSWORDLENGTH 1080 0x438 Strong Password needs to be enabled to set the Minimum Password Length value.
NSERR_NOSUCHCMD 1088 0x440 No such command
NSERR_CMDAMBIGUOUS 1089 0x441 Ambiguous command name
NSERR_NOSUCHARG 1090 0x442 No such argument
NSERR_ARGVALMISSING 1091 0x443 Required argument value missing
NSERR_ARGSMUTEX 1092 0x444 Arguments cannot both be specified
NSERR_ARGPREREQ 1093 0x445 Argument pre-requisite missing
NSERR_ARGSTOOFEW 1094 0x446 Too few arguments
NSERR_ARGMISSING 1095 0x447 Required argument missing
NSERR_ARGORDER 1096 0x448 Argument(s) out of order
NSERR_ARGVALBAD 1097 0x449 Invalid argument value
NSERR_ARGVALSEQ 1098 0x44A Arguments cannot have the same value
NSERR_ARGAMBIGUOUS 1099 0x44B Ambiguous argument name
NSERR_SYNCGSLBCONFIG 1100 0x44C Please confirm whether you want to sync-config (Y/N)? [N]:
NSERR_SYNCGSLBCONFIG_WARN 1101 0x44D Configuration mismatch with the slave sites will result in the master site's configuration prevailing on the slave sites. This might result in disruptions in traffic.
NSERR_FORCESYNCGSLBCONFIG_WARN 1134 0x46e GSLB configuration will be removed from the slave sites and the master site's configuration will be applied to the slave sites. Traffic disruptions might occur during forced synchronization.
NSERR_ARGVALSNEQ 1104 0x450 Arguments must have the same value
NSERR_ARGVALAMBIGUOUS 1105 0x451 Ambiguous argument value
NSERR_STRMAXLEN 1106 0x452 String length exceeds maximum
NSERR_STRMINLEN 1107 0x453 String too short
NSERR_INTMAXVAL 1108 0x454 Integer value exceeds maximum
NSERR_INTMINVAL 1109 0x455 Integer value below minimum
NSERR_INVALIDIP 1110 0x456 Invalid IP address
NSERR_INVALIDNETMASK 1111 0x457 Invalid netmask
NSERR_TOOMANYVALS 1112 0x458 Argument has too many values
NSERR_BADRANGE 1113 0x459 Range minimum exceeds range maximum
NSERR_EXPRQUOTES 1114 0x45A Expression must be enclosed in quotes
NSERR_BADQUOTES 1115 0x45B Unmatched quote
NSERR_INVALIDRANGE 1116 0x45C Invalid range specification
NSERR_MISMATCHRANGES 1117 0x45D Ranges are different sizes
NSERR_MULTIRANGES 1118 0x45E Only one range allowed per argument
NSERR_NOMATCHCHAR 1119 0x45F Unmatched character
NSERR_NEEDREBOOT 1120 0x460 The configuration must be saved and the system rebooted for these settings to take effect
NSQ_SAVECONFIG 1121 0x461 Do you want to save the new configuration?
NSERR_NOTSAVED 1122 0x462 The configuration changes were not saved - they will be lost on the next reboot
NSERR_CMDEXEC 1123 0x463 Error(s) occurred - some or all changes may not be applied
NSQ_REBOOT 1124 0x464 Do you want to reboot the system now?
NSERR_NOREBOOT 1125 0x465 The configuration changes will not take effect until the system is rebooted
NSERR_PGMFAILED 1126 0x466 External program failed
NSERR_CTXMODE 1127 0x467 Contextual CLI mode
NSERR_CMDINCOMPLETE 1128 0x468 Incomplete command
NSERR_CMDOUTOFCTX 1129 0x469 Command not valid here
NSERR_CONFIGSAVED 1130 0x46A The running configuration has been saved
NSERR_CONFIGCLEARED 1131 0x46B The running configuration has been cleared
NSERR_REBOOTING 1132 0x46C NetScaler is rebooting now
NSERR_NOCONFIGSAVE 1133 0x46D The running configuration has not changed
NSERR_REGEXNOANCHOR 1135 0x46F First character of regular expression must be '^'
NSERR_REGEXNOMATCH 1136 0x470 Regular expression does not match
NSERR_REGEXINVALID 1137 0x471 Invalid regular expression
NSERR_REGEXNOTALLOWED 1138 0x472 Regular expression not allowed
NSERR_REGEXNOCMD 1139 0x473 No matches
NSERR_INVALIDIPV6_FORMAT 1140 0x474 Invalid IPv6 address
NSERR_INVALIDIPV6_TWO_DOUBECOLON 1141 0x475 Double-colon can appear only once in an IPv6 address
NSERR_INVALIDIPV6_NOPREFIX_LENGTH 1142 0x476 Prefix length must be given with an IPv6 address
NSERR_INVALIDIPV6_PREFIX_VALUE 1143 0x477 Prefix length must be in the range of 0-128
NSERR_TERMNAMEINVALID 1144 0x478 Invalid term name
NSERR_TERMINVALID 1145 0x479 Invalid syntax in term
NSERR_FORCEFAILOVER 1146 0x47a Please confirm whether you want force-failover (Y/N)? [N]:
NSERR_FORCEFAIL_HEALTH_WARN 1147 0x47b Force Failover may cause configuration loss, peer health not optimum. Reason(s):
NSERR_HELLOTIME_MULTIPLE 1148 0x47c Invalid value. Hellotime Interval must be a multiple of 200
NSERR_FORCESYNCSAVE 1149 0x47d Do you want to save the config after sync (Y/N)? [Y]:
NSERR_ERROUTFILENAME 1150 0x47e Character '/' not allowed in outfilename
NSERR_RNATIPDEL 1151 0x47f address is bound to rnat config, can not be removed
NSERR_INVALIDALIAS 1152 0x480 Invalid alias
NSERR_NOSUCHALIAS 1153 0x481 No such alias
NSERR_ALIASEXISTS 1154 0x482 Alias already exists
NSERR_NOSUCHFILE 1155 0x483 No such file
NSERR_NOTREGFILE 1156 0x484 Not a file
NSERR_DEPRCMD 1157 0x485 Command deprecated
NSERR_DEPRARG 1158 0x486 Argument deprecated
NSERR_NOTLOGFILE 1159 0x487 Not a NetScaler log file
NSERR_NOPLENFORIPV6RANGE 1160 0x488 Prefix length cannot be specified for an IPv6 range
NSERR_INVALIDINT 1161 0x489 Integer not in range
NSERR_CMDAMBIGUOUS_USECOMPLETIONSOPTIONS 1162 0x48A Ambiguous (use cmd completion for options)
NSERR_SETNOTEXIST 1164 0x48C set operation does not exist
NSERR_SETARGNOTEXIST 1165 0x48d set operation for one of the modified argument does not exist
NSERR_INVALID_DS 1166 0x48e Invalid datasource
NSERR_NOSUCHCOUNTER 1167 0x48F No such counter
NSERR_INVALIDIPMASK 1168 0x490 Invalid IP address mask
NSERR_INVALIDIPPAT 1169 0x491 Invalid IP address pattern
NSERR_BADRC 1170 0x492 Unexpected return code
NSERR_INVALIDRANGETYPE 1171 0x493 Inappropriate range values for value type
NSERR_INVALIDRANGEVAL 1172 0x494 Invalid range value
NSERR_INVALIDIPV6_PREFIX_LENGTH 1173 0x495 Prefix length must not be given
NSERR_ENTITYDELETE_FAIL 1174 0x496 Can not delete active entity
NSERR_DONE 1175 0X497 This is the last result
NSERR_RNATIPDEL2 1176 0x498 An RNAT address requires an IP address to exist
NSERR_INCOMPATIBLEIP 1181 0x49d Private IP and public IP must be either IPv4 or IPv6
NSERR_TRANSCR_IP 1182 0x49e For transparent CR vserver, you cannot specify IP address
NSERR_PASSWORD_MISMATCH 1183 0x49f Passwords entered do not match
NSERR_LEADING_TRAILING_SPACES 1053 0x41d Leading or Trailing spaces in string
NSERR_SAVENOTDONE 1054 0x41e The running configuration is not saved
NSERR_INVALIDIP_VSVRTYPE 1178 0x49a Invalid IP address or Vserver Type
NSERR_HELLOTIME_DEADINTERVAL_COMBINATION 1177 0x499 The Hello Interval must be set to 200 msec when dead interval is less than 3 sec
NSERR_MAXSESSION 1179 0x49b Maxsession cannot be set for this user
NSERR_NEEDREPLICATE 1180 0x49c This command will not be propagated to the other cluster nodes as you are connected to the NSIP of this cluster node
NSERR_HDOSP_DEPRECATED 3917 0xF4D HTTP DOS protection feature is no longer supported. Please use AppQOE feature.
NSERR_PQ_DEPRECATED 3871 0xF1F Priority Queuing feature is no longer supported. Please use AppQOE feature.
NSERR_IOH_DEPRECATED 3870 0xF1E Sure Connect feature is no longer supported. Please use AppQOE feature.
NSERR_NOT_PRIVATE_EXPORT 1069 0x42D Private entities can not be exported
NSERR_OBJECT_IN_USE 1070 0x42E Object in use, cannot delete
NSERR_CERBUNDLE_NOT_FOUND 1071 0x42F Certbundle name not found in mapping file
NSERR_CERTBUNDLE_CANNOT_OPEN_PID 1086 0x43E Cannot open nscertforgerd pid file
NSERR_FAILED_TO_APPLY 1087 0x43F Failed to apply new cert bundle
NSERR_AWS_UNSUP 1103 0x44F Command not supported on AWS VPX
NSERR_POOLED_VPX 1102 0x44E Ensure to provision the VPX with the recommended settings for this Bandwidth.
NSERR_GCP_UNSUPPORTED_MTU 2439 0x987 MTU greater than 1460 bytes is not supported on this platform.
NSERR_AWS_UNSUPPORTED_MTU 2440 0x988 MTU greater than 9000 bytes is not supported on this platform.
NSERR_INVALID_QUERYTYPE_FOR_IPV6 2441 0x989 Cannot use ipv6Address option with querytype set to A
NSERR_INVALID_CLIENTIP_TCPOPTION 2438 0x986 Invalid tcp option number for client ip
NSERR_ESX_UNSUPPORTED_MTU 1518 0x5ee MTU greater than 9000 bytes is not supported on this platform.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_UUID_FORMAT 3563 0xdeb Invalid UUID format
NSERR_CUSTID_FORMAT 3564 0xdec Invalid Citrix Cloud Customer ID format
NSERR_FQDN_FORMAT 3565 0xded Invalid FQDN format


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_CLNOTEXIST 2448 0x990 Cluster does not exist
NSERR_TOOMANYCLS 2449 0x991 This node is already added to another cluster
NSERR_RMLOCALNODE 2450 0x992 Local Node cannot be deleted
NSERR_BKPLANEENABLED 2451 0x993 Cluster Backplane is enabled on this interface
NSERR_LOCALNODE_NOTCONFIGURED 2452 0x994 Clustering cannot be enabled as the local node is not a member of the cluster.
NSERR_HACL_CANNOT_COEXIST 2453 0x995 Clustering and HA cannot coexist.
NSERR_CLACPKEYNOTCRT 2454 0x996 LACP key for Node/cluster is not correct
NSERR_CLNODE_EXIST 2455 0x997 already in cluster
NSERR_BKPLANEDISABLED 2456 0x998 Disabling Cluster backplane interface
NSERR_CLAGTHROUGHPUT 2457 0x999 Currently throughput settings are not allowed on CLAG
NSERR_LICMISMATCH 2458 0x99A License mismatch between Configuration Coordinator and local node
NSERR_CLIP_INVALIDNETMASK 2459 0x99B CLIP netmask should be
NSERR_BKPLANELACPDELETE 2460 0x99C This is the last interface in LACP channel configured as backplane
NSERR_LINKSETMEMBER 2461 0x99D Interface/Channel is Linkset member.
NSERR_CONFIG_PARAM 2462 0x99E Setting up of netscaler parameter ignored using this command in HA/Cluster mode. Use 'set nsparam' command for this purpose.
NSERR_CLIP_INVALIDPREFIXLEN 2463 0x99F CLIP prefix length should be 128.
NSERR_CLUSTER_L2NOTSUPP 2464 0x9A0 L2 Mode not supported in Cluster mode.
NSERR_LINKSET_ONEPERNODE 2465 0x9A1 Linkset can have only one Interface/Channel per Node
NSERR_LINKSET_NOTBOUND 2466 0x9A2 Interface/Channel not bound to Linkset
NSERR_LINKSET_IDINVALID 2467 0x9A3 Linkset name should be of form LS/, id range:1-32
NSERR_CLUSTER_NBNOTSUPP 2468 0x9A4 CloudBridge is not supported in Cluster mode.
NSERR_CLUSTER_VPNNOTSUPP 2469 0x9A5 SSLVPN is not supported in Cluster mode.
NSERR_CLUSTER_AAANOTSUPP 2470 0x9A6 AAA is not supported in Cluster mode.
NSERR_CLUSTER_IPSECNOTSUPP 2471 0x9A7 IPSEC is not supported in Cluster mode.
NSERR_LINKSET_LAMEMBER 2472 0x9A8 Interface part of a Channel
NSERR_CLIP_LOCALNODE_NOTCONFIGURED 2473 0x9A9 CLIP cannot be added as the local node is not a member of the cluster.
NSERR_CLVERSIONMISMATCH 2474 0x9AA Cluster version mismatch between Configuration Coordinator and local node
NSERR_CLUSTER_CMNOTSUPP 2475 0x9AB Connection Mirroring is not supported in Cluster mode
NSERR_ARP_CLAG_OWNERNODE_MANDATORY 2476 0x9AC Owner Node should be specified for CLAG.
NSERR_ARP_OWNERNODE_MANDATORY 2477 0x9AD Owner Node should be specified.
NSERR_NOOPCCO 2478 0x9AE Operation not permitted on the Configuration Coordinator.
NSERR_SPOTTED_CONFIG_PRESENT 2479 0x9AF Operation not permitted as the node is part of spotted entity configuration.
NSERR_NOT_CLUSTER_IP 2480 0x9B0 IP address should be a CLIP address.
NSERR_CLUSTER_NNRES 2481 0x9B1 Error in communication with other nodes in the cluster
NSERR_LAST_CLUSTER_IP_REMOVAL 2482 0x9B2 A NetScaler cluster must have a minimum of one cluster IP address. This is the last available cluster IP address and hence it cannot be deleted.
NSERR_CONFIG_PARAM_INVALID 2483 0x9B3 Configured Param(s) too small for Cluster. Parameter value(s) will be bumped to OVS node count.
NSERR_CLUSTER_INVALIDNODE 2484 0x9B4 Owner node value should be between 0 and 31, both inclusive.
NSERR_LRONCLACPONLY 2485 0x9B5 Link Redundancy can be set only in Cluster LACP Channels
NSERR_MULTIBIND_NOT_SUPPINCLUSTER 2486 0x9B6 Multiple Bindings in Single Bind Command not Supported in Cluster.
NSERR_CLUSTER_FISNAMES_DUPNOTALLOWED 2487 0x9B7 In a cluster setup, the FIS name on each node must be unique.
NSERR_CLUSTER_CLAG_NOLOCALINTF 2488 0x9B8 CLA cannot be bound to the FIS as the CLA does not contain a local interface.
NSERR_FIS_MAX_LIMIT 2489 0x9B9 An appliance can have a maximum of 64 failover interface sets (FIS). This appliance or ownernode (cluster) already has maximum number of allowable FIS.
NSERR_BOUND_TO_FIS 2490 0x9BA Interface bound to FIS.
NSERR_CHANNEL_OPEN_FAILED 2491 0x9BB Unable to open channel
NSERR_NOT_BOUND_TO_FIS 2492 0x9BC Interface not bound to this FIS
NSERR_CLUSTER_INC_NOTSUPP 2493 0x9BD Feature not supported when cluster is configured in INC mode
NSERR_CONFIG_NG_CHANGED 4095 0xfff Config NodeGroup changed, force cluster sync should be fired on newly added node to be in sync
NSERR_STRIPED_IP_EXIST 2494 0x9BE Striped SNIPs/MIPs must be removed when transitioning to cluster-inc
NSERR_WRONG_NG 2495 0x9BF All cluster nodes should be bound to DEFAULT_NG before transitioning to cluster-inc
NSERR_NG_REQUIRED 2496 0x9C0 The nodegroup parameter is mandatory when the -inc parameter is enabled
NSERR_NG_CHANGE 2497 0x9C1 NodeGroup can be changed only for transition from cluster to cluster-inc
NSERR_NG_INVALID 2498 0x9C2 Invalid nodegroup
NSERR_NOT_LAST_NODE 2499 0x9C3 The -flushall parameter can be enabled only when there is one node in the nodegroup
NSERR_MULTI_NG_BINDING_EXIST 2500 0x9C4 More than one Nodegroup has nodes bound to it
NSERR_INVALID_NC_CONFIG 2501 0x9C5 The owner group parameter is applicable only when the INC parameter is enabled on the cluster instance
NSERR_FIPSCL_CANNOT_COEXIST 2502 0x9C6 Clustering and FIPs configuration cannot coexist.
NSERR_LS_CLAG_INTF_SAME_NG 2503 0x9C7 All interfaces of LinkSet/CLAG should belong to same nodegroup
NSERR_NODE_BINDING_INC 2504 0x9C8 Node cannot be bound to Default nodeGroup on cluster-inc setup
NSERR_IP_OWNERDOWN_PARAM 2522 0x9DA OwnerDownResponse allowed only for spotted SNIP on cluster
NSERR_INVALID_LS 2411 0x96b Invalid linkset
NSERR_IP_ALREADY_OWNED 2541 0x9ed Cannot add ip address as the address is already owned by cluster or peer node
NSERR_LS_UNABLE_GET_VLAN 2542 0x9ee Unable to get the current vlan of this linkset.
NSERR_LS_NOT_BOUND_VLAN 2543 0x9ef Linkset not a member of this vlan
NSERR_CL_UNSUPPORTED_PROTO 2544 0x9f0 Retain connections on joining a new node is not supported for this protocol
NSERR_CL_UNSUPPORTED_IN_NCORE 2545 0x9f1 This feature/option is not supported in n-core
NSERR_NO_SETTING_PROP 2546 0x9f2 This setting will not be propagated to other nodes.
NSERR_OWNERNODE_ALLOWED_ON_CLU 2547 0x9f3 ownerNode setting is allowed only on CLIP.
NSERR_CL_NOT_DFLT_NG 2548 0x9f4 In L2 cluster, adding a node with nodegroup other than DEFAULT_NG is not permitted.
NSERR_CL_RECOVERY_IN_PROGRESS 2555 0x9fb Operation not permitted - Cluster node recovery is in progress.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_CQA_LABEL_3_NOTSET 3782 0xec6 Network type net3 is not set
NSERR_CQA_WRONG_COEF 3783 0xec7 Coefficient values are not proper Need to give intercept and one feature from list. Check man page
NSERR_CQA_WRONG_CCL 3784 0xec8 Congestion level scale is not proper
NSERR_CQA_WRONG_CSQ 3785 0xec9 Signal Quality scale is not proper
NSERR_CQA_LR1_DEPENDENCY 3786 0xeca Need to set network type net1 and net2
NSERR_CQA_LR2_DEPENDENCY 3787 0xecb Need to set network type net2 and net3
NSERR_CQA_WRONG_LOG_COEF 3788 0xecc Log Coefficient values are not proper
NSERR_CQA_LABEL_1_NOTSET 3789 0xecd Network type net1 is not set
NSERR_CQA_LABEL_2_NOTSET 3791 0xecf Network type net2 is not set


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_PXY_CACHE_HMG 512 0x200 All caches in a content group should be of the same type
NSERR_PXY_RM_LAST_MEMT 513 0x201 Cannot remove last map entry from the table; remove the map table instead
NSERR_CSW_INS_INVAL_PFX 514 0x202 Invalid prefix specified in the URL
NSERR_PENG_EXPR_IVAL_NAME 515 0x203 Invalid expression name
NSERR_CSW_BIG_URL 516 0x204 URL specified is too long - maximum is 208, including . and *
NSERR_CSW_BIG_PFX 517 0x205 Prefix specified is too long - maximum is 199, excluding *
NSERR_CSW_BIG_SFX 518 0x206 Extension specified is too long, maximum is 8
NSERR_CSW_INVAL_SFX 519 0x207 Extension is invalid
NSERR_EXPR_NOMETHOD 520 0x208 Invalid method name
NSERR_EXPR_NOURLTOKENS 521 0x209 Invalid HTTP URL tokens
NSERR_EXPR_NOVERSION 522 0x20A Invalid HTTP version
NSERR_EXPR_NOHDR 523 0x20B Invalid HTTP header
NSERR_EXPR_NOCACNTL 524 0x20C Invalid cache-control value
NSERR_EXPR_NOPRAG 525 0x20D Invalid pragma value
NSERR_EXPR_NOQUERY 526 0x20E Invalid query string
NSERR_EXPR_NOQUAL 527 0x20F Invalid qualifier
NSERR_ACTION_INUSE 528 0x210 Action name is already in use
NSERR_ACTION_HDR_INVAL 529 0x211 Invalid header
NSERR_UNDEF_ACTION 531 0x213 Action directive or qualifier is not valid
NSERR_CPE_INUSE 532 0x214 Policy name is already in use
NSERR_CPE_REQACT_INVAL 533 0x215 Request action is not valid
NSERR_CPE_RSPACT_INVAL 534 0x216 Response action is not valid
NSERR_CPE_REQRULE_INVAL 535 0x217 Request rule is not valid
NSERR_ACTION_DEFINVAL 537 0x219 Default actions cannot be removed
NSERR_ACTION_NOTPRESENT 538 0x21A Action does not exist
NSERR_PXY_INVAL_SERVICETYPE 539 0x21B Invalid service type for virtual server
NSERR_CACHEPOLICY_INUSE 540 0x21C Caching policy name is already in use
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_INTERNAL 543 0x21F Built-in content groups cannot be removed
NSERR_CPE_INVAL 544 0x220 Policy name is invalid
NSERR_EXPR_NOLEN 545 0x221 URL length is not valid
NSERR_CSWDMN_INUSE 548 0x224 Domain is already hosted by another server
NSERR_ACTION_NOMOD_HDR 550 0x226 Action has missing argument
NSERR_EXPR_INVAL_OPERATOR 551 0x227 Invalid operator for the qualifier
NSERR_EXPR_DEF_REM_INVAL 552 0x228 Default expression cannot be removed
NSERR_EXPR_TOOMANY 553 0x229 Expression limit reached
NSERR_ACTION_TOOMANY 554 0x22A Action limit reached
NSERR_CSWPOLICY_TOOMANY 555 0x22B CS policy limit reached
NSERR_CRDPOLICY_TOOMANY 556 0x22C CR policy limit reached
NSERR_MAPPOLICY_TOOMANY 557 0x22D Map policy limit reached
NSERR_FILTER_NOT_SUPPORT 558 0x22E Content Filtering is no longer supported; this feature flag will be removed on the next major release
NSERR_CACHEPOLICY_TOOMANY 559 0x22F Integrated cache policy limit reached
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_TOOMANY 560 0x230 Integrated cache content group limit reached
NSERR_CACHEPARAM_MEMALLOC_FAILED 561 0x231 Unable to allocate specified amount of memory
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_INUSE 562 0x232 Content group name is already in use
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_EXPCONFLICT 563 0x233 Expiry times conflict
NSERR_CACHEPARAM_INVAL 564 0x234 Cache parameter is invalid
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_PARAM_INVAL 565 0x235 Invalid invalidation parameter
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_QUERY_INVAL 566 0x236 Invalid query string
NSERR_ACTION_INVAL 567 0x237 Action name is invalid
NSERR_EXPR_DEF_SET_INVAL 568 0x238 Default expression cannot be set
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_RESSZ_MIN_GT_MAX 569 0x239 Minimum response size cannot exceed the maximum response size
NSERR_SVPN_CERT_CHALLENGE 571 0x23B Destination Server challenged for a client certificate
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_HOST_REQ 576 0x240 Host required for a group with invalidation restricted to host
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_HOST_NREQ 577 0x241 Host not required
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_DYNGRP_NEXP 578 0x242 Cannot expire a parameterized content group
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_ONE_GRP_REQ 579 0x243 Only one content group required
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_ONE_ALL_REQ 580 0x244 ALL should be the only content group specified
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_MATCH_PARAM_INVAL 581 0x245 Invalid request hit parameter
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_DYN_RES_CACHE 582 0x246 Cannot specify a parameterized group with a response time CACHE action
NSERR_EXPR_INVAL_VALUE 583 0x247 Invalid expression value
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_PREFETCH_CONFLICT 584 0x248 Prefetch periods conflict
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_PREFETCH_ENABLE 585 0x249 Enable prefetch to set prefetch period
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_CCH_UNKNOWN 586 0x24A Unknown cache-control header
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_RELEXP_X10MS 587 0x24B Relative expiry milliseconds must be multiples of 10
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_PREFETCH_X10MS 588 0x24C Prefetch period milliseconds must be multiples of 10
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_STATIC_TO_DYNAMIC 589 0x24D This content group cannot be made parameterized
NSERR_CLASSIC_POLICY_DEPRECATED 590 0x24E Classic policy expressions are deprecated, are not supported, and will be removed in the next major release - use Default (Advanced) policy expressions instead; the nspepi utility may be helpful in conversion
NSERR_PLCY_DEF_REM_INVAL 591 0x24F Default policy cannot be removed
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_PREFETCH_REL_NREQ 592 0x250 Relative expiry and prefetch period should both be seconds or milliseconds
NSERR_EXPR_SET_INVAL_FLOWTYPE 593 0x251 Flow type cannot be changed
NSERR_EXPR_TOO_BIG 594 0x252 Expression too long - maximum length is 1500, in fully-qualified form
NSERR_CPE_INVALID_IDRANGE 595 0x253 Priority should be between 0 and 64000 (inclusive)
NSERR_EXPR_TOO_BIG_EXT 596 0x254 Expression too long - maximum length is 800, in fully-qualified form
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_MATCHCOOKIE_DYN_REQ 597 0x255 Match cookies argument allowed only with parameterized groups
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_MATCHCOOKIE_NREQ 598 0x256 Cannot modify match cookies
NSERR_CACHEFWPXY_PRESENT 599 0x257 Forward proxy is already present
NSERR_CACHE_PREFETCH_REEVAL_NREQ 600 0x258 Cannot configure a content group to both prefetch and evaluate every miss
NSERR_CACHEFWPXY_TOOMANY 601 0x259 Forward proxy limit reached
NSERR_CACHE_PET_FC_NREQ 602 0x25A Cannot enable both 'Poll Every Time' and 'Flash Cache'
NSERR_SAVECONFIG_IN_PROGRESS 603 0x25B Configuration is being saved, please try again later
NSERR_GWSUBNET_NOT_EXIST 604 0x25C The gateway is not directly reachable
NSERR_GW_REQ_SUBNET 605 0x25D An existing route relies on the presence of this subnet
NSERR_BAD_CR_ATTRIBS 607 0x25F Bad cache redirection VIP attributes given
NSERR_MAC_NOT_SUPPORTED 608 0x260 MAC redirection not supported
NSERR_POLICY_NOT_SUPPORTED 609 0x261 Policy redirection not supported with NNTP
NSERR_CACHEABILITY_NOT_SUPPORTED 610 0x262 Cannot set cacheability on cache
NSERR_HOST_RT_NOT_ALLOWED 611 0x263 Host route advertisement not permitted for this IP
NSERR_ROUTING_NOT_ALLOWED 612 0x264 Routing protocols can run only on SNIP's or NSIP
NSERR_CONFIG_NOTSAVED 613 0x265 Configuration is not saved
NSERR_DIS_ROUTING_NSIP 614 0x266 Cannot disable dynamic routing on NSIP
NSERR_NETWORK_RT_NOT_ALLOWED 615 0x267 Network route advertisement not permitted on this IP
NSERR_NR_ENABLE 616 0x268 networkRoute can be enabled only for one IP per subnet
NSERR_NO_HOST 627 0x273 No host header and default not set
NSERR_NO_DFLT 628 0x274 Host header present, no match, and default not set
NSERR_DFLTDMN_FIRST 629 0x275 No default domain translation entry
NSERR_PXY_CONF_LOOP 630 0x276 Source and target domains cannot be the same
NSERR_PXY_ME_DUP 632 0x278 Duplicate map entry
NSERR_PXY_IVAL_TGT 633 0x279 Target is invalid during map entry addition
NSERR_CONNECTED 634 0x27A Proxy connection established
NSERR_AUTHENTICATE 635 0x27B Authentication required
NSERR_LARGE_DOMAIN 636 0x27C Domain length overflow
NSERR_PXY_IVAL_URL 640 0x280 Source/destination URL or the combination is not valid
NSERR_PXY_ME_USE 641 0x281 Map entry is already in use
NSERR_PXY_MT_TYPE 642 0x282 Map entries in a table should be homogeneous
NSERR_PXY_MT_USE 643 0x283 Map table is in use
NSERR_PXY_MB_INVAL 644 0x284 Invalid map bind operation
NSERR_PXY_MB_USE 645 0x285 You can bind only one table to a vserver
NSERR_PXY_SETDCDN 646 0x286 Invalid DCDN configuration
NSERR_PXY_SETDFLT 647 0x287 Invalid default domain specification
NSERR_PXY_DFLT_NOTSET 648 0x288 Removing default without setting it
NSERR_PXY_FWD_IVAL 649 0x289 Invalid FWD PXY map entry
NSERR_PXY_MTX_PROT 656 0x290 PXY and cache protocol should be the same
NSERR_PXY_MTX_TRA 657 0x291 Invalid cache type on service
NSERR_PXY_MTX_FWD 658 0x292 Forward Pxy matrix
NSERR_PXY_MTX_REV 659 0x293 Reverse Pxy Matrix
NSERR_PXY_ADD_TRA_NONHTTP 660 0x294 transparent non-HTTP policy is invalid
NSERR_PXY_ADD_TRA_OTHER 661 0x295 transparent non-HTTP map/via should not be specified
NSERR_PXY_OPT_INVAL 662 0x296 ARP/ghost options invalid for REV/FWD proxy
NSERR_PXY_ADD_SVR_OTHER 663 0x297 Simple content based no proxy attribs
NSERR_PXY_MB_DUP 664 0x298 Bind entry already exists
NSERR_PXY_DFLT_DUP 665 0x299 Default already exists
NSERR_SEL_INUSE 672 0x2a0 Selector already exists
NSERR_SEL_PARSE_FAILED 673 0x2a1 Error in selector expression syntax
NSERR_NOSELECTOR 674 0x2a2 No such selector
NSERR_SEL_TOOMANY 675 0x2a3 Selector limit reached
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_NOSELPARAM 677 0x2a5 Cannot change param-based content group to selector-based (or vice-versa)
NSERR_NOCACHEGROUP 678 0x2a6 Content group does not exist
NSERR_NONREQ_SEL 679 0x2a7 Selector expression is not request based
NSERR_INVALARG 680 0x2a8 The action qualifier and the specified argument(s) do not match
NSERR_NOWILD_ALLOWED 681 0x2a9 Wildcard not allowed with BETWEEN operator
NSERR_DATE_INCOMPAT 682 0x2aa Time arguments incompatible
NSERR_TIMEDATE_INVALID 683 0x2ab Date/time value invalid
NSERR_CONTENTGROUP_COOKIE_REQ_PARAM 684 0x2ac Hit parameters or inval parameters needed to enable cookie matching
NSERR_CONTENTGROUP_IGNORECASE_REQ_HITPARAM 685 0x2ad Hit parameters needed to enable case-insensitive param value matching
NSERR_CONTENTGROUP_INVALPARAM_REQ 686 0x2ae Inval parameters needed to enable host-based invalidation
NSERR_CLISEC_EXP_TOO_LONG 687 0x2af Client security expression too long
NSERR_NONHTTP_CSW_BIND_HTTP_SSL_POLICY 688 0x2b0 HTTP/SSL protocol based policies can be bound only to HTTP/SSL CS vserver
NSERR_POLBOUNDTO_TOO_MANY_VSVRS 691 0x2b3 Domain cannot be set - policy bound to more than one vserver.
NSERR_PRIORITY_COMP_PI_CSW 695 0x2b7 Priority is mandatory for advanced expressions.
NSERR_PE_GOTO 697 0x2b9 Priority Jump expression cannot be bound with a classic expression based policy.
NSERR_CACHEOBJECT_EVICT 699 0x2bb Cached object removed on expiry.
NSERR_DNSFAIL 700 0x2bc DNS request failed
NSERR_HC_RET_TYPE_CHANGE 701 0x2bd Cannot change callout return type.
NSERR_HC_NOT_HTTP_VS 702 0x2be Not a HTTP or SSL vserver.
NSERR_HC_REQ_CONFIG_XOR 703 0x2bf Full request expression and other request attributes cannot be set at the same time.
NSERR_HC_SERVICE_CONFIG_XOR 704 0x2c0 and vserver cannot be set at the same time.
NSERR_HC_RET_TYPE_REQD 705 0x2c1 Return type needs to be configured first.
NSERR_CSW_BIND_INCOMPAT_TGT 707 0x2c3 The target vserver is not compatible with the CS verver.
NSERR_CSW_BIND_INCOMPAT_CSPL 725 0x2d5 The target vserver is not compatible with the CS policylabel.
NSERR_AS_BAD_XMLNAMESPACE_PREFIX 708 0x2c4 Invalid XML-Namespace prefix.
NSERR_INVALID_SIP_EXPR 709 0x2c5 The SourceIP Expression specified is invalid.
NSERR_NO_BACKENDVSERVER 710 0x2c6 No backend LB vserver found.
NSERR_CONTENT_GROUP_TOOMANY 711 0x2c7 ContentGroup limit reached
NSERR_CACHE_MEM_SIZE_CHANGED 712 0x2c8 To use new Integrated Cache memory limit, save the configuration and restart the NetScaler.
NSERR_CACHE_MEM_SIZE_ZERO 713 0x2c9 No memory limit is configured for Integrated Cache. Use set cache parameter command to set the memory limit.
NSERR_L2CONN_NOT_ALLOWED 714 0x2ca l2conn feature is supported only for ncore.
NSERR_SQL_NOT_ALLOWED 715 0x2cb Database feature is supported only on nCore
NSERR_IPSEC_NOT_ALLOWED 716 0x2cc IPSec feature is not supported
NSERR_HTMLPAGE_NOT_ALLOWED 717 0x2cd Respondwith/sqlresponse_ok/sqlresponse_error actions cannot be set to respondwithhtmlpage action, and vice versa.
NSERR_CSW_NO_POLICY_NAME 719 0x2cf Policy name is required with priority.
NSERR_SQL_MSG_EXCEED 720 0x2d0 Message length should be smaller than 512
NSERR_ROUTING_STRIPED_SNIP 722 0x2d2 Routing protocols can run only on a spotted SNIP in a cluster
NSERR_USERNAME_MISSING 723 0x2d3 UserName argument Missing
NSERR_ACTION_EXIST 724 0x2d4 Default Action for this type already exist.
NSERR_WRONG_SERVICENAME 726 0x2d6 Use corresponding 'gslb service' command.
NSERR_PE_NOT_ALLOWED_RULE 727 0x2d7 PE expressions are not allowed for RULE based persistence
NSERR_NODE_NOT_IN_CLUSTER 728 0x2d8 Node is not in the cluster
NSERR_MCMX_CNRES 729 0x2d9 Error in communication with other cores
NSERR_HC_POST_REQ_CONFIG_XOR 730 0x2da Parameters and body cannot be set at the same time for the POST method
NSERR_HC_CACGRP 731 0X2db Operation on 'calloutContentGroup' content group not permitted
NSERR_CSW_BIND_INCOMPAT_BKUP 732 0x2dc The backup vserver of the target vserver is not compatible with the CS vserver.
NSERR_CACHE_MEM_RESIZE_IN_PROGRESS 733 0x2dd Integrated Cache memory resize is in progress. Please wait a few seconds.
NSERR_CACHE_MEM_RESIZE_FAILED 734 0x2de Integrated Cache memory resize failed.
NSERR_CSW_BIND_INCOMPAT_TARGET 735 0x2df The target vserver has to be an LB vserver.
NSERR_ATTRIB_MEM_FREED 736 0x2e0 ATTRIB memory already freed
NSERR_RULE_MISSING 737 0x2e1 EvalRule argument Missing
NSERR_CACHEGROUP_CCH_MAXAGE_MAX 738 0x2e2 max-age value cannot be greater than 2147483647
NSERR_CACHE_MEM_REDUCTION_NOT_ALLOWED 739 0x2e3 Integrated Cache memory limit cannot be reduced.
NSERR_CSW_POL_INCOMPAT_LB 740 0x2e4 The target vserver is not compatible with the CS policy expression.
NSERR_CS_INVALBACKUP 741 0x2e5 Content-Switching or Cache-Redirection vservers cannot be used as a backupvserver.
NSERR_CACHE_MEM_LIMIT_EXCEEDING 742 0x2e6 The IC memory configured for all the admin partitions that are defined on the appliance, must be limited to the IC memory that is configured on the default partition.
NSERR_INVAL_ARG_CRPL_LBVS 745 0x2e9 LB vserver cannot be bound to the CR vserver along with a CR policy.
NSERR_CACHE_MEM_LIMIT_NOT_CONFIGURED 747 0x2eb Set the IC memory on the default partition before setting the IC memory for an admin partition.
NSERR_INVALID_BIND_PIPOL_CS 748 0x2ec The Advanced Policy cannot be bound to a CS vserver
NSERR_INVALID_BIND_PIPOL_CR 749 0x2ed The Advanced Policy cannot be bound to a CR vserver
NSERR_MEDIAC_MEMORY_ALLOC_FAILED 750 0x2ee Memory allocation for media classification failed
NSERR_CSPOL_VPN_BIND 756 0x2f4 Invalid bind, VPN vserver is already set as a target Vserver on a CS action.
NSERR_CSACT_VPN 757 0x2f5 VPN vserver cannot be set as a target Vserver since CS policies are bound to it.
NSERR_CSPOL_ACT_VPN 759 0x2f7 CS policy cannot be bound to the vserver.CS action must be a LB vserver.
NSERR_VPNSERVER_NOTEXIST 760 0x2f8 The VPN Vserver does not exist
NSERR_VPNREFERRED_IN_CSBINDING 761 0x2f9 Cannot remove VPN Vserver which is referred in CS policy bindings.
NSERR_DEFAULTVPN_NOT_BOUND 762 0x2fa Default VPN mentioned is not bound
NSERR_HDXINVAL 763 0x2fb HDX servicetype cannot have WildCard IP and Port or 0 IP.
NSERR_CSW_ACTION_INCOMPTIBLE 764 0x2fc Incompatible Content Switching action provided. During set operation the old and the new action should have compatible fields. eg, target LB vserver to target LB vserver.
NSERR_FWPXY_LICENSE 3578 0xdfa Feature not licensed [FORWARDPROXY]
NSERR_GSLB_SVC_GRP_VSRVR_ERR 941 0x3ad Binding of same GSLB servicegroup to heterogeneous IPV4 and IPV6 GSLB vservers is not allowed.
NSERR_GSLB_SVC_GRP_IP_ERR 942 0x3ae Same GSLB servicegroup cannot be bound to both IPV4 and IPV6 addresses.
NSERR_GSLB_PUB_IP_PORT 943 0x3af This configuration change will result in inconsistent private and public ip/port combination across GSLB services/servicegroup items.
NSERR_GSLB_SVCGRP_PUBIP_PUBPORT_EXISTS 1341 0x53d The Public IP and Public port is being used by another service item in the same GSLB servicegroup.
NSERR_NO_GSLBSVCGRP 1349 0x545 The GSLB servicegroup does not exist
NSERR_RENAME_GSLB_SVCGRP_WARN 1350 0x546 Please fire this command on all the participating GSLB sites manually or by using real time sync otherwise stats exchange between GSLB sites will not work.
NSERR_CS_PERSIST_NT_ALLWD 1688 0x698 Persistence is not supported for PROXY and CS GSLB type of CS vservers.
NSERR_GSLB_WC_PER_NOT_SUPPORTED 1494 0x5d6 Site persistence will not be honoured for wildcard domains.
NSERR_CR_SVC_ERROR 1903 0x76f DisallowServiceAccess option is applicable only for CR Forward Cache Type vservers.
NSERR_CACHE_MEM_MINIMUM_CRITERIA_NOT_MET 1718 0x6b6 Minimum cache memory not configured


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_NO_SUCH_PROFILE 3248 0xcb0 Profile does not exist
NSERR_PROFILE_IN_USE 3249 0xcb1 Profile in use
NSERR_NO_SAMLPROFILE 3383 0xd37 Please specify a SAML SSO profile.
NSERR_NO_SUCH_PUSH_SERVICE 3003 0xbbb Push service does not exist


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_IC_CACHE_NOT_ENB 752 0x2f0 FEO enabled but IC needs to be enabled for most FEO features to work.
NSERR_DISK_ENGG_NOT_RUNNING 753 0x2f1 Disk Engine is not running, Save the config and reboot.
NSERR_DISK_ENGG_DISABLED 754 0x2f2 To take Disk Engine down, Save the config and reboot.
NSERR_IC_DISK_CACHE_PARAM_NOT_SET 755 0x2f3 Disk Cache not enabled. Set -enableDiskCache parameter to YES.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_NO_DIR 3440 0xd70 Directory does not exist.
NSERR_NO_FILE 3441 0xd71 File does not exist.
NSERR_FILEEXT_NOTSUP 3442 0xd72 Unsupported file format. only txt/cert/req/xml/key type of files are allowed.
NSERR_FILECONT_NOTSUP 3443 0xd73 Unsupported file content. file content should be base64 encoded.
NSERR_FILEENC_NOTSUP 3444 0xd74 Unsupported encoding type. only BASE64 encoding is allowed.
NSERR_NO_DEST 3445 0xd75 Destination path does not exist.
NSERR_INVALID_DEST 3446 0xd76 User doesn't have permission for given Destination path.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_FWDSESSION_NAME_EXISTS 928 0x3a0 A forwarding session with same name exists
NSERR_FWDSESSION_NW_EXISTS 929 0X3a1 A forwarding session with same network exists
NSERR_FWDSESSION_ACL_EXISTS 930 0X3a2 This acl is already configured
NSERR_FWDSESSION_ACL_NOT_EXISTS 931 0x3a3 Specified ACL is not configured
NSERR_FWDSESSION_CONN_FAILOVER 932 0x3a4 Connection fail-over not supported for v6 forwarding sessions


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_SSL_CONFFILE 1601 0x641 Error in SSL conf file
NSERR_SSL_NOCONFFILE 1602 0x642 Unable to load SSL configuration info
NSERR_SSL_SIGFAIL 1603 0x643 Signing operation failed
NSERR_SSL_INVALFORMAT 1604 0x644 Invalid format
NSERR_SSL_OUTFILE 1605 0x645 Problem in writing output file
NSERR_SSL_VERIFY_FAIL 1606 0x646 Signature verification failed
NSERR_SSL_FILECREATE 1607 0x647 Unable to create output file
NSERR_SSL_MINKEYSIZE 1608 0x648 Key size less than 1024 is not supported on FIPS Firmware Version 1.1.
NSERR_SSL_INVALID_REQ 1609 0x649 Invalid certificate request
NSERR_SSL_GENTOOL 1610 0x64A Internal failure in SSL cert/key generation tool
NSERR_SSL_PEM_ONLY 1611 0x64B Only PEM format private key can be encrypted
NSERR_SSL_PASSMISMATCH 1612 0x64C Password verification failed
NSERR_SSL_PASSREQ 1613 0x64D Password required for private key
NSERR_SSL_INVALPASS 1614 0x64E Invalid password
NSERR_SSL_MAXKEYSIZE 1615 0x64F Maximum allowed key size is 2048
NSERR_SSL_GNTOOLARG_MISSING 1616 0x650 Required argument missing
NSERR_SSL_INVAL_PUBEXP 1617 0x651 Invalid public exponent value
NSERR_SSL_INVALID_VALUE 1618 0x652 Invalid value
NSERR_SSL_MISSING_KVAL 1619 0x653 Value missing for the argument
NSERR_SSL_INVAL_DHGEN 1620 0x654 Invalid DH generator value
NSERR_SSL_NOFILE_CERTREQ 1621 0x655 No such certificate request file exists
NSERR_SSL_REQ_NOMATCH 1622 0x656 Certificate Request (CSR) and private key do not match
NSERR_SSL_PKCS12 1623 0x657 Problem in input PKCS12 file
NSERR_SSL_NOFILE_CAPVTKEY 1624 0x658 No such CA key file present
NSERR_SSL_NOFILE_CACERT 1625 0x659 No such CA certificate file exists
NSERR_SSL_NOFILE_SERIAL 1626 0x65A No such serial file exists
NSERR_SSL_NOFILE_PKCS12 1627 0x65B No such PKCS12 file exists
NSERR_SSL_READ_CACERT 1628 0x65C In reading input CA certficate file
NSERR_READ_CERT 1629 0x65D Error in reading input certficate file
NSERR_IMP_EXP_NOT_TOGETHER 1630 0x65E Import and export can not be specified together
NSERR_NOFILE_CERT 1631 0x65F No such certificate file exists
NSERR_NOFILE_KEY 1632 0x660 No such key file exists
NSERR_CACERTPKEY_MISMATCH 1633 0x661 CA certificate not matching with CA private-key
NSERR_WRONG_REV_ENTRY 1634 0x662 Invalid revocation entry in CA's database
NSERR_WRONG_REV_DATE 1635 0x663 Invalid revocation data in CA's database
NSERR_WRONG_SERIAL_NO 1636 0x664 Invalid serial number in CA's database
NSERR_CREATE_DATABASE_ENTRY 1637 0x665 Revocation entry creation failed
NSERR_ALREADY_REVKD 1638 0x666 Certificate already revoked
NSERR_LOAD_PKEY 1639 0x667 Private key loading failed
NSERR_CERTPKEY_NEEDED 1640 0x668 Both certificate and private key are needed for export
NSERR_PKCS12_NEEDED 1641 0x669 PKCS12 file missing for import
NSERR_ERR_FILEEXISTS 1642 0x66A Cannot create output file. File already exists
NSERR_FIPSKEY_KEYFILE_OPTION 1643 0x66B Both -keyFileName and -fipsKeyName cannot be specified
NSERR_OUTFILELENBIG 1644 0x66C Output file name too long
NSERR_SSL_DEFPATH 1645 0x66D Output filepath should be under the partition's default SSL directory
NSERR_SSL_CRL_DEFPATH 1646 0x66E Output CRL filepath should be under the partition's default CRL directory
NSERR_SSL_DEFLOCATION 1647 0x66F Input file(s) not present or not accessible in current partition
NSERR_SSL_DNS_DEFPATH 1648 0x670 Output filepath should be under the partition's default DNS directory
NSERR_SSL_CERTKEY_INCOMPATIBLE 1649 0x671 Cannot bind incompatible certkey type with Vserver.
NSERR_DHREQD 1791 0x6FF DH required
NSERR_SSL_CRL_DEFLOCATION 1650 0x672 Input CRL file not present or not accessible under the partition's default CRL directory
NSERR_SSL_NOFIPS_KEY 1651 0x673 No such FIPS key
NSERR_SSL_IMPROPER_SERIALFILE 1652 0x674 Invalid serial file
NSERR_SSL_SERIAL_NUM_REVOKED 1653 0x675 Certificate serial number match with another certificate already revoked in the CRL
NSERR_SSL_MAXRSAKEYSIZE 1654 0x676 Maximum allowed key size is 4096
NSERR_SSL_MUSTBEPEM 1655 0x677 The input file must be in PEM or SIM format.
NSERR_SSL_CANTBEPEM 1656 0x678 The input file cannot be in PEM format.
NSERR_SSL_BAD_LABEL 1657 0x679 The keylabel cannot be 'public' or 'private'.
NSERR_SSL_HSMKEY_LOAD 1664 0x680 Unable to Load Key in external Hardware Security Module (HSM).
NSERR_SSL_HSMKEY_PPE 1665 0x681 Internal error while adding HSM key.
NSERR_ERR_SSL_HSMKEY_NOKEY 1666 0x682 Missing argument [Key].
NSERR_ERR_SSL_HSMKEY_DELETE 1667 0x683 Unable to Delete Key in external Hardware Security Module (HSM).
NSERR_ERR_SSL_HSMKEY_NOMATCH 1668 0x684 Specified HSM Type does not match.
NSERR_ERR_SSL_HSMKEY_REFEXT 1669 0x685 The HSM key is referenced by a certificate
NSERR_ERR_SSL_HSMKEY_NOSTORE 1671 0x687 Specified keystore does not exist.
NSERR_ERR_SSL_GW_NOTUP 1672 0x688 Gateway daemon is booting up please wait for 20 to 30 secs.
NSERR_ERR_SSL_HSMKEY_FIPS 1673 0x689 Operation not permitted on a MPX-FIPS System.
NSERR_ERR_SSL_SANCERT_DUP 1674 0x68A Duplicate domain cert cannot be added.
NSERR_SSL_ECDSA_SUPPORT 1675 0x68B ECDSA certificates are not supported for this entity/platform.
NSERR_SSL_ECDSA_CURVE_SUPPORT 1676 0x68C The EC curve in the ECDSA certificate is not supported.
NSERR_SSL_LINK_LOOP 1677 0x68D Certificate can't be linked. This is creating a loop.
NSERR_SSL_N3FIPSREBOOT 1678 0x68E N3FIPS InitHSM is not done, Please reboot again
NSERR_SSL_N3FIPS_FILECREATE 1679 0x68F FIPS config folder /nsconfig/fips is not present, please create it manually and reboot the system, after reboot reset and set fips again
NSERR_SSL_SIGHASH_SUPPORT 1680 0x690 List contains unsupported SigHash type for this entity/platform.
NSERR_SSL_SAN_CERT_ENTRY 1681 0x691 Unsupported OID for SAN entry in certificate
NSERR_CIPHER_BACKEND 1682 0x692 The cipher alias cannot be bound to this entity. It is only applicable for a SSL backend service or a SSL serviceGroup
NSERR_SSL_CIPHER_NOT_SUPPORTED_ON_PLATFORM 1683 0x693 This Cipher/CipherAlias is not supported on this platform.
NSERR_SSL_I2D_X509_NAME_FAILURE 1684 0x694 Failed to encode X509_NAME into DER format
NSERR_DTLS_CIPHER_SUPPORT 1685 0x695 This cipher alias cannot be bound. DTLS vServer/Service only supports DEFAULT_DTLS/DEFAULT_DTLS_BACKEND ciphers respectively.
NSERR_DTLS_CIPHER_BACKEND 1686 0x696 The cipher alias cannot be bound to this entity. It is only applicable for a DTLS backend service or a DTLS serviceGroup.
NSERR_SSL_DIGEST_FIPS 1689 0x699 Digest type is not supported on this platform
NSERR_SSL_QUIC_TLS13_ONLY 1694 0x69E SSL profiles of type QUIC Front-End only support TLS 1.3 cipher suites.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_GRPC_PB_UNKNOWN_WIRE_TYPE 1704 0x6a8 Invalid Protocol Buffer wire type seen.
NSERR_GRPC_PB_KEY_NOT_FOUND 1715 0x6b3 Protocol Buffer Field not found.
NSERR_GRPC_PB_REP_FIELD_RANGE 1716 0x6b4 Repeated Protocol Buffer field index exceeds repeated size.
NSERR_GRPC_PB_VALIDATION_FAILED 1717 0x6b5 gRPC validation failed.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_BAD_DNS_OPTION 1792 0x700 Invalid DNS option specified
NSERR_DNS_BAD_CACHETYPE 1793 0x701 Only forward cache type can bind to DNS vserver
NSERR_DNS_NOTAVAIL 1794 0x702 No such DNS vserver exists
NSERR_DNS_BAD_VSTYPE 1795 0x703 DNS vserver can only be address-based
NSERR_GSLB_SITELKUP_FAILED 1796 0x704 GSLB site not found
NSERR_GSLBBOUNDTO_CSACT 1797 0x705 The GSLB Vserver referred by Content Switching action cannot be removed
NSERR_GSLBREFFERED_IN_CSBINDING 1798 0x706 Cannot remove GSLB Vserver which is reffered in CS policy bindings
NSERR_NOAREC 1801 0x709 Address record for host name not available
NSERR_INVALTTL 1806 0x70E Invalid TTL value
NSERR_CNAMEEXISTS 1807 0x70F Alias name record exists for the host name
NSERR_INVAL_SVCOPTION 1808 0x710 Option not applicable for this service
NSERR_GSLBBIND_EXISTS 1809 0x711 GSLB binding exists for the given host
NSERR_NOT_LOCALREMOTE 1810 0x712 Site information must be specified for a GSLB service
NSERR_COUNT_MISMATCH 1811 0x713 Address record count does not match the number of services bound to the GSLB vserver
NSERR_IP_MISMATCH 1812 0x714 IP addresses of bound GSLB services and the address records do not match
NSERR_SVCIP_REPEAT 1813 0x715 A GSLB service with the same IP address is already bound to the GSLB vserver
NSERR_NOT_REMOTE 1814 0x716 Service bound to GSLB VIP with -gslb remote is a local service
NSERR_NOT_LOCAL 1815 0x717 Service bound to GSLB VIP with -gslb local is not a local service
NSERR_PROXY_REC 1816 0x718 A proxy record cannot be assigned to the domain
NSERR_NOPROXY_AREC 1817 0x719 Proxy address records cannot be bound to a GSLB vserver
NSERR_SVC_GSLBBIND_EXISTS 1819 0x71B GSLB binding exists - unbind the GSLB vserver first
NSERR_SVCTYPEMISMATCH 1820 0x71C Service type mismatch with existing service/vserver
NSERR_INVALID_PUBIP_OPTION 1822 0x71E The public IP and public port are valid only for GSLB local service
NSERR_INVAL_NAME_SYNTAX 1823 0x71F Invalid domain name syntax
NSERR_GSLB_BACKUP 1824 0x720 Backup VIP is backup of other GSLB VIP. Please unset the existing association and try again
NSERR_IS_BACKUP 1825 0x721 Backup VIP is backup of other VIP. Please unset the existing association and try again
NSERR_GSLB_HAS_BACKUP 1826 0x722 GSLB VIP has a backup. Please unset the backup and try the operation again
NSERR_GSLB_REQUIRES_INDEPENDENT_BACKUP 1827 0x723 Backup VIP to GSLB VIP must not be backup of any other VIP. Please unset the backup and try the operation again
NSERR_GSLB_NOQUALIFIER 1828 0x724 At least one qualifier should be given for the location
NSERR_GSLB_NONAME 1829 0x725 The qualifier does not exist in the repository
NSERR_GSLB_CUSTOM_NOSPACE 1830 0x726 Too many custom locations
NSERR_GSLB_STATIC_NOSPACE 1836 0x72C Too many static locations
NSERR_GSLBSITENAME_EXISTS 1831 0x727 A GSLB site with the same name exists
NSERR_GSLBSITEIP_EXISTS 1832 0x728 A GSLB site with the same IP address exists
NSERR_NO_GSLBSITE 1833 0x729 The GSLB site does not exist
NSERR_LOCAL_EXISTS 1834 0x72A The local site already exists
NSERR_NO_GSLBSVC 1835 0x72B The GSLB service does not exist
NSERR_NO_GSLBVIP 1837 0x72D The GSLB vserver does not exist
NSERR_NO_DMN 1839 0x72F The domain does not exist
NSERR_DMN_NOTBOUND 1840 0x730 The domain is not bound to this VIP
NSERR_SVCGRP_NOT_SUPPORTED_ON_HEIRARCHICHAL 1841 0x731 GSLB servicegroup is not supported in parent child topology
NSERR_GSLBDOMAIN_BOUND 1842 0x732 The domain is already bound to a GSLB vserver
NSERR_NOT_GSLBENT 1844 0x734 Operation not permitted on a non-GSLB entity
NSERR_GSLBDOMAIN_PERM 1845 0x735 Operation not permitted on a GSLB-configured domain
NSERR_GSLB_MAXQUAL 1846 0x736 Maximum qualifiers allowed is six
NSERR_GSLB_MAXLOCLENGTH 1847 0x737 Maximum allowed location length is 256 characters
NSERR_GSLBVIP_PERM 1848 0x738 Operation not permitted on a GSLB vserver
NSERR_GSLBSVC_PERM 1849 0x739 Operation not permitted on a GSLB service
NSERR_GSLB_MAXSITES 1850 0x73A Maximum number of sites is 32
NSERR_GSLB_QUALTOOLONG 1851 0x73B The qualifier is too long
NSERR_GSLB_PERSISTIDEXISTS 1852 0x73C The persistence ID is already being used by a GSLB vserver
NSERR_GSLB_INVLD_LDNSTO_INTVL 1854 0x73E Minimum LDNS entry timeout interval is 30 secs
NSERR_VIP_BACKUP_ISGSLB 1856 0x740 GSLB vserver cannot be backup of a non-GSLB vserver
NSERR_GSLB_PUBIP_PUBPORT_EXISTS 1857 0x741 The public IP and public port are being used by another GSLB service
NSERR_GSLBLOCALSVC_ENADIS_NOTALLOWED 1858 0x742 GSLB local service status not changed - please enable or disable the corresponding LB vserver instead
NSERR_GSLBLOCALSVR_ENADIS_NOTALLOWED 1859 0x743 Server status not changed - the server has a GSLB local service
NSERR_INVALID_PERSISTID 1860 0x744 Invalid persistence ID
NSERR_PERM_PERSISTID 1861 0x745 The persistence ID is required for persistence or spillover-persistency to be set
NSERR_INVALID_LOCALSITEIP 1862 0x746 Invalid GSLB local site IP address
NSERR_INVALID_REMOTESITEIP 1863 0x747 Invalid GSLB remote site IP address
NSERR_INVALID_SITETYPE 1864 0x748 Invalid GSLB site type
NSERR_INVALID_BACKUPIP 1865 0x749 Invalid backup IP for the GSLB domain
NSERR_GSLBVIP_MAXSVC 1866 0x74A Cannot bind more than 32 services to a GSLB vserver
NSERR_INVALID_JITTER 1867 0x74B RTT tolerance value must be between 1 and 100
NSERR_GSLBLOCSVC_DIS_NOTALLOWD 1868 0x74C Cannot add GSLB local service with state set to DISABLED
NSERR_DUMMYBKUP_NOTALLOWD 1869 0x74D A backup vserver with no IP address and port must be of type GSLB
NSERR_GSLBSVC_BIND_NOTALLOWD 1870 0x74E Cannot bind GSLB service to a vserver with valid IP and port
NSERR_NSMAP_VERSION 1871 0x74F Unrecognized NetScaler file version
NSERR_NSMAP_FORMAT 1872 0x750 Unrecognized file format specified
NSERR_NSMAP_EOF 1873 0x751 End of file has been reached
NSERR_NSMAP_PARSE 1874 0x752 File parsing error
NSERR_NSMAP_READ 1875 0x753 Error reading file
NSERR_NSMAP_WRITE 1876 0x754 Error writing file
NSERR_NSMAP_IOCTL 1877 0x755 Error occurred while transferring information to NetScaler
NSERR_NSMAP_OUTPUTFILE 1878 0x756 Error opening output file for writing
NSERR_NSMAP_INPUTFILE 1879 0x757 Error opening input file for reading
NSERR_NSMAP_REQUIRED_FIELD 1880 0x758 Required field missing
NSERR_NSMAP_DBFILE 1881 0x759 Error opening database file
NSERR_NSMAP_DBINSERT 1882 0x75A Error inserting entry into the database
NSERR_NSMAP_DBSEARCH 1883 0x75B Error searching the database
NSERR_GSLBPROXM_LICENCE_ABSENT 1884 0x75C Cannot set proximity methods without GSLB proximity license
NSERR_GSLB_SITEPERSISTENCE_HTTPONLY 1885 0x75D Site persistence is valid only for HTTP or SSL GSLB services
NSERR_GSLB_NOSITEPFX 1886 0x75E Site prefix compulsory if site persistence is HTTPRedirect
NSERR_GSLB_SITEPREFIX_SIZE 1888 0x760 Site prefix size exceeds maximum
NSERR_GSLB_SITEDOMAIN_SIZE 1889 0x761 Site domain cannot be created - name length exceeds maximum
NSERR_GSLB_SITEDOMAIN_SYNTAX 1890 0x762 Site domain cannot be created - name is invalid
NSERR_GSLB_SITEDOMAIN_REFERS 1891 0x763 Site domain cannot be deleted - it has external DNS references
NSERR_GSLBDOMAIN_REFERS 1892 0x764 GSLB domain cannot be deleted - it has external DNS references
NSERR_GSLB_ARECORD_EXISTS 1893 0x765 GSLB record cannot be created - another A record is configured with the same name
NSERR_GSLB_SITECOOKIE_TIMEOUT_RANGE 1894 0x766 Invalid GSLB site cookie timeout
NSERR_GSLBDOMAIN_SYNTAX 1895 0x767 GSLB domain cannot be created - name is invalid
NSERR_GSLB_SO_PERM 1896 0x768 Spill-over cannot be set on a GSLB vserver
NSERR_GSLB_DEPRCOOKIETOUT 1897 0x769 Ignored deprecated cookietimeout setting since it has been made a per-domain configuration
NSERR_DNS_NAMESVR_SYNTAX 1898 0x76a Invalid name server syntax
NSERR_DNS_ORIGSVR_SYNTAX 1899 0x76b Invalid origin server syntax
NSERR_DNS_CONTACT_SYNTAX 1900 0x76c Invalid contact name syntax
NSERR_DNS_MX_SYNTAX 1901 0x76d Invalid mail exchange syntax
NSERR_DNS_CNAME_SYNTAX 1902 0x76e Invalid canonical name syntax
NSERR_DNS_ALIAS_SYNTAX 1904 0x770 Invalid alias name syntax
NSERR_GSLB_NOLOCALVIP 1905 0x771 Cannot create GSLB local service - add the local vserver first
NSERR_GSLB_LOCALSVCEXISTS 1906 0x772 Cannot delete the vserver - corresponding GSLB local service still exists
NSERR_GSLBLOCALSVC_PERM 1907 0x773 Operation not permitted on GSLB local service
NSERR_DNS_INVAL_REVDOMNAME_SYNTAX 1908 0x774 Invalid reverse domain name syntax
NSERR_DNS_ALIASREC 1909 0x775 Alias name cannot have any record
NSERR_GSLBLOCSVC_DELAYEDCLEAN_NOTALLOWD 1910 0x776 Down state flush cannot be set on GSLB local service
NSERR_NO_BKP_VIP 1911 0x777 Set a backup Vserver, to enable it.
NSERR_GSLB_NOSUCH_LDNSENTRY 1912 0x778 LDNS entry not present
NSERR_MAX_DNS_VIEW 1913 0x779 Number of DNS views exceeds limit
NSERR_GSLB_SITE_IP_EXISTS 1914 0x77a GSLB Site IP already exists
NSERR_GSLB_LAST_MIP 1915 0x77b MIP is not removed. At least one MIP is required
NSERR_RM_GSLB_SITE 1916 0x77c IP cannot be removed as it is being used by the GSLB local site
NSERR_GSLB_IPRM_LAST_MIP 1917 0x77d GSLB Site IP removed. MIP is not removed. At least one MIP is required
NSERR_GSLB_SVC_PUB_PORT_ERR 1918 0x77e Cannot modify public port for remote GSLB service/service item
NSERR_REC_HAS_REF 1919 0x77f DNS record has references
NSERR_DNS_VIEW_REF 1920 0x780 The dns view cannot be removed as it has dependencies
NSERR_GSLB_SITE_PERSISTENCE_MATCH 1921 0x781 Mismatch in gslb site persistence type with other bound services
NSERR_GSLB_SITE_PERSISTENCE_CONFLICTS 1922 0x782 Site persistence conflicts with other services/servicegroups bound to the gslb vserver(s)
NSERR_DNS_POLICY_INVAL 1923 0x783 Invalid DNS policy
NSERR_GSLBVIP_CNAME_MISMATCH 1924 0x784 GSLB vserver cannot be bound with cname based and ip based services at the same time
NSERR_GSLBVIP_CNAME_UNSUPPORTED_LBMETHODS 1925 0x785 GSLB vserver having cname services cannot have dynamic load balancing methods
NSERR_GSLB_SERVICE_MON_NOIPPORT 1926 0x786 Cannot bind monitor with zero ip or port to a cname gslb service
NSERR_GSLB_SERVICE_MON_SET_NOIPPORT 1927 0x787 Cannot set ip or port to zero when monitor is bound to a cname gslb service.
NSERR_GSLB_CNAME_SERVICE_SET 1928 0x788 Setting of these parameters on cname gslb service is not allowed
NSERR_GSLB_CNAME_VSERVER_SET 1929 0x789 Setting of these parameters on gslb vserver having cname services is not allowed
NSERR_GSLBVIP_CNAME_UNSUPPORTED_BKUP_LBMETHODS 1930 0x78a GSLB vserver having cname services cannot have dynamic backup load balancing methods
NSERR_GSLBVIP_CNAME_UNSUPPORTED_EDR 1931 0x78b GSLB vserver having cname services cannot have empty down response disabled
NSERR_GSLBVIP_CNAME_UNSUPPORTED_MIR 1932 0x78c GSLB vserver having cname services cannot have multiple ip response enabled
NSERR_GSLBSVC_VIEW_NEXIST 1933 0x78d View is not bound to the GSLB service
NSERR_DNS_TTL_MORE_THAN_MAX_ALLOWED 1934 0x78e DNS RECORD TTL value greater than max TTL allowed
NSERR_GSLB_LB_MAXSITES 1935 0x78f Maximum number of LB sites is 1024
NSERR_GSLB_HASCHILDREN 1936 0x790 Cannot remove site that has child site(s)
NSERR_GSLB_PARENTISCHILD 1937 0x791 Parent site cannot be a child to another site
NSERR_MAX_STREAM_SELECTORS 1938 0x792 Number of selectors exceeds limit
NSERR_MAX_STREAM_IDENTIFERS 1939 0x793 Number of identifiers exceeds limit
NSERR_NO_SUCH_SELECTOR 1940 0x794 The given selector does not exist
NSERR_NO_SUCH_IDENTIFIER 1941 0x795 The given identifier does not exist
NSERR_RLT_TIMESLICE_INVALID_VAL 1942 0x796 Time slice should be a multiple of 10
NSERR_ILLEGAL_SUBNET_MASK 1943 0x797 Incorrect subnet mask value
NSERR_STREAM_SELECTOR_INUSE 1944 0x798 The selector is being referenced by one or more identifiers
NSERR_IDENTIFIER_INUSE 1945 0x799 The identifier is being referenced by one or more policies
NSERR_SELECTOR_CANNOT_CHANGE_ATTRIB_TYPE 1946 0x79A Cannot change request type selector to response type
NSERR_GSLB_IGN_TRIGMON 1947 0x79B Trigger monitor setting assumed ALWAYS for GSLB local site
NSERR_SELECTOR_NOT_MORE_THAN_2_IPV6_EXP 1948 0x79C Cannot exceed more than two IPV6 expressions in a selector
NSERR_REPEATED_MONITORS 1949 0x79D Monitors cannot be repeated
NSERR_ALL_MONITORS_DISABLED 1950 0x79E All monitors in selected list are disabled.
NSERR_GSLB_AAAARECORD_EXISTS 1951 0x79F GSLB record cannot be created - another AAAA record is configured with the same name
NSERR_GSLBVIP_HETEROGENEOUS_SERVICE_IPVERSION 1952 0x7A0 Heterogeneous service/servicegroup binding is not allowed for GSLB vserver
NSERR_VIEWIP_IPV6 1953 0x7A1 View IP setting is not allowed for IPv6 GSLB service.
NSERR_BACKUPIP_IPV6 1954 0x7A2 IPv4 backup IP setting is not allowed for IPv6 GSLB vserver.
NSERR_BACKUP_VIP_MISMATCH 1955 0x7A3 Both primary and secondary vservers should be of same DNSRecordType
NSERR_GSLB_DOMAIN_CONVERSION 1956 0x7A4 Cannot associate gslb domain to the service.
NSERR_GSLB_IPV4_BACKUPIP 1957 0x7A5 IPv6 service binding is not allowed along with IPv4 backup IP.
NSERR_CANNOT_ADD_SELECTOR 1958 0x7A6 Cannot set a new selector when the identifier with no selector is bound to a policy.
NSERR_SEL_CONFLICTING_ATTRIBUTES 1959 0x7A7 Conflicting attributes in the new and current selector sets.
NSERR_GSLBVIP_CNAME_BACKUPIP 1960 0x7A8 GSLB vserver having cname services cannot have backup IP
NSERR_GSLB_HETEROGENEOUS_SITEIP 1961 0x7A9 Heterogeneous IPv6 and IPv4 GSLB site IPs not allowed.
NSERR_DNS_MAX_AAAA_REC 1962 0x7AA Cannot exceed more than 5 IPv6 addresses.
NSERR_DNS_MAX_A_REC 1963 0x7AB Cannot exceed more than 25 IP addresses.
NSERR_GSLB_RECTYPE_SERVICE 1965 0x7AD Cannot set the record type while services/servicegroups are bound to the GSLB vserver.
NSERR_GSLB_RECTYPE_DOMAIN 1966 0x7AE Cannot set the record type while domains bound to the GSLB vserver.
NSERR_GSLB_RECTYPE_BACKUP_VIP 1967 0x7AF Cannot set the record type while GSLB vserver has backup vserver.
NSERR_GSLB_BKPVIP_RECTYPE 1968 0x7B0 Cannot set the record type while GSLB vserver is a backup vserver.
NSERR_GSLBVIP_NAPTR_UNSUPPORTED_SVCTYPE 1969 0x7B1 GSLB vserver of NAPTR DNS record type can have only ANY as service type.
NSERR_BACKUPIP_IPV4 1970 0x7B2 IPv6 backup IP setting is not allowed for IPv4 GSLB vserver.
NSERR_GSLB_IPV6_BACKUPIP 1971 0x7B3 IPv4 service binding is not allowed along with IPv6 backup IP.
NSERR_GSLB_DB_REQ_TOO_BIG 1972 0x7B4 Static proximity Database request is too big.
NSERR_GSLB_DB_QUEUE_MAXED 1973 0x7B5 Static proximity Database queue is full.
NSERR_GSLB_DB_SERVER 1974 0x7B6 Static proximity database server is not running.
NSERR_GSLB_DB_TIMEOUT 1975 0x7B7 Static proximity database server is not responding.
NSERR_GSLB_DB_CLOSED 1976 0x7B8 Connection to static proximity database server is closed.
NSERR_GSLB_COORDINATES 1977 0x7B9 Both longitude and latitude should be specified or not.
NSERR_INVALID_IPV6_PREFIXLEN 1978 0x7BA Invalid IPv6 prefix length.
NSERR_GSLBDOMAIN_CANME_RECORD_EXISTS 1979 0x7BB Cname record can't be created. Another record exists for the configured domain.
NSERR_GSLBDOMAIN_AAAA_CNAME_EXISTS 1980 0x7BC Cname record exists for the configured domain.
NSERR_GSLB_NON_PARENT_REMOTESITE 1981 0x7BD Cannot have a gslb remote site, other than the parent site, configured on an LB node
NSERR_ZONE_EXISTS 1982 0x7BE Zone already configured.
NSERR_INVAL_KEYFLAGS 1983 0x7BF Invalid flags value in DNSKEY
NSERR_NORECS_IN_ZONE 1985 0x7C1 No records in zone
NSERR_SIGNFAILED 1986 0x7C2 RSA Sign operation returned error
NSERR_DIGESTINIT_FAILED 1987 0x7C3 Digest init before RSA Sign operation returned error
NSERR_DIGESTUPDATE_FAILED 1988 0x7C4 Digest update before RSA Sign operation returned error
NSERR_KEYEXISTS 1989 0x7C5 The DNSKEY is already added for this zone
NSERR_NOPASVKEYS 1990 0x7C6 No Passive DNSKEY's in zone
NSERR_DNS_MAXKEYSIZE 1991 0x7C7 Maximum allowed public key size is 1024 and private key size is 4096
NSERR_NODATA_TO_SIGN 1992 0x7c8 No data to sign the record
NSERR_CNAME_SITE_NOTEXISTS 1993 0x7c9 Site name must be specified for cname based GSLB service.
NSERR_DNS_NOSOA_NONS 1994 0x7cA No SOA or NS records for the zone
NSERR_DNS_PROXY_ZONE 1995 0x7cB Cannot sign/unsign a proxy zone
NSERR_NOACTVKEYS 1996 0x7CC No active DNSKEY's in zone
NSERR_NOTIFYPERIOD 1997 0x7cd Notification period must be less than the expiry period
NSERR_LOAD_PUBKEY 1998 0x7ce Public key loading failed
NSERR_DNSKEYGEN_UNSUPPORTED_ALGO 1999 0x7cf Unsupported algorithm
NSERR_DNSKEYGEN_ERR_PUBFILE_OPEN 2000 0x7d0 Error opening public key file
NSERR_DNSKEYGEN_ERR_PRIVFILE_OPEN 2001 0x7d1 Error opening private key file
NSERR_DNSKEYGEN_ERR_DSFILE_OPEN 2002 0x7d2 Error opening delegation signer (DS) file
NSERR_GSLB_OPT_NOTSUPPORTED 2003 0x7d3 gslb option is not supported, GSLB site is mandatory for GSLB services
NSERR_GSLB_GFS_NOT_SUPPORTED 2004 0x7d4 Graceful shutdown is not supported for GSLB services.
NSERR_NSMAP_IMPORTFILE 2005 0x7d5 Error reading the imported file. See /var/log/ns.log file for more details.
NSERR_DNS_CNAMELOOP 2006 0x7d6 Addition of this CNAME record leads to a CNAME loop
NSERR_NEWSVC_NOT_4GSLB 2007 0x7d7 startup settings not applicable to GSLB vservers
NSERR_NON_CLUSTER_SYSTEM 2008 0x7d8 The option is only supported for clustering systems.
NSERR_PM_MON_NOT_ENABLED 2009 0x7d9 Path monitoring must be enabled to enable this option.
NSERR_GSLB_BACKUP_PERS_DEPRICATED 2010 0x7dA GSLB Backup Persistence is deprecated. Please use Spillover Persistence instead.
NSERR_DNS_SIGNFAIL 2011 0x7dB DNSSEC Sign operation failed
NSERR_DNS_NEED_PROXY 2012 0x7dC Zone needs to be in proxy mode
NSERR_DNSSEC_OFFLOAD_NOSUPPORT 2013 0x7dD DNNSEC Offload is not supported in this platform.
NSERR_DNS64_ACT_INVAL 2014 0x7dE Invalid DNS64 action.
NSERR_DNS64_NOT_SUPPORTED_VS 2015 0x7dF Specified policy can be bound only to DNS/DNS_TCP vserver.
NSERR_DNS64_INVAL_PREFIX 2016 0x7e0 Specified Prefix is either not allowed or Prefix length is not in [96, 64, 56, 48, 40, 32].
NSERR_GSLB_DB_REPEAT_REQUEST 2017 0x7e1 Location database request need to be repeated
NSERR_GSLBSITE_CONN_NOTSUPPORTED 2018 0x7e2 This may cause GSLB site MEP connection issues in some earlier releases.
NSERR_DNS64_TIMEOUT_ROUNDOFF 2019 0x7e3 Timeout threshold is rounded off to nearest multiple of 10 less then the given value.
NSERR_GSLB_SITE_PREFIX_CONFLICT 2044 0x7fc Site prefix conflicts with another service bound to the gslb vip
NSERR_DNSKEY_MISMATCH 2024 0x7e8 The Key specified is not valid for this zone
NSERR_INVALID_REMOTE_CLIP 2025 0x7e9 Invalid remote GSLB site CLIP. CLIP belong to the local gslb site
NSERR_IPV6_CLIP_NOTSUPPORTED 2026 0x7ea IPV6 CLIP is not supported
NSERR_NON_DEFAULT_DBFILE_LOC 2027 0x7eb In case of HA setup and cluster system, the command might fail on other nodes if an identical copy of the file is not present at the same location.
NSERR_LOC64_FROM_TO_TYPE 2028 0x7ec IP From and IP To in location specification are of different IP type.
NSERR_DNS_NOSOA_NONS_ZONE_NO_PROXY_MODE 2029 0x7ed Cannot delete SOA or NS records for a zone that is not deployed in proxy mode.
NSERR_DNS_ACTION_DROP_DEPRECATED 2031 0x7ef Drop is deprecated. Please use Drop action type under Responder feature.
NSERR_DNS_ACTION_REWRITE_RESPONSE_DEPRECATED 2039 0x7f7 Rewrite Response is deprecated. Please use replace_dns_answer_section action type under Rewrite feature.
NSERR_IDENTIFIER_INVAL_THRESHOLD 2040 0x7f8 Stream Identifier min and max threshold cannot both be zero and min threshold cannot be greater than max threshold
NSERR_IDENTIFIER_INVAL_SORT 2041 0x7f9 Stream Identifier sort option is invalid
NSERR_NO_SUCH_DNSPROF 2042 0x7fa DNS profile does not exist
NSERR_DNS_PROFILE_SVC_TYPE 2043 0x7fb DNS profile cannot be set to this service type
NSERR_CSGSLB_POLICY_SET_NOTALLOWED 2046 0x7fe Policy bound to CS GSLB vserver must have a gslb targetvserver
NSERR_CS_POLICY_SET_NOTALLOWED 2045 0x7fd Policy bound to non CS GSLB vserver must not have a gslb targetvserver
NSERR_GSLB_ECS_DISABLED_VALIDATION_ENABLED 2987 0xbab ECS is disabled: Enabling only ECS address validation will not have any effect if ECS is not enabled.
NSERR_ECS_INVALID_ADDR_LEN 2989 0xbad ECS address uses more octets than required or the address has non-zero bits set beyond SOURCE PREFIX-LENGTH
NSERR_GSLB_ECS_MIR_BOTH_SET 765 0x2fd ECS option is mutually exclusive with MIR
NSERR_GSLB_ECS_IPV6_DISABLED 766 0x2fe IPv6PT is disabled, DNS queries with an IPv6 ECS address will be dropped
NSERR_GSLB_ECS_LBMETHOD_NOT_SP 767 0x2ff Enabling ECS without setting LB method to Static Proximity will not result in optimal responses for ECS-enabled queries
NSERR_REM_FAIL_NOMEM 1499 0x5DB Removal is unsuccessful because of an internal error
NSERR_GSLB_MEP_KEEP_ALIVE_LOW_TIMEOUT 1802 0x70A Provided MEPKeepAliveTimeout value is less than 4 seconds that might lead to frequent MEP flaps.
NSERR_GSLB_MEP_KEEP_ALIVE_TIMEOUT 1803 0x70B Same value of MEPKeepAliveTimeout should be configured in all GSLB nodes including Child GSLB nodes for optimum behaviour.
NSERR_GSLB_SYNC_INT_PART_WARN 1804 0x70C Changing GSLB sync interval from non-default partition will have no effect.
NSERR_GSLB_SYNC_INT_NONPART_WARN 1805 0x70D For changing the GSLB sync interval in a partition setup, this command needs to be fired manually on all GSLB nodes.
NSERR_INVAL_CAA_TAG 2320 0x910 Invalid CAA record tag syntax.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_DNS_VIEW_NOENT 3008 0xbc0 DNS View does not exist
NSERR_GSLB_LOC_NOMEM 3009 0xbc1 Memory allocation for location failed.
NSERR_DNS_PRIO_INVAL_VALUE 3010 0xbc2 Cannot bind DNS Policy with priority > 65535
NSERR_DNSPROF_EXISTS 3011 0xbc3 DNS Profile already exists.
NSERR_DNSPROF_DEF 3012 0xbc4 Cannot remove default DNS Profile.
NSERR_GSLB_LOC_EXISTS 3013 0xbc5 Custom Location Overlaps with an already existing location.
NSERR_GSLB_LOC_NOENT 3014 0xbc6 Custom Location does not exist.
NSERR_GSLB_NOMEM 3015 0xbc7 Not enough memory for GSLB operation.
NSERR_DNS_INT_POL 3016 0xbc8 Internal Policy is not allowed to bind if builtin parameter is not set with any value.
NSERR_GSLB_MEP 3017 0xbc9 Cannot enable MEP (Network Metric / Persistency Exchange) on a Child Site.
NSERR_IP_ROUTE_EXISTS 3018 0xbca Host route enabled on this IP, cannot be used for GSLB Site IP.
NSERR_DNS_VIEW_EXISTS 3019 0xbcb DNS View already exists
NSERR_NAME_VSVR_PERM 3020 0xbcc Operation not permitted on a Vserver based Nameserver.
NSERR_DNS_POL_INTERNAL 3021 0xbcd Cannot remove or unbind internal DNS policy
NSERR_DNS_NOMEM 3022 0xbce Not enough memory for DNS Operation
NSERR_GSLB_NAPTR_SERVICE_SET 3023 0xbcf Setting of these parameters on naptr gslb service is not allowed
NSERR_GSLB_NAPTR_REPLACEMENT_UNSET 3025 0xbd1 Unsetting of naptr replacement is not allowed if the gslb service is bound to gslb vserver of NAPTR dnsrectype.
NSERR_GSLBVIP_NAPTR_UNSUPPORTED_LBMETHODS 3026 0xbd2 GSLB vserver having NAPTR services can have only CUSTOM LOAD as lb method.
NSERR_GSLB_NAPTR_VSERVER_SET 3027 0xbd3 Setting of these parameters on natpr gslb vserver is not allowed.
NSERR_GSLB_NAPTR_DOMAIN_SIZE 3028 0xbd4 NAPTR domain cannot be created - name length exceeds maximum
NSERR_GSLB_NAPTR_DOMAIN_SYNTAX 3029 0xbd5 NAPTR domain cannot be created - name is invalid
NSERR_GSLB_NON_NAPTR_SERVICE 3031 0xbd7 Operation permitted only on NAPTR GSLB service
NSERR_GSLB_USE_FORCESYNC 3032 0xbd8 Force sync option must be used in the 'sync gslb config' command to synchronize the configuration to other GSLB sites, or manually add the requisite configuration to other sites.
NSERR_INVALID_WILDCARD_CONFIG 3033 0xbd9 Invalid Wildcard Configuration
NSERR_GSLB_SYNC_SAVECMD_WARN 3034 0xBDA Saveconfig command might not get applied to GSLB sites which are down during the sync operation, so it is recommended to apply saveconfig on master node again when down gslb sites comes up.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_ICA_CLIENT_VERSION_DEFAULT_WHITELISTING 3537 0xdd1 Failed to initialize the ICA whitelist: Switched to default static ICA whitelisting
NSERR_ICA_CLIENT_VERSION_NOT_FOUND_IN_EXCEPTION_LIST 3538 0xdd2 The ICA client version you are requesting to remove from the exception list is not present in the exception list.
NSERR_ICA_CLIENT_VERSION_INCORRECT_BASE_VERSION_FORMAT 3539 0xdd3 Invalid format for the ICA client base version entered.
NSERR_ICA_CLIENT_VERSION_INCORRECT_EXCEPTION_LIST_FORMAT 3540 0xdd4 Invalid format for the ICA exception list entered.
NSERR_ICA_CLIENT_VERSION_DUPLICATES_RECEIVED_TO_REMOVE 3541 0xdd5 Two or more of the same client versions entered in the ICA exception list.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_ICA_LATENCY_PROFILE_ACTIVE_CONNECTIONS 3542 0xdd6 Cannot remove the Latency profile as there are active ICA connections associated with this profile.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_PUBLICIP 3888 0xf30 Invalid Public IP address
NSERR_PRIVATEIP 3889 0xf31 Invalid Private IP address
NSERR_PROXYIP 3890 0xf32 Invalid Proxy IP address
NSERR_WILDCARDTCPVIP 3891 0xf33 TCPPROXY enabled INAT and wildcard TCP Vserver not allowed
NSERR_WILDCARDANYVIP 3892 0xf34 INAT rule and wildcard ANY vserver, not allowed
NSERR_FTPVIPPRESENT 3893 0xf35 FTP enabled INAT and FTP vserver not allowed
NSERR_V46_USIP 3894 0xf36 USIP is not allowed in mixed topology
NSERR_INCOMPATIBLE_IP 3895 0xf37 Private and Proxy IP should share the same IP Type
NSERR_ONLY_NAT46_SUPPORTED 3896 0xf38 Stateless mode only supported for IPv4->IPV6
NSERR_NAT46_PROXY_IP 3897 0xf39 Proxy IP is not supported in stateless mode
NSERR_NAT46_INVALID_PREFIXLEN 3898 0xf3A Prefix length should be 32/40/48/56/64/96
NSERR_NAT46_INVALID_SETTING 3899 0xf3B Invalid configuration for nat46
NSERR_NAT46_PRIVATEIP_EXISTS 3900 0xf3C Private IP already configured in another nat46 rule
NSERR_TFTPVIPPRESENT 3901 0xf3d TFTP enabled INAT and TFTP vserver not allowed
NSERR_SETUNSETINAT_NOTSUPPORTED 3902 0xf3E Setting and Unsetting mode of INAT not supported


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_NAME_SVR_EXISTS 2561 0xa01 Name server already exists.
NSERR_NAME_SVR_IDNS_NEMPTY 2562 0xa02 Name servers already configured.
NSERR_NAME_SVR_IVALPOLICY 2563 0xa03 Invalid LB method for vserver-based name server.
NSERR_NAME_SVR_IVALPROTO 2564 0xa04 Invalid service type for vserver-based name server.
NSERR_NAME_SVR_ADD_NEXIST_VIP 2565 0xa05 vserver does not exist.
NSERR_NAME_SVR_NEXIST 2566 0xa06 Name server does not exist.
NSERR_NAME_SVR_IDNS_PERM 2567 0xa07 Operation on internal entity not permitted
NSERR_NAME_SVR_IP_EXISTS 2568 0xa08 Name server exists with this IP address
NSERR_NAME_SVR_TYPE_NEXIST_VIP 2569 0xa09 vserver of given type does not exist.
NSERR_NAME_SVR_INVAL_PROTOTYPE 2570 0xa0a Invalid protocol type for local nameserver.
NSERR_NAME_SVR_DYN_VSRVR_EXISTS 2571 0xa0b Dynamic vserver of same type exists.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_1GSFPSPEEDLIMIT 3968 0xf80 1G SFP's are restricted to speed 1000 or AUTO only
NSERR_1GSFPDUPLEXLIMIT 3969 0xf81 1G SFP's are restricted to duplex FULL or AUTO only
NSERR_1GSPEEDLIMIT 3970 0xf82 1G port can not be configured as 10G speed
NSERR_1GDUPLEXLIMIT 3971 0xf83 1G port can not be configured as HALF duplex
NSERR_10GSPEEDLIMIT 3972 0xf84 10G ports on this platform can only be configured as speed 1G, 10G or AUTO only
NSERR_10GDUPLEXLIMIT 3973 0xf85 10G ports on this platform can only be configured as duplex FULL or AUTO only
NSERR_10GAUTONEGLIMIT 3974 0xf86 10G ports on this platform do not support AUTONEG
NSERR_10GSPEEDONLY 3975 0xf87 10G ports on this platform are restricted to speed 10000 or AUTO only
NSERR_FULLDUPLEXONLY 3976 0xf88 These ports do not support HALF duplex mode
NSERR_AUTOINVALSPEED 3977 0xf89 Static CLAG does not support speed as AUTO
NSERR_CLAGSPEEDREQ 3978 0xf8a Static CLAG explicitly requires speed to be configured other than AUTO
NSERR_THROUGHPUTLIMIT 3979 0xf8b Throughput limit error. Possible values: 1G port - 1000Mbps, 10G port - 10000Mbps, 40G port - 40000Mbps, Link Aggregation - 80000Mbps
NSERR_BANDWIDTHLIMIT 3980 0xf8c Bandwidth limit error. Possible values: 1G port - 1000Mbps, 10G port - 10000Mbps, 40G port - 40000Mbps, Link Aggregation - 80000Mbps
NSERR_10GDAC_SPEEDLIMIT 3981 0xf8d DAC port speed must be configured as 10G or AUTO
NSERR_VIF_LACP_CAUTION 3982 0xf8e Ensure that the physical interface is not shared with any other VMs.
NSERR_LA_SLAVE_LIMIT 3983 0xf8f Trying to bind more interfaces than allowed limit
NSERR_SLAVE_MTU_MISMATCH 3987 0xf93 Interface MTU should be same as Channel MTU.
NSERR_BKPLANE_MTU_MISMATCH 3988 0xf94 Interface MTU should be default or same as Backplane MTU.
NSERR_MTU_NOTALLOWED 3989 0xf95 MTU change is not allowed on this interface.
NSERR_BACKPLANE_MTU_LIMIT 3990 0xf96 Backplane Interface, Minimum user configured value for MTU is 1579.
NSERR_INTERFACE_SLAVE_MTU_LIMIT 3991 0xf97 Interface is a part of channel, MTU change is not allowed.
NSERR_CHANNEL_RESTRICT 447 0x1BF LA channel configuration on VPX running on SDX should be done only from Service VM
NSERR_PTP_CLUS_L3 3992 0xf98 Cluster INC Mode Enabled, PTP state change is not allowed.
NSERR_40GDUPLEXLIMIT 3993 0xf99 40G ports on this platform can only be configured as duplex FULL or AUTO only
NSERR_40GSPEEDONLY 3994 0xf9a 40G ports on this platform are restricted to speed 40000 or AUTO only
NSERR_LRSET_FC_NOT_ALLOWED 3996 0xf9c Flow Controle settings not allowed for link redundant set interface
NSERR_LRSET_LACP_SET_NOT_ALLOWED 3997 0xf9d Dynamic LA(LACP) settings are not allowed for link redundant set interface
NSERR_LRSET_LLDPSET_NOT_ALLOWED 3998 0xf9e LLDP settings are not allowed for link redundant set interface
NSERR_LRSET_SPEED_NOT_ALLOWED 3999 0xf9f speed setting not allowed for link redundant set interface
NSERR_LRSET_PRIORITY_NOT_ALLOWED 4026 0xfba lrset priority not allowed for link redundant set master interface
NSERR_LRSET_THROUGHPUT_NOT_ALLOWED 4027 0xfbb throughput setting not allowed for link redundant set master interface
NSERR_LRSET_BW_SET_NOT_ALLOWED 4028 0xfbc Bandwidth settings are not allowed for link redundant set interface
NSERR_LRSET_LAG_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED 4029 0xfbd Lagtype setting not allowed for link redundant set interface
NSERR_LRSET_DUPLEX_NOT_ALLOWED 4030 0xfbe Duplex setting not allowed for link redundant set interface
NSERR_LRSET_AUTO_NEG_NOT_ALLOWED 4031 0xfbf Disabling autonegotiation not allowed for link redundant set interface
NSERR_JF_ESX_VERSION_SUPPORT 4070 0xfe6 Jumbo Frames are supported on ESX 5.5 version and onward
NSERR_TP_SETTINGS_NOT_ALLOWED 3385 0xd39 Trunk Port settings on this interface is not supported
NSERR_LACP_SETTINGS_ON_TP_NOT_ALLOWED 3386 0xd3a LACP settings on Trunk Port is not allowed
NSERR_IP6_ADDRESS_SETTING_FAILED 3387 0xd3b IPv6 Address can not be added because MTA table got exhausted
NSERR_50GSPEEDLIMIT 3388 0xd3c 50G ports on this platform can only be configured as speed 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G or AUTO
NSERR_100GSPEEDLIMIT 3389 0xd3d 100G ports on this platform can only be configured as speed 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G, 100G or AUTO
NSERR_RX_RINGSIZE_CHANGE_NOTALLOWED 2289 0x8f1 Ringsize change is not allowed on this NIC type.
NSERR_RX_RINGSIZE_INVALID 2290 0x8f2 Receive ringsize is invalid.
NSERR_RX_RINGTYPE_CHANGE_NOTALLOWED 2291 0x8f3 Receive ringtype change is not allowed on this NIC type.
NSERR_INTERFACE_LOOPBACK 2292 0x8f4 Operation not allowed on loopback interface.
NSERR_INTERFACE_INTERNAL 2293 0x8f5 Operation not allowed on internal interface.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_BO_LAC_NOT_FOUND 3409 0xd51 Make sure that you have entered a valid License Access Code. Note that licenses can also be allocated in My Account on For assistance, contact Citrix Customer Service
NSERR_JBOC_FAILED 3410 0xd52 License files cannot be saved. You must select a different directory or edit the permissions for this directory.
NSERR_BO_SESSION_EXPIRED 3411 0xd53 Your session has expired.
NSERR_BO_LAC_FULLY_ALLOCATED 3412 0xd54 All available licenses have been allocated for this License Access Code. Enter a different code or contact Citrix Customer Service.
NSERR_BO_WEBKEY_NOT_SUPPORTED 85 0x55 This license cannot be allocated automatically. To allocate it manually, go to My Account on
NSERR_JBOC_CITRIX_RESPONSE 3414 0xd56 This operation could not be completed. If you are trying to allocate a license, go to My Account on For assistance, contact Citrix Customer Service.
NSERR_JBOC_CITRIX_CONNECTION_FAILED 3415 0xd57 There is a network connection issue. Please try again later or go to My Account on
NSERR_BO_GENERIC 3416 0xd58 Your request could not be completed due to an error. Please contact Citrix support
NSERR_BO_SN_NOT_FOUND 3417 0xd59 Make sure that you have entered a valid Serial Number. Note that licenses can also be allocated in My Account on For assistance, contact Citrix Customer Service


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_SLESSLB_LBMETHOD_NOTSUPPORTED 1280 0x500 Incompatible LB method for sessionless vserver
NSERR_SLESSLB_PERSIST_NOTSUPPORTED 1281 0x501 Incompatible persistence method for sessionless vserver
NSERR_SLESSLB_TYPE_NOTSUPPORTED 1282 0x502 Sessionless vserver must be of type ANY, DNS or UDP
NSERR_SLESSLB_MODE_NOTSUPPORTED 1283 0x503 Sessionless vserver must have MAC or IPTUNNEL mode set
NSERR_SLESSLB_SVC_USIPNOTSET 1284 0x504 Service bound to a sessionless vserver must have UseSourceIP mode enabled
NSERR_WILDCARDVIP_LBMETHOD_INVAL 1286 0x506 Invalid LB method for a wildcard vserver
NSERR_WILDCARDVIP_PERSIST_INVAL 1287 0x507 Invalid persistence policy for a wildcard vserver
NSERR_LB_SO_THRESHOLD 1288 0x508 Spill-over threshold should be a non-zero value
NSERR_CONNFAILOVER_USIP 1289 0x509 Service must have Use Source IP option set in order to be bound to a connection failover enabled virtual server
NSERR_CONNFAILOVER_SERVICE 1290 0x50a Connection failover can only be enabled on a virtual server of service type ANY
NSERR_LB_SO_DYNAMICCON_THRESHOLD 1291 0x50B Spill-over threshold cannot be set for dynamic connection spill-over method
NSERR_LB_SO_ADDRVIP 1292 0x50C DYNAMICCONNECTION spill-over cannot be set on a non-LB vserver
NSERR_CONNFAILOVER_NOTFOR_SLESS 1293 0x50d Connection Failover is not supported for sessionless lb vserver\n
NSERR_NEWSVC_PERCENT_CAPPED 1294 0x50e Percentage value of requests capped at 100
NSERR_SIP_NOCALLID 1296 0x510 Missing Call-ID header field
NSERR_SIP_NOVIA 1297 0x511 Missing Via header field
NSERR_SIP_NOCSEQ 1298 0x512 Missing CSeq header field
NSERR_SIP_NOTO 1299 0x513 Missing To header field
NSERR_SIP_NOFROM 1300 0x514 Missing From header field
NSERR_SIP_NOMAX_FORWARDS 1301 0x515 Missing Max-Forwards header field
NSERR_SIP_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE 1302 0x516 Service unavailable
NSERR_SVC_NOT_BOUND 1303 0x517 Service not bound to Vserver
NSERR_SVCTYPE_MISMATCH 1304 0x518 Service type mismatch between the vserver and service
NSERR_CH_CON_NOT_ALLOWED 1305 0x519 CONNECTION header cannot be set
NSERR_LBPROFILE_DBS 3572 0xdf4 DBSLB setting of LB profile cannot be changed with vservers associated with it
NSERR_LBPROFILE_EXIST 3573 0xdf5 LB profile already exists
NSERR_LBPROFILE_NOENT 3574 0xdf6 LB profile doesn't exist
NSERR_LBPROFILE_NOMEM 3575 0xdf7 Cannot allocate memory for LB profile
NSERR_LBPROFILE_VSERVERSET 3576 0xdf8 Cannot set vserver params which is associated with LB profile
NSERR_CH_INCOMPLETE_HDR 1312 0x520 Custom Header string should end with CRLF
NSERR_SPILLOVERDISABLED 1313 0x521 No spillover on the vserver due to max client setting '0' on a bound service
NSERR_MAXTIMEEXCEEDED 1314 0x522 Maximum time value for interval or responsetimeout or downtime is exceeded, rounding to maximum
NSERR_SCINVALPROTO 1315 0x523 Cannot bind SC policy to non-HTTP service or vserver
NSERR_ROOTREC 1316 0x524 Atleast one nameserver record should exist for the root domain
NSERR_ROOT_GLUEREC 1317 0x525 Root domain nameserver address record should have atleast one ip address
NSERR_VIPINSERT_NOT_SUPPORTED 1356 0x54c Vserver IP and port header insertion option not supported on this vserver.
NSERR_VSVR_ALRDY_BOUND 1318 0x526 This vserver is already bound to a WLM
NSERR_INVALID_WLM_BINDING 1319 0x527 Only LB vservers are allowed to bound to WLM
NSERR_VSVR_NOT_BOUND 1320 0x528 Vserver not bound to WLM
NSERR_WLM_EXISTS 1321 0x529 WLM already configured on this IP, port
NSERR_INVALID_TIMEOUT 1322 0x52a Invalid persistence timeout: default timeout assigned
NSERR_CONNFAILOVER_TCPB 1324 0x52c Stateful connection failover cannot be enabled on a vserver that binds services with TCP buffering enabled
NSERR_CONNFAILOVER_TCPB_SVC_BIND 1326 0x52e Service with TCP buffering enabled cannot be bound to a vserver with stateful connection failover enabled
NSERR_CONNFAILOVER_TCPB_SVC_PARAM 1327 0x52f TCP buffering cannot be enabled on a service bound to a vserver with stateful connection failover enabled
NSERR_CONNFAILOVER_SERVICE_STATEFULL 1328 0x530 Stateful connection failover cannot be enabled on a vserver of this service type
NSERR_CONNFAILOVER_SSL_SVC_BIND 1329 0x531 SSL TCP service cannot be bound to a TCP vserver with stateful connection failover enabled
NSERR_CONNFAILOVER_SSL_SVC 1331 0x533 Stateful connection failover cannot be enabled on a vserver that binds services of type SSL_TCP
NSERR_INVALID_PERSISTENCE 1332 0x534 Invalid Persistence type
NSERR_RTSPSESSION_INVALID 1333 0x535 Invalid RTSP session entry
NSERR_LB_METHOD_SAMEAS_BACKUP_METHOD 1334 0x536 Backup load balancing method cannot be the same as the primary load balancing method
NSERR_SERVER_EXIST 1335 0x537 Server already exists
NSERR_LB_SO_HEALTH 1336 0x538 HEALTH spill-over cannot be set on a non-LB vserver
NSERR_REQ_RULE_MISSING 1337 0x539 Request Rule is required, when Response rule is specified.
NSERR_CONNFAILOVER_BINDLO 1338 0x53a Loopback service cannot be bound to vserver with connection failover enabled \n
NSERR_CONNFAILOVER_SETWITHLO 1339 0x53b Connection Failover cannot be set to STATEFUL/STATELESS on vserver with bound loopback service\n
NSERR_REDIRECT_URL_NOT_APPLICABLE 1340 0x53c Redirect URL cannot be configured on this vserver.
NSERR_CONNFAILOVER_NOT_SUPPORTED 1342 0x53e Connection Failover is not supported for pattern based vservers
NSERR_NOBIND_ONPUSH 1343 0x53f Bindings not allowed on push vserver
NSERR_PUSH_VSVR 1344 0x540 Option cannot be set on push vserver
NSERR_ONLY_HTTPSSL 1345 0x541 Option can only be set on http/ ssl vserver
NSERR_PUSH_BIND_EXISTS 1346 0x542 A push vserver is already bound. Unbind before binding new vserver
NSERR_SET_PUSHVS_ONLY 1347 0x543 Push vserver should be of type push or ssl_push only
NSERR_SLESS_NO_SUPPORT 1348 0x544 Not supported for sessionless vservers
NSERR_LISTEN_POLICY_BIND 1351 0X547 Error in binding listen policy to vserver(normal vserver already present)
NSERR_NO_LISTEN_POLICY_FOR_DUMMYVS 1352 0x548 Cannot bind listen policy to dummy vservers
NSERR_LISTEN_POLICY_BIND_PRESENT 1353 0X549 Error in binding listen policy to vserver(vserver with new priority already present)
NSERR_NO_LISTEN_PRI 1354 0X54a Error in binding listen priority to normal vserver
NSERR_NORMAL_VS_NONE_LISTENPOL 1355 0x54b The vserver already has None Listen Policy\n
NSERR_NO_LISPRI_FOR_NONE_LISPOL 1357 0x54d None listenpolicy doesnot have listen priority\n
NSERR_INVALID_POLICY_STRING 1358 0x54e Invalid listenpolicy entered\n
NSERR_NODATALENOFFFORVS 1359 0x54f Dataoffset and datalength are not required for this vserver\n
NSERR_LBGRPPERSISWITHRDP 1285 0x505 Persistency is not applicable for RDP vserver or LB group which has RDP vserver part of it
NSERR_CS_SOTHRESHOLD 1370 0x55a Spillover threshold must be given with spillover method in Content Switching vserver
NSERR_INVALID_INSERTVSERVERIPPORT 1392 0x570 V6TOV4MAPPING is not applicable to ipv4 vserver
NSERR_LB_SERVER_NOTEXIST 1388 0x56c The Target LB Vserver does not exist
NSERR_BOUNDTO_CSACT 1371 0x55b The Vserver referred by Content Switching action cannot be removed
NSERR_BOUNDTO_CSPOLICY 1372 0x55c The Content Switching Action bound to Content Switching Policy cannot be removed
NSERR_INVALID_MULTIPLEBIND 1373 0x55d Multiple Bind not supported for Content Switching Advanced policies without action
NSERR_CSPOLICY_HASACTION 1374 0x55e LB vserver/gotoPriorityExpression/invoke not allowed during bind when content swtiching policy already has an action.
NSERR_CS_NOTSUPPORT_LB 1375 0x55f The Protocol of given LB vserver is not supported by Content Switching action
NSERR_ACTION_NOTNOOP_CS 1386 0x56a Do not provide gotoPriorityExpression/invoke because policy has action
NSERR_CSPOLICY_NOACTION 1387 0x56b Either LB vserver or GotoPriorityExpression or Invoke must be provided while binding a Content Switching policy without action.
NSERR_POLICY_USED_FOR_INVOKE 1390 0x56e Do not give target LB beacuse the policy has been bound to multiple entities
NSERR_SPECIFY_BACKUP_NODE 1393 0x571 Please specify the backup node.
NSERR_SAME_NODES 1394 0x572 Owner and backup nodes need to different.
NSERR_TCPKA_IDLETIME_TOO_LOW 1396 0x574 Connection idle time cannot be lower than keep-alive probe interval
NSERR_OWNER_NODE_NOT_IN_CLUSTER 1397 0x575 Owner node is not in the cluster config or is NOT ACTIVE
NSERR_BACKUP_NODE_NOT_IN_CLUSTER 1398 0x576 Backup node is not in the cluster config or is NOT ACTIVE
NSERR_SPOTTED_VSERVER_NOT_SUPPORTED_IN_STANDALONE 1399 0x577 Spotted vserver configuration not supported in standalone or HA deplyoment
NSERR_SPOTTED_CONFIG_NO_MATCH 1400 0x578 Spotted config of the backup verser does not match the vserver
NSERR_OPTION_NOT_SUPPORTED 1401 0x579 Skip persistency is supported only for ANY and UDP service types
NSERR_OPTION_NOT_SUPPORTED_IP 1402 0x57a BYPASS is not supported for IP based vservers
NSERR_OWNER_NODE_NOT_SET 1403 0x57b Owner node should be specified for cluster
NSERR_INVALID_RENAME 1404 0x57c Rename is supported only for Advanced policies
NSERR_INVAL_LOCAL_NAMSVR_TYPE 1405 0x57d Only UDP based local nameservers are allowed
NSERR_INVALID_TFTPORT 1406 0x57e Invalid port for tftp vserver
NSERR_NO_RENAME 1407 0x57f No Rename Supported
NSERR_USE_BINDCR_CMD 88 0x58 Use Bind CR command to bind CR Vserver instead of Bind CS
NSERR_NOENT_AS_PROFILE 1408 0x580 No such Autoscale profile
NSERR_LBREFFERED_IN_CSBINDING 1409 0x581 Cannot remove LB Vserver which is reffered in CS policy bindings
NSERR_DEFAULTLB_NOT_BOUND 1410 0x582 default LB mentioned is not bound
NSERR_NG_BIND_ENTITY 1411 0x583 Error binding the node group to an entity
NSERR_ENTITY_BOUND_TO_ANOTHER_NG 1412 0x584 The specified entity is already bound to a different node group
NSERR_ENTITY_ALREADY_BOUND 1413 0x585 The specified entity is already bound to this node group
NSERR_ENTITY_NOT_BOUND_TO_NG 1414 0x586 The specified entity is not bound to any node group
NSERR_NG_NOT_FOUND 1415 0x587 Nodegroup is not found
NSERR_NG_HAS_BINDINGS 1416 0x588 Nodegroup cannot be deleted, it has entities bound to it
NSERR_VSERVER_CANNOT_BIND 1417 0x589 Vserver cannot bind to the nodegroup
NSERR_VSERVER_CANNOT_UNBIND 1418 0x58a Vserver cannot unbind to the nodegroup
NSERR_NG_CANNOT_BE_STRICT 1419 0x58b Nodegroup cannot be made strict as there are no nodes bound to it, but entities are bound
NSERR_NG_STRICT_AND_ZERODEPTH 1420 0x58c Cannot bind an entity to a strict nodegroup with no nodes bound to it
NSERR_UNBINDING_LAST_NODE_FROM_STRICT_NG 1421 0x58d Cannot unbind the last node from a strict nodegroup with entities bound to it
NSERR_NG_ALREADY_ADDED 1422 0x58e Nodegroup is already added
NSERR_NG_ENTITY_NOMEM 1423 0x58f No memory to establish entity to nodegroup association
NSERR_NG_MAX_CONFIGURED 1424 0x590 Cannot add nodegroup; maximum number of nodegroups already added
NSERR_INVAL_CS_ACTION 1425 0x591 Action given is not a CS action
NSERR_SET_CSACTION_DISALLOWED 1426 0x592 Set disallowed for CS action from Target LB/targetVserver to Target Expression and vice versa
NSERR_RETAIN_VLAN 1427 0x593 macmoderetainvlan applicable only for wildcard(IP and port) macmode vserver. Disable macmoderetainvlan attribute to change the mode of vserver
NSERR_BIND_BDGGROUP_SYNCVLAN 1428 0x594 Sync vlan cannot be bound to bridgegroup
NSERR_DEL_SYNCVLAN 1429 0x595 Sync vlan cannot be deleted
NSERR_LESSTHAN_PPE 1438 0x59e Max/Min Reusepool connections should be greater than or equal to running Packet Engines.
NSERR_MCLIMITS 1295 0x50f Dummy error to avoid issues when upgrade done from 9.3.
NSERR_SIP_BAD_REQUEST 1431 0x597 Invalid SIP request.
NSERR_SIP_NO_CONTENT_LEN 1432 0x598 No content length present.
NSERR_SIP_RET_MAX_INCOM_LEN 1433 0x599 SIP InComp max limit reached.
NSERR_SIP_RET_RETRY 1434 0x59a SIP packet retry.
NSERR_SIP_RET_NO_MEM 1435 0x59b SIP no memory available.
NSERR_SIP_RET_HEADER_NOT_COMPLETE 1436 0x59c Incomplete SIP headers.
NSERR_SIP_RET_FAILURE 1437 0x59d SIP operation failed.
NSERR_CS_GSLB_DEFAULT 1439 0x59f Default vserver type mismatch
NSERR_CS_GSLB_DNSRT_MISMATCH 1306 0x51a DNSrecordType of CS GSLB vserver and Target Vserver should be same.
NSERR_CS_GSLB_INVALID_TARGET 1307 0x51b CS Vserver of type GSLB can only have GSLB vserver as Target.
NSERR_CS_GSLB_POLICY_NO_ACTION 1308 0x51c CS Policy has no action or CS action doesn't have targetVserver
NSERR_GSLB_SVC_ALREADY_BOUND_TO_CS 1309 0x51d GSLB service bound to targetVserver is already bound to CS vserver
NSERR_CS_POLICY_NO_RULE 1310 0x51e Binding CS policy to CS GSLB vserver requires rule
NSERR_VIP_BACKUP_ISCSGSLB 1311 0x51f CS GSLB vserver cannot be backup of a non- CS GSLB vserver
NSERR_VSR_BOUND 1325 0x52d Service/servicegroup is bound to one or more vserver. Please unbind and retry the operation. Also check 'allowBoundSvcRemoval' option in lb parameter to change this behaviour.
NSERR_SG_AUTOSCALE_REQ_SRV 1504 0x5e0 Autoscale DNS must be enabled on servicegroup for binding server of SRV querytype
NSERR_SG_PORT_REQ 1505 0x5e1 Port is not specified
NSERR_SRV_PORT_NREQ 1506 0x5e2 Port should not be specified for DBS server of SRV querytype
NSERR_DBS_SPECIFIC_PARAMS 1507 0x5e3 This parameter can only be used for DBS type servers
NSERR_LW_CPX 1687 0x697 Operation not permitted
NSERR_DESIREDSTATE_FAILED 1442 0x5a2 Failed to bind some servicegroup members
NSERR_UNBIND_TROFS_ITEM 1443 0x5a3 Cannot perform unbind operation on graceful unbind service group members
NSERR_SGRP_MEMBER 1690 0x69a Cannot set/unset graceful unbind/ graceful delay parameters on service group members
NSERR_NS_VARIABLE_INVALID_INPUT 1692 0x69c NS Variable should start with $ and Name of NS varible cannot be greater than 127 (excluding the '$')
NSERR_NS_VARIABLE_MISCONFIGURATION 1693 0x69d Variable is not configured as expected. Variable should be configured with scope transaction, type TEXT with value-max-size of at most 255
NSERR_COOKIE_ATTR_INVALID_CHAR 1730 0x6c2 Configured literalADCCookieAttribute parameter contains invalid character
NSERR_LITERAL_COMPUTED_MUTEX 1731 0x6c3 Either literalADCCookieAttribute or computedADCCookieAttribute is already set


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_ADDRPRESENT 1376 0x560 Address(s) is invalid or already present in this action, will be discarded.
NSERR_PERSISTENCE_PERSISTAVP_NOTDEFINED 1377 0x561 Persist Avp Number Must be defined For diameter Persistency
NSERR_MAX_DIAMETER_AVP_EXCEEDED 1378 0x562 Maximum number of diameter Persist Avp Codes exceeded
NSERR_AUTOSCALE_MIN_GT_MAX 1379 0x563 Minimum Autoscale member count exceeds the maximum value
NSERR_MEMBERPORT_REQD 1380 0x564 Member Port option has to be specified when autoScale option POLICY is chosen
NSERR_COOKIEINSERT_NOTSET 1381 0x565 Persistence type is not COOKIEINSERT.
NSERR_LB_POLICY_NSB_FREED 2286 0x8ee LB policy evaluation freed the NSB
NSERR_LB_ACT_MUSTBE_NOLBACTION 2287 0x8ef Non-terminating LB policy must have NOLBACTION/ASSIGNMENT action


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_LSN_NOPOOL 3960 0xf78 No such pool
NSERR_LSN_NOTRANSPRFL 3961 0xf79 No such transportprofile
NSERR_LSN_NOAPPSPRFL 3866 0xf1a No such applicationprofile
NSERR_LSN_POOLNOTBOUND 4052 0xfd4 Pool not bound to group
NSERR_LSN_PRFLNOTBOUND 4053 0xfd5 Profile not bound to group
NSERR_LSN_NOTREADY 4054 0xfd6 LSN not initialized. Please check memory allocated to LSN.
NSERR_LSN_MAXBINDINGS 4055 0xfd7 Maximum bindings allowed exceeded
NSERR_LSN_ACL_DETERMINISTICNAT 4056 0xfd8 Client with ACLs not allowed for deterministic nat
NSERR_LSN_ACLTYPE 4057 0xfd9 ACL with action other than ALLOW or establishedflag set
NSERR_LSN_ACLINUSE 4058 0xfda ACL already bound to a LSN/RNAT rule
NSERR_64LIB_MEM_NOTSUFFICIENT 4059 0xfdb Active memory less than minimum required for LSN and Subscriber Session Store
NSERR_LSN_NOBINDING 4060 0xfdc No such binding
NSERR_LSN_NONETWORK 4061 0xfdd No such network
NSERR_LSN_CLIENTGROUP 4062 0xfde Please remove client's group first
NSERR_LSN_NOCLIENT 4063 0xfdf No such client
NSERR_LSN_NOGLBLLOG 4072 0xfe8 Logging is disabled at Global level
NSERR_LSN_CLIENTINUSE 4080 0xff0 Client already present in a group
NSERR_LSN_PORTBLOCKSIZE 4081 0xff1 Portblocksize should be multiple of 256
NSERR_LSN_WRONG_PORTBLOCKSIZE 855 0x357 Portblocksize should not exceed 64512
NSERR_LSN_BINDINGEXIST 4082 0xff2 Binding already exists
NSERR_LSN_POOLGROUPTYPE 4083 0xff3 Both pool and group should be of same nat type
NSERR_LSN_POOLREUSE_DETERMINISTICNAT 4084 0xff4 Pool can be bound to only one group for determinstic nat
NSERR_LSN_PORT_APPSPROFEXIST 4085 0xff5 Profile already exist for one or more ports in this/bound group(s)
NSERR_LSN_TCPONLY 4086 0xff6 Allowed only for TCP profile
NSERR_LSN_MAPPINGFILTERINGTYPE 4087 0xff7 Filtering should be more or equally strict as mapping
NSERR_LSN_ICMPAPPSPROF_MAPPINGFILTERINGPORT 4088 0xff8 Port dependent Filtering or Mapping not allowed for ICMP
NSERR_LSN_ICMPAPPSPROF_PORT 4089 0xff9 Port bindings not allowed for ICMP applicationprofile
NSERR_LSN_STATIC_NOGROUP 4090 0xffa Client ip not part of any active lsn group
NSERR_LSN_STATIC_INVPOOL 4091 0xffb No natip available or natip given is invalid
NSERR_LSN_FINTIMGTSESSTIM 4092 0xffc Finrsttimeout should not be more than session timeout
NSERR_LSN_SETPORTBLOCK_DETERMINISTICNAT 4093 0xffd Port block size cannot be modified for deterministic nat
NSERR_LSN_DETERMINISTICNAT_SUBSCR_LIMIT 4094 0xffe Maximum allowed subscribers for deterministic nat group exceeeded
NSERR_64LIB_MEM_INCOMPLETE 3943 0xf67 Active memory could be different from configured memory limit, Please check 'show extendedmemory parameter'
NSERR_64LIB_MEM_EXCEEDSMAX 3944 0xf68 Configured memory cannot exceed maximum limit, Configured memory is set to maximum available limit'
NSERR_64LIB_MEM_SIZE2M 3945 0xf69 Configured memory should be in multiples of 2MB
NSERR_LSN_IPINSERT 3957 0xf75 LSN IP addition failed
NSERR_LSN_ICMP_TIMEOUT_EXCEEDED 3958 0xf76 Maximum value of ICMP session timeout is 240 seconds
NSERR_LSN_TCP_UDP_TIMEOUT_EXCEEDED 3867 0xf1b Maximum value of TCP/UDP session timeout is 600 seconds
NSERR_LSN_APPSPROF_PORTZERO 4073 0xfe9 Cannot bind/unbind port 0 to Application Profile
NSERR_LSN_MEM_DECR 3995 0xf9b Active memory cannot be decreased without reboot
NSERR_LSN_NOSIPALGPRFL 3547 0xddb No such sipalgprofile
NSERR_LSN_REM_APPPROFILE_ALGPROFILE_BOUND 3548 0xddc Can not remove Appfprofile, SIP ALG profile and RTSP ALG Profile should be unbound fron the groups bound to the Appprofile
NSERR_LSN_UNBIND_APPPROFILE_ALGPROFILE_BOUND 3549 0xddd Can not unbind to the Appprofile, SIP ALG profile and RTSP ALG Profile should be unbound fron the groups bound to the Appprofile
NSERR_LSN_NORTSPALGPRFL 4074 0xfea No such rtspalgprofile
NSERR_LSN_SIPALGPROF_PORTZERO 4075 0xfeb Cannot add port 0 to SIP ALG Profile
NSERR_LSN_RTSPALGPROF_PORTZERO 4076 0xfec Cannot add port 0 to RTSP ALG Profile
NSERR_LSN_IP6PROF_DSLITE 4077 0xfed With DS-Lite add only Network6
NSERR_LSN_IP6PROF_NAT64 4078 0xfee With NAT64 add only IP6Prefix
NSERR_LSN_NETWORK6_EXISTS 3546 0xdda network 6 based LSN client already exists for this network 6 address(Duplicate config)
NSERR_LSN_CLIENTNETWORK_INCORRECT_BINDING 3551 0xddf Both Client and Network type MUST be of the same type, IPv4, IPv6 or DS-Lite Deterministic
NSERR_LSN_CLIENTGROUPTYPE 3553 0xde1 Both client and group should be of same type
NSERR_LSN_DSLITEPREFIXLEN 3554 0xde2 Network6 MUST have a prefix length 128 for a DS-Lite DETERMINISTIC type client or client associated with STATIC mapping
NSERR_LSN_NOIP6PROFILE 3555 0xde3 No such IP6 profile
NSERR_LSN_IP6GROUP 4079 0xfef Please remove associated group first
NSERR_LSN_DSLITE_INVALIDIP6 3556 0xde4 With DS-Lite add only SNIP6.
NSERR_LSN_DSLITE_SNIP6_REQD 3557 0xde5 DS-Lite needs SNIP6 in relevent TDs.If not already present, add SNIP6 relevent to all tds belonging to a LSN group
NSERR_LSN_DUP_IP6PROFILE 3552 0xde0 Either IPv6 address or NAT Prefix already been used
NSERR_LSN_SIPALG_CANNOT_BIND 3882 0xf2a Cannot bind SIPALG profile to the group, either the group is not in full cone mode or IP Pool pair is not enabled
NSERR_LSN_RTSPALG_CANNOT_BIND 3883 0xf2b Cannot bind RTSP profile to the group, either the group is not in full cone mode or IP Pool pair is not enabled
NSERR_LSN_SIPALG_TRANSPORT_PROTOCOL_BINDINGEXIST 3884 0xf2c Can not bind more than one SIPALG profile of same transport protocol to the lsn group
NSERR_LSN_RTSPALG_TRANSPORT_PROTOCOL_BINDINGEXIST 3885 0xf2d Can not bind more than one RTSPALG profile of same transport protocol to the lsn group
NSERR_LSN_CANNOT_UNBIND_APPPROFILE 3886 0xf2e Can not unbind appprofile unless all SIP ALG Profiles, RTSP ALG Profiles and IPSEC ALG Profile are unbound from all the groups to which appsprofile is bound
NSERR_LSN_RTSPALGPROF_TRANSPORT_SUPPORTED 3887 0xf2f RTSP ALG profile for only TCP is supported
NSERR_LSN_IPSECALG_CANNOT_BIND 3520 0xdc0 Cannot bind IPSECALG profile to the group, IP Pool pair is not enabled
NSERR_LSN_SIPALGPROF_PORT_NOT_ADDED 3353 0xd19 Atleast sipsrcportrange or sipdstportrange should be added with positive portrange
NSERR_LSN_GRP_SESS_LIMIT 852 0x354 Group session limit must be greater than the number of Packet Engines
NSERR_LSN_DETER_POOL 3903 0xf3f Cannot enable portblock allocation on deterministic pool
NSERR_LSN_SIP_RTSP_ALG_MAPPING_FILTERING_IPPOOLING 853 0x355 Can not set appsprofile unless all SIP ALG profiles and all RTSP ALG profiles are unbound from all the groups to which appsprofile is bound
NSERR_LSN_PORTBLOCKSIZE_NOTALLOWED 856 0x358 Portblock size should not be changed to zero from nonzero and to nonzero from zero
NSERR_LSN_POOLGROUP_PORTBLOCK_MISMATCH 857 0x359 Pool's portblock allocation and group's portblocksize fields are not compatable
NSERR_LSN_GRPID_PERM 3818 0xeea GroupID should not be explicitly specified
NSERR_LSN_INVALID_DSLITE_PREFIX_LEN 3819 0xeeb Invalid Ipv6 Prefix length for dslite client ipv6 network(only /128 prefix is allowed)
NSERR_LSN_NOLOGPRFL 3384 0xd38 No such log profile
NSERR_LSN_NOHTTPHDRLOGPRFL 3392 0xd40 No such HTTP header log profile
NSERR_LSN_DOHASYNC 3396 0xd44 Force HA Sync should be given to sync Primary's pre-flush operation LSN sessions
NSERR_LSN_STATICWILD_INV_PORT 3397 0xd45 invalid port for static nat wild card port config, subscr port and nat port must be *
NSERR_LSN_STATICWILD_INV_NATIP 3398 0xd46 NAT ip must be given for static nat wildcard port config
NSERR_LSN_STATICWILD_INV_DSTIP 3399 0xd47 Dest ip must not be given for static nat wildcard port config
NSERR_LSN_STATICWILD_INV_WILDPORT 3400 0xd48 wild card port(* or 65535) is valid only for trasport protocol type ALL(i.e only static nat wild card port config)
NSERR_LSN_STATICWILD_NATIP_INUSE 3401 0xd49 NAT ip is already in use for static nat wildcard port config.
NSERR_LSN_STATICWILD_NATIP_NO_FREE_PORTS 3402 0xd4a NAT ip is not valid or not all ports on NAT ip are free, select different natip which has all ports free.
NSERR_LSN_NAT64_MAP_INS_FAIL 3406 0xd4e Operation on nat64 prefix failed due to low system memory
NSERR_LSN_DSLITE_NO_FTP_CM 3577 0xdf9 FTP connection mirroring in LSN is not supported with DS-Lite nattype


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_MAP_IPV6_PREFIX_INVALID 3529 0xdc9 MAP IPv6 Prefix is invalid, it must be global
NSERR_MAP_IPV6_PREFIX_REQ 3530 0xdca MAP IPv6 Prefix is required
NSERR_MAP_PSID_INVALID 3531 0xdcb MAP BMR Port Set ID is invalid
NSERR_MAP_PSID_OFFSET_INVALID 3532 0xdcc MAP BMR Port Set ID offset is invalid
NSERR_MAP_IPV4_NW_REQ 3533 0xdcd MAP BMR rule ipv4 network and netmask
NSERR_MAP_BMR_NW_MISSMATCH 3534 0xdce MAP BMR rule and ipv4 network mismatch
NSERR_MAP_BMR_PSID_LEN_INVALID 3535 0xdcf MAP BMR rule sharing ration is invalid it must be 1 to 16
NSERR_MAP_BMR_EABIT_LEN_INVALID 3543 0xdd7 MAP BMR rule EABIT length invalid
NSERR_MAP_NSB_CONSUMED 3544 0xdd8 NSB is consumed by MAP-T, error return to source or packet forwarded
NSERR_MAP_NO_CONFIG 3545 0xdd9 NO MAP T config, continue with other config


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_NAT64_ACL_EXISTS 3959 0xf77 ACL is bound to another NAT64 rule


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_ACL_TIMED_OUT 977 0x3d1 ACL timed out
NSERR_MSR_ADVT_NULL_RT 978 0x3d2 Cannot monitor or advertise NULL route
NSERR_DEF_RT_UNSET 979 0x3d3 Unset operation on default route not allowed
NSERR_ACTIVE_PERM_DIR_NULL_RT 981 0x3d5 Unset operation on active or permanent or direct or null routes not allowed
NSERR_DHCP_RT 982 0x3d6 Unset operation on DHCP route not allowed
NSERR_LB_RT 983 0x3d7 Unset operation on LB route not allowed
NSERR_MSR_STATIC_RT 984 0x3d8 Cannot set MSR on a non-static route
NSERR_ADV_DEF_RT 985 0x3d9 Advertise on default route not allowed
NSERR_VLAN_RT 986 0x3da Cannot delete this route. Network is bound to VLAN
NSERR_PERM_RT 987 0x3db A permanent route cannot be deleted
NSERR_NOENTRY_RT 988 0x3dc Entry not found in the routing table
NSERR_DIR_RT 989 0x3dd Cannot add a direct route
NSERR_LOOP_RT 990 0x3de Cannot add a route in loopback network
NSERR_GW_NWID_BROADADDR 991 0x3df Gateway cannot be network id or broadcast address
NSERR_MON_ADV_NULL_RT 992 0x3e0 Cannot set MSR or advertise on null gateway
NSERR_HA_PEER_IP 994 0x3e2 Cannot add IP address. This is peer's NSIP
NSERR_NON_LOCAL_IP 995 0x3e3 IP address is already configured on a node in the cluster
NSERR_ADD_NSIP 996 0x3e4 Adding NSIP not allowed
NSERR_VRID_VIP_ONLY 997 0x3e5 VRID can be set only on VIP
NSERR_ARP_ICMP_SNIP_NSIP 998 0x3e6 ARP and ICMP cannot be disabled on SNIP/NSIP/MIP/CLIP
NSERR_IPADDR_DISABLE 999 0x3e7 IP address state of SNIP/NSIP/CLIP cannot be disabled
NSERR_NODE_NOEXIST 1000 0x3e8 Cluster node does not exist
NSERR_CLIP_SPOTTED_IP 1001 0x3e9 CLIP should be striped
NSERR_IP_MGMTACCESS 1002 0x3ea Management Access cannot be enabled on this IP address
NSERR_IPTUN_MULTICAST 1003 0x3eb Vlan on which to send the packet needs to be specified for multicast remote endpoints
NSERR_IPTUNNEL_INVALIDNETMASK 1004 0x3ec IP tunnel netmask should be
NSERR_IPTUNNEL_VLAN 1005 0x3ed Vlan can be specified only for multicast remote endpoints
NSERR_IPTUN_INV_LIP 1006 0x3ee Invalid local IP address. Either the local IP address is not configured or local IP address has to be one among SNIP|VIP|MIP
NSERR_VXLAN_LIP_NOT_SNIP 1007 0x3ef Invalid local IP address. For VXLAN local IP address has to be SNIP
NSERR_INVALID_IPTUNNEL_NAME 1008 0x3f0 Invalid IPTunnel name
NSERR_IPTUNNEL_PREFXLEN_GT_128 1009 0x3f1 IP tunnel prefix length should not be more than 128
NSERR_TUN_PBR_DEP 1010 0x3f2 Cannot remove tunnel. A PBR is depending on this tunnel
NSERR_TUN_NOEXIST 1011 0x3f3 Tunnel does not exist
NSERR_INV_DROPFRAGCPUTHRESH 1012 0x3f4 Invalid dropFragCpuThreshold parameter. Should >=1 and <=100
NSERR_SRCIP_NOEXIST 1013 0x3f5 SrcIP does not exist
NSERR_TUN_ON_DEF_ROUTE 1014 0x3f6 Cannot add tunnel on default route
NSERR_VLAN_NOT_SNIP_MIP_VIP 1015 0x3f7 IP address has to be either SNIP, MIP or VIP
NSERR_ACL_PROTO_TCP 1016 0x3f8 Protocol should be TCP for ESTABLISHED flag to be set
NSERR_HA_VERSION_MISMATCH 1017 0x3f9 HA version mismatch between primary and secondary
NSERR_HA_SYNC_VLAN 1018 0x3fa Syncvlan should be L2 VLAN. No IP address should be bound to this VLAN
NSERR_LOOP_FIS 1019 0x3fb Loopback interface cannot be bound to Failover Interface Set (FIS)
NSERR_VLAN_LOOP 1020 0x3fc Loopback interface cannot be unbound from default VLAN
NSERR_VLAN_TAGG_INTF_NOSUPP 1021 0x3fd VLAN tagging is not supported on this platform/interface
NSERR_VLAN_BDG_NOTBOUND 1022 0x3fe The VLAN is not bound to specified bridgegroup
NSERR_PERMANENT_ARP_ND6_ENTRY 1023 0x3ff Can't remove permanent ARP/ND6 entry
NSERR_HA_VER_MISMATCH_PROP_SYNC 1447 0x5a7 HA version mismatch. Prop and sync not allowed
NSERR_VXLAN_TUNN_BOUND 1458 0x5b2 Cannot remove IPtunnel. One or more VXLAN is bound to this iptunnel.
NSERR_HOSTRT_UNSET 1489 0x5d1 Unset of OSPFArea and HostRtGw is allowed only for VIP
NSERR_BDGGRP_L3VLAN 2412 0x96c L3VLAN cannot be bound to a bridgegroup
NSERR_BDGGRP_ROUTING 2505 0x9c9 Routing is enabled on the specified VLAN. Cannot bind this VLAN to the bridgegroup
NSERR_RM_RT_DIR_PERM_DHCP 2506 0x9ca DIRECT/PERMANENT/DHCP routes cannot be removed.
NSERR_ADD_IP_STRIPED_EXISTS 2507 0x9cb Trying to add a striped IP address as a spotted IP.
NSERR_DIS_IP_NOT_USR_DEF 2508 0x9cc Enable/Disbaling this IP address not allowed as VIP is not user-defined
NSERR_DIS_IP_NOT_VIP 2509 0x9cd Enable/Disabling this IP address not allowed as it is not VIP
NSERR_DEL_NSIP 2510 0x9ce Cannot delete NSIP
NSERR_DEL_DHCP_AQRD 2511 0x9cf Cannot delete DHCP acquired IP address
NSERR_USR_DEF_NO 2618 0xa3a Not a user-defined IP address
NSERR_TUNL_DEPENDENCY 2619 0xa3b Existing tunnel depends on this IP address
NSERR_MGMT_NSIP_CLIP 2620 0xa3c Management access on NSIP and CLIP should always be enabled
NSERR_INV_ICMP_RESP 2621 0xa3d Invalid icmpResponse value
NSERR_INV_ARP_RESP 2622 0xa3e Invalid arpResponse value
NSERR_INTERNAL_ERR_REGN 2623 0xa3f Internal error while registration of service. Service name in use
NSERR_CANT_SET_IP_DEL_IN_PROG 2540 0x9ec Delete IP address is in progress.
NSERR_INAT_USE_PROXY 2394 0x95a Useproxyport cannot be disabled when either of publicIP or private IP is IPV6
NSERR_GSLB_ADNS_CONFGRD 2395 0x95b GSLB/ADNS/RADIUS is already configured on this IP address
NSERR_NW_ADDR_ZERO 2396 0x95c Network address cannot be zero
NSERR_NW_ADDR_LOOP 2397 0x95d Network address cannot be loopback
NSERR_UNABLE_DEFVLAN_INFO 2398 0x95e Unable to get default VLAN info.
NSERR_HA_INC_SYNC 2399 0x95f SyncVlan is not supported in HA-INC mode
NSERR_IP_NWADDR 2400 0x960 IPaddress cannot be network address
NSERR_IP_BCASTADDR 2401 0x961 IPaddress cannot be broadcast address
NSERR_ACL_BOUND_LSN 2402 0x962 This ACL is already bound to LSN
NSERR_SUBNET_BOUND_ANTHR_VLAN 2403 0x963 Either the subnet is not directly connected or subnet already bound to another VLAN
NSERR_DEL_ADNS_IP 2406 0x966 Cannot delete this IP address as ADNS is configured on this.
NSERR_DEL_REF_IP 2407 0x967 Cannot delete this IP address as it is used in GSLB/IPSET/Other entities
NSERR_SNMP_CANNOT_EN_ON_IP 2409 0x969 SNMP cannot be enabled on this IP address
NSERR_ACL_ESTABLISHED_SET 2414 0x96e For RNAT/NAT64 ACL established flag cannot be set
NSERR_DEL_RADIUS_IP 2415 0x96f Cannot delete this IP address as RADIUS is configured on this.
NSERR_CANNOT_EN_ON_IP 2416 0x970 TELNET/FTP/SSH/GUI/SECURE GUI/RESTRICTED-IP cannot be enabled on this IP address
NSERR_BFD_SESSION_CLEAR_INPROGRESS 2418 0x972 BFD session cannot be added now as old session clear is in progress
NSERR_BFD_SESSION_EXISTS_DIFF_FLAGS 2419 0x973 BFD session exists with different flags (SINGLEHOP AND MULTIHOP)
NSERR_CLASS_E 2426 0x97a Class-E IPv4 and IPv6PT are mutually exclusive configs. Disable one to enable the other
NSERR_TUN_CIPROF_DEP 2427 0x97b Cannot remove tunnel. A Content Inspection profile is depending on this tunnel
NSERR_FEA_NOT_SUPPORTED 2428 0x97c Feature not supported on BLX/CPX
NSERR_HTTP_SSL_SAME_VALUE 2429 0x97d HTTP and SSL cannot have same Management Port Value.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_TNL_NETBRIDGED 3920 0xf50 Tunnel bound to netbridge
NSERR_TNL_GRE 3921 0xf51 Tunnel protocol is not GRE or GENEVE
NSERR_TNL_RIPMASK 3922 0xf52 Remote IP mask of the tunnel should be
NSERR_VLAN_NETBRIDGED 3923 0xf53 Vlan already bound to some netbridge
NSERR_MAX_NETBRIDGE_TUNNEL 3924 0xf54 reached maximum netbridge tunnel bindings
NSERR_TUN_BOUND 3925 0xf55 Tunnel already bound to this netbridge
NSERR_SUBNET_BOUND 3926 0xf56 Subnet already bound to this netbridge
NSERR_TUN_CONF_NETBRIDGE 3927 0xf57 Tunnel is not configured
NSERR_VLAN_CONF_NETBRIDGE 3928 0xf58 Vlan is not configured
NSERR_IP_INVAL_NETBRIDGE 3929 0xf59 IP is not binded to netbridge
NSERR_IPV6_INVAL_NETBRIDGE 3930 0xf5a IPV6 is not binded to netbridge
NSERR_INV_NETBRIDGE_NAME 3931 0xf5b Netbridge name should be >=1 and <=32
NSERR_GRE_IPSEC_LIP_NOT_GIVEN 3932 0xf5c Local ip address has to be given for GRE, IPSEC and broadcast VXLAN tunnels
NSERR_NETBRIDGE_TUNNELBOUNDTOPBR 3933 0xf5d Tunnel is a nexthop for PBR
NSERR_NETBRIDGE_ONEVLAN_ETHERNET 3935 0xf5f Only one VLAN can be bound when GRE carries plain ETHERNET
NSERR_NETBRIDGE_TUNNELPAYLOAD_DIFFERENT 851 0x353 All bound tunnels should have same GRE payload


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_IPSET_REF 3952 0xf70 IP set must be unbound from netprofile before it can be removed
NSERR_NETPROFILE_REF 3953 0xf71 Netprofile must be unbound before it can be removed
NSERR_IPSET_BOUND 3954 0xf72 IP set is already bound to the network profile
NSERR_NO_SUCH_IPSET 3955 0xf73 IP set does not exist
NSERR_NO_SUCH_NETPROF 3956 0xf74 Netprofile does not exist
NSERR_OVERLAPPING_PORTRANGE 3558 0xde6 This range is overlapping the existing portrange.
NSERR_NO_SUCH_PORTRANGE 3559 0xde7 Port range does not exist
NSERR_NO_SUCH_NATRULE 3560 0xde8 natRule does not exist
NSERR_NATRULE_EXIST 3561 0xde9 natrule already exist
NSERR_IP_VSERVER_IPSET_FREE_ERROR 3562 0xdea Freeing Listening services failed. Please check failure counters


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_NITRO_INVALID_OBJECTNAME 1232 0x4d0 Invalid object name
NSERR_NITRO_INVALID_XML_INPUT 1235 0x4d3 Invalid XML input
NSERR_NITRO_INVALID_DATATYPE 1236 0x4d4 Invalid NITRO data type
NSERR_NITRO_INVALID_METHOD 1237 0x4d5 Invalid method name. It should be either post, put, get, stat or delete
NSERR_NITRO_PARSE_ERROR 1238 0x4d6 NITRO parse error
NSERR_NITRO_CMDEXEC_FAILED 1239 0x4d7 NITRO command Execution failed
NSERR_NITRO_INVALID_ACTION 1240 0x4d8 Invalid nitro action or operation
NSERR_NITRO_ROLLBACK_FAILED 1241 0x4d9 Rollback failed. Manually correct the configuration
NSERR_NITRO_ROLLBACK_NOT_SUPPORTED 1242 0x4da Rollback not supported for this action
NSERR_NITRO_BULK_FAILED 1243 0x4db Bulk operation failed
NSERR_NITRO_BASIC_AUTH_DISABLED 1244 0x4dc Authentication Failed: Use of Basic Authentication is Disabled.
NSERR_NITRO_TECHSUPPORT_ARCHIVE_CREATION_FAILED 1246 0x4de Creation of techsupport collector archive failed.
NSERR_NITRO_TECHSUPPORT_ARCHIVE_UPLOAD_FAILED 1247 0x4df Failed to upload the techsupport collector archive.
NSERR_NSAPP_TEMPLATE_EXISTS 1248 0x4e0 Template already exists
NSERR_NSAPP_INVALID_TEMPLATE 1249 0x4e1 Invalid Template
NSERR_NSAPP_DIR_ERROR 1250 0x4e2 Couldnot open directory
NSERR_NSAPP_FILE_ERROR 1251 0x4e3 Can not open the file
NSERR_NSAPP_INVALID_APP_INPUT 1252 0x4e4 Invalid Application input
NSERR_NSAPP_EXCEEDED_FILELENGTH 1253 0x4e5 File length exceeded 256 characters
NSERR_NSAPP_ENDPOINT_INUSE 1254 0x4e6 Public endpoint in use
NSERR_NSAPP_PROTOCOL_MISMATCH 1255 0x4e7 Protocol mismatch with existing configuration
NSERR_NSAPP_INVALID_VARNAME 1256 0x4e8 Invalid variable name
NSERR_NSAPP_ZIP_FILE 1257 0x4e9 Error in zip format
NSERR_NSAPP_MAXEP_REACHED 1258 0x4ea Only one endpoint can be configured
NSERR_NSAPP_NOT_EXIST 1259 0x4eb Application does not exist
NSERR_NSAPP_INVALID_SERVICETYPE 1260 0x4ec Invalid servicetype - HTTP/HTTPS/SSL are only allowed
NSERR_NSAPP_TEMPLATE_FORMAT_ERROR 1261 0x4ed Template format error
NSERR_NSAPP_APP_WITHOUT_APPUNITS 1262 0x4ee Application without appunits can not be exported
NSERR_NSAPP_SERVICRGROUP_EXISTS 1263 0x4ef Service group with this name already exists
NSERR_NSAPP_VARIABLE_NOT_EXISTS 1264 0x4f0 Variables do not exist in this template file
NSERR_NITRO_CMD_NOTATTEMPTED 1265 0x4f1 command not attempted for configuration
NSERR_NITRO_INVALIDREQ 1266 0x4f2 Invalid nitro request


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_NNM_FAILED 2528 0x9e0 General NNM failure
NSERR_NNM_CONN_CLEANED 2529 0x9e1 NNM connection was cleaned
NSERR_NNM_CONN_FAILED 2530 0x9e2 NNM connection failed
NSERR_NNM_NO_CONN 2531 0x9e3 NNM connection was not found
NSERR_NNM_CONN_DROPPED 2532 0x9e4 NNM connection dropped
NSERR_NNM_EINJECT 2533 0x9e5 NNM error injection
NSERR_NNM_VERSION_UNSUPPORTED 2534 0x9e6 NNM group payload version is unsupported
NSERR_NNM_TIMEOUT_MSG 2535 0x9e7 NNM timeout unable to send message
NSERR_NNM_TIMEOUT_ACK 2536 0x9e8 NNM timeout waiting for ACK
NSERR_NNM_MCAST 2537 0x9e9 NNM multicast/broadcast failed
NSERR_NNM_PENDING 2538 0x9ea NNM operation is in a pending state (e.g., ACK held)


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_ALREADY_RUNNING 3984 0xf90 One instance of nstrace is already running.
NSERR_PKTSIZE_SMALL 3985 0xf91 Packet size must be integer number between 60 - 1514. (0 for full packet trace)
NSERR_CANNOT_CLOSE 3986 0xf92 can not stop nstrace.
NSERR_NSTRACE_PERNIC_WARN 2748 0xabc can not apply perNIC option with this trace format. Started nstrace without perNIC.
NSERR_NSTRACE_INVALID_FILTER 4064 0xfe0 Invalid filter expression.
NSERR_NSTRACE_SENSITIVE_WARN 2539 0x9eb The command uses option(s) that may capture confidential information, or keys that can be used to decrypt confidential information into a file. These files have to be stored in a secure environment
NSERR_LOW_DISK 2560 0xa00 Critically low disk space. Please clear disk space under /var


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_MAX_PARTITION 2752 0xac0 Maximum allowed partition limit reached
NSERR_PARTITION_NAME_EXIST 2753 0xac1 Partition name already exist
NSERR_NO_PARTITION 2755 0xac3 Partition does not exist
NSERR_DEL_PARTITION_BUSY 2756 0xac4 Partition is busy, can't delete
NSERR_DEL_PARTITION_INUSE 2757 0xac5 Partition is in use, can't delete
NSERR_NO_DEL_DFLT_PARTITION 2758 0xac6 Default Partition can't be delete
NSERR_RM_PARTITION_CONFIRM 2759 0xac7 Are you sure you want to remove partition (Y/N)? [N]:
NSERR_NOT_SUPPORTFORPARTITION 2760 0xac8 This feature is not supported on partition
NSERR_AP_CONFIG_NOT_ALLOWED 2761 0xac9 This configuration option is not supported on non-default partition
NSERR_VLAN_BDGGRP_PARTITION_EXIST 2762 0xaca VLAN or VXLAN or BridgeGroup bound to a partition can not be deleted.
NSERR_AP_DEFVLAN 2763 0xacb Default VLAN cannot be bound/unbound to/from a partition.
NSERR_VLAN_BDGGRP_PARTITION 2764 0xacc The specified VLAN or VXLAN or BridgeGroup is bound to other partition.
NSERR_PQ_ARG_UNSUPPORTED_PARTITION 2765 0xacd PQ feature is not supported in non-default partition.
NSERR_SC_ARG_UNSUPPORTED_PARTITION 2766 0xace SC feature is not supported in non-default partition.
NSERR_MAX_PARTITIONS_ZEBOS 2767 0xacf Maximum allowed partition limit for routing reached
NSERR_AP_SYNCVLAN 2769 0xad1 SYNC VLAN cannot be bound/unbound to/from a partition.
NSERR_AP_VLAN_BDG_EXIST 2770 0xad2 The specified VLAN cannot be bound to a partition because it is bound to a bridge group.
NSERR_AP_SDXMGMTVLAN 2771 0xad3 The SDX management VLAN cannot be bound/unbound to/from a partition.
NSERR_AP_DEFAULT_PARTITION_CONFIG 2772 0xad4 This configuration is allowed only from the default partition.
NSERR_AP_MEM_DECR 2773 0xad5 Partition's memory limit cannot be reduced less than currently used memory
NSERR_AP_MISMATCH 2774 0xad6 The specified entity is configured in some other partition.
NSERR_AP_PVID_IF_NOT_ALLOWED 2775 0xad7 The specified VLAN cannot be configured as untagged member of interface because it is bound to partition.
NSERR_AP_VLAN_BINDING_NOT_ALLOWED 2776 0xad8 The specified VLAN cannot be bound to a partition because it is configured as untagged member of interface.
NSERR_AP_NOT_SUPPORTFORSHAREDVLAN 2777 0xad9 This feature is not supported on shared vlan.
NSERR_AP_SHAREDVLAN_CONFIG_NOT_ALLOWED_INCLUSTER 2778 0xada Configuring vlan as shared is not supported on cluster.
NSERR_AP_SHAREDVLAN_BDG 2779 0xadb Shared vlan cannot be bound/unbound to/from a bridge group.
NSERR_AP_SHAREDVLAN_TD 2780 0xadc Shared vlan cannot be bound/unbound to/from a Traffic domain.
NSERR_AP_MCAST_PMAC 2781 0xadd Partition MAC address cannot have multicast bit set.
NSERR_AP_VMAC_EXIST 2782 0xade Another admin-partition with the same partition MAC address exist.
NSERR_AP_VMAC_BUSY 2783 0xadf Partition's MAC address can not be unset when shared vlans are bound to it.
NSERR_AP_XS_CONN_FAILED 2784 0xae0 Unable to communicate with the XenStore.
NSERR_AP_XS_NO_VMAC 2785 0xae1 No partition MAC address is configured for the VPX on SDX.
NSERR_AP_XS_VMAC_NOTEXIST 2786 0xae2 The specified partition MAC address is not configured for the VPX on SDX.
NSERR_AP_XS_VMAC_EXHAUSTED 2787 0xae3 All partition MAC addresses configured for the VPX on SDX are in use.
NSERR_AP_ARP_VLAN_NOT_SPECIFIED 2788 0xae4 VLAN must be specified while adding ARP entry within partition.
NSERR_AP_SHAREDVLAN_PART_EXIST 2789 0xae5 This VLAN already bound to the specified partition.
NSERR_PARTITION_ID_EXIST 2790 0xae6 Partition-id is already in use by another partition.
NSERR_SYNCNSVLAN_AP 2791 0xae7 VLAN bound to Admin Partition cannot be configured as SYNC/NS VLAN.
NSERR_AP_NSVLAN 2792 0xae8 NSVLAN cannot be bound to Admin Partition.
NSERR_VXLAN_VLAN_DIFF_PARTITION 2799 0xaef VXLAN and VLAN belong to different partitions.
NSERR_AP_VXLAN_TUNNEL_NOT_ALLOWED 2800 0xaf0 IPtunnel of type vxlan cannot be configured in non default partition
NSERR_VXLAN_CONFIG_INPART 2801 0xaf1 This vxlan config not supported in non-default partition.
NSERR_VXLAN_OTHER_PARTITION 2802 0xaf2 Specified vxlan is already bound to some other partition.
NSERR_VXLAN_VLAN_BIND 2803 0xaf3 When vxlan extends vlan, these operations should be done on vlan
NSERR_VXLAN_IP_BINDING_CURPART 2804 0xaf4 IP binding to vxlan should be done in vxlan partition alone
NSERR_VXLAN_BOUNDTO_PARTITION 2805 0xaf5 Specified vxlan is already bound to the partition.
NSERR_DYNROUTING_PARTITION 2806 0xaf6 Dynamic Routing should be enabled or disabled in vlan/vxlan partition
NSERR_AP_SHAREDVLAN_VXLAN 2807 0xaf7 Shared vlan cannot be bound/unbound to/from a vxlan.
NSERR_AP_VLAN_VXLAN_EXIST 2808 0xaf8 The specified VLAN cannot be shared to a partition because it is extended by a vxlan .
NSERR_AP_STATIC_ARP_ND6_VXLAN_NOT_ALLOWED 2809 0xaf9 Static arp/nd6 entries cannot be added with vxlan in non default partition
NSERR_AP_MEM_MIN_LIMIT 2810 0xafa Partition's memory limit cannot be less than 5MB
NSERR_AP_BDGGRP_BINDING_NOT_ALLOWED 2811 0xafb The specified BridgeGroup cannot be bound to a partition because one of it's member VLAN is configured as untagged member of interface.
NSERR_AP_NOT_LOCAL_ADMIN_PMAC 2812 0xafc Local-admin bit must be set for Partition MAC address.
NSERR_AP_NOMEM 2813 0xafd Cannot allocate memory. The total memory budgeted across all partitions will exceed the system capacity.
NSERR_AP_SHAREDVLAN_ROUTING_NOT_ALLOWED 3035 0xbdb Dynamic routing not allowed on shared vlan in non default partition


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_PBR_NEXTHOP_NOTDIRECT 912 0x390 PBR Nexthop should be direct
NSERR_PBR_NOLOOPBACK 913 0x391 PBR cannot be configured on the loopback interface
NSERR_PBRDELERROR 914 0x392 This PBR has already been removed
NSERR_PBR_IPPIP_EXISTS 915 0x393 PBR with identical parameter specification already exists
NSERR_PBR_PRIORITY_EXISTS 916 0x394 PBR with this priority already exists
NSERR_PBRMODCFGINFO 918 0x396 PBR modified, use 'apply pbrs' to commit this operation
NSERR_PBR_NEXTHOP_REQD 919 0x397 PBR Nexthop is required
NSERR_PBR_L2_CONFIG_INFO 920 0x398 L2 based PBRs work only for routed traffic
NSERR_PBRMODCFG_L2_INFO 921 0x399 L2 based PBRs work only for routed traffic: PBR modified, use 'apply pbrs' to commit this operation
NSERR_PBR_NO_MONITOR_GATEWAY 922 0x39a Monitor can't be configured when nexthop is configured as gateway name
NSERR_PBR_INVALID_IPORGATEWAY 923 0x39b Invalid Nexthop IPaddress/Gateway name
NSERR_PBR_MAX_RULE_EXCEEDED 924 0x39c Number of PBRs on the system exceeds Maximum
NSERR_PBR_NEXTHOP_TUNNEL_REQD 925 0x39d PBR Nexthop or IpTunnel is required
NSERR_PBR_DENY_MSR 926 0x39e MSR cannot be enabled on PBR with DENY config
NSERR_ACL_MAC_MASK_INVALID 927 0x39f SrcMacMask should contain only 1/0s, use 0s for matching and 1s for not matching
NSERR_PBR_IPSEC_ALREADY_BOUND 1445 0x5a5 Use IKEv1 in IPSec profile. For IPSEC tunnels with IKEv2, Only one PBR is allowed to be bound to a tunnel
NSERR_PBR_REMOVED 1446 0x5a6 PBR is removed
NSERR_PBR_L2PARAM_GRE 1456 0x5b0 PBR is having L2PARAM. Cannot have GRE as nexthop.
NSERR_PBR_VXLAN 1457 0x5b1 VXLAN cannot be a nexthop.
NSERR_PBR_TUNNELBOUNDTONETBRIDGE 933 0x3a5 Tunnel is already bound to Netbridge
NSERR_PBR_SETNEXTHOP_TUNNEL 1217 0x4c1 Tunnel is bound to PBR. Cannot set NextHop


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_PBR6_IPPIP_EXISTS 880 0x370 PBR6 with identical parameter specification already exists
NSERR_PBR6_DELERROR 881 0x371 PBR6 has already been removed
NSERR_PBR6_ADDERROR 882 0x372 Port can be specified only if protocol is TCP (6) or UDP (17)
NSERR_PBR6_PRIORITY_EXISTS 883 0x373 PBR6 with this priority already exists
NSERR_PBR6_ICMP_REQD 884 0x374 ICMPv6 type/code can be specified only if protocol is ICMPv6 (1)
NSERR_PBR6_UNSPECADDR 885 0x375 unspecified address (::) can not be configured in PBR6
NSERR_PBR6_MODCFGINFO 886 0x376 PBR6 modified, apply pbr6 to activate change
NSERR_PBR6_PREFIXLEN 887 0x377 Prefix length should not be configured in PBR6. (Use range instead)
NSERR_PBR6_SPECIFY_NEXTHOPVLAN 888 0x378 Nexthop VLAN should be specified with Link local gateway address
NSERR_PBR6_INVALID_GATEWAY 889 0x379 Invalid PBR6 Gateway
NSERR_PBR6_MAX_RULE_EXCEEDED 891 0x37b Number of PBR6s on the system exceeds Maximum


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_PCP_PROFILE_BOUND 3521 0xdc1 Cannot remove PCP Profile. To remove PCP profile, first unset it from PCP servers
NSERR_PCPPROFILE_NOT_EXIST 3522 0xdc2 PCP profile does not exist, use 'show pcp profile' to check available pcp profiles
NSERR_LSNPCP_BINDING_EXIST 3523 0xdc3 Please unbind existing PCP server from lsn group
NSERR_PCPSERVER_NOT_EXIST 3524 0xdc4 PCP server does not exist, use 'show pcp server' to check available pcp servers
NSERR_PCPSERVER_BIND_EXIST 3525 0xdc5 Can not Remove PCP server. Please unbind pcp server from all bindings
NSERR_PCP_LIFE_TIME 3527 0xdc7 PCP Min life time is greater than Max life time.
NSERR_PCPSERVER_LSNGROUP_TYPE_DIFF 3528 0xdc8 PCP Server being bound is incompatible with the LSN group.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_PI_LONGVSVRNAME 3040 0xbe0 The name of the label must be less than 32 characters
NSERR_PI_PRIORITY_EXISTS 3041 0xbe1 A policy is already bound to the specified priority
NSERR_PICON_GOTO_NOT_END 3042 0xbe2 GotoPriorityExpression for this policy has to be END
NSERR_INVAL_THRESHOLD 3043 0xbe3 Invalid threshold size value. Threshold size must be lesser than the sample size
NSERR_DEF_INVALID_UNBIND 3044 0xbe4 Default binding cannot be unbinded
NSERR_BAD_INIT_VALUE 3045 0xbe5 Invalid initial value
NSERR_INIT_VALUE_TOO_BIG 3046 0xbe6 Initial value is larger than the maximum allowed text length and the ifValueTooBig action is undef
NSERR_INIT_VALUE_TRUNCATED 3047 0xbe7 Initial value has been truncated to the maximum allowed text length because the ifValueTooBig action is truncate
NSERR_BAD_ASSIGN_LHS 3048 0xbe8 Invalid -var parameter: expect $variable-name for a ulong or text variable or $variable-name[key-expression] for a map variable.
NSERR_BAD_OP_FOR_TYPE 3049 0xbe9 Op is not allowed for the variable type.
NSERR_BAD_VAR_TYPE 3050 0xbea Invalid type: expected one of ulong, text, or map.
NSERR_ASSIGNMENT_LOG_UNSUPPORTED 3051 0xbeb Log action is not supported with assignment action
NSERR_UNDEF_EXCEPTION 3052 0xbec Undef exception raised.
NSERR_NO_VARIABLE_VALUE 3053 0xbed No value exists for the variable and key.
NSERR_UNSUPPORTED_VARIABLE_USE 3055 0xbef Variables are not supported for use with DNS.
NSERR_BAD_KEY_TYPE 3056 0xbf0 Invalid key type: expected type text
NSERR_BAD_SINGLETON_VAR 3057 0xbf1 Not a singleton variable
NSERR_BAD_MAP_VAR 3058 0xbf2 Not a map variable
NSERR_UNKNOWN_VARIABLE 3059 0xbf3 Variable is not configured.
NSERR_MAP_WITHOUT_KEY 3060 0xbf4 Map variable used without a key.
NSERR_SINGLETON_WITH_KEY 3061 0xbf5 Singleton variable used with a key.
NSERR_BAD_TEXT_MAX_LENGTH 3062 0xbf6 Invalid text type: expected text(max-length), where max-length is an unsigned integer >= 1 and <= 64000.
NSERR_BAD_MAP_TYPE_SYNTAX 3063 0xbf7 Invalid map type: expected map(key-type, value-type, max-entries), where max-entries is an unsigned long value <= 18446744073709551615 and greater than 0.
NSERR_BAD_MAP_KEY_TYPE 3064 0xbf8 Map key type must be text.
NSERR_BAD_MAP_VALUE_TYPE 3065 0xbf9 Map value type must be ulong or text.
NSERR_BAD_KEY_VALUE_LENGTH 3066 0xbfa Sum of the maximum map key and value lengths must be <= 64000.
NSERR_BAD_MAP_SET_TYPE 3067 0xbfb Invalid type parameter for set.
NSERR_TRANSACTION_MAPS_NOT_SUPPORTED 3068 0xbfc Maps with transaction scope are not supported.
NSERR_TRANSACTION_EXPIRE_NOT_SUPPORTED 3070 0xbfe Expiration with transaction scope variables is not supported.
NSERR_INVOKE_NOT_SUPPORTED 3071 0xbff Policy does not support invoke.
NSERR_INVALPIEXPR 3073 0xc01 Invalid expression
NSERR_INVALINTOP 3074 0xc02 Expecting numeric arguments in this context for '-', '+', '*' or '/'
NSERR_INVALCOMPARE 3075 0xc03 Invalid arguments to compare operation
NSERR_INVALBOOLOP 3076 0xc04 The '!', '||' and ';;' operators can have only boolean argument(s)
NSERR_ARGNEG 3077 0xc05 Argument cannot be negative
NSERR_ARGEXCEED 3078 0xc06 Argument exceeds maximum allowed value
NSERR_ARGZERO 3079 0xc07 Operand or function argument should be non-zero
NSERR_MAXHEADER 3080 0xc08 Number of custom header exceeds limit
NSERR_INVALPICEXPR 3081 0xc09 Expression syntax error
NSERR_CEXPRLIMIT 3082 0xc0a Expression too long
NSERR_EXPRLIMIT 3083 0xc0b Expression too long
NSERR_SEXPRLIMIT 3084 0xc0c String expression too long
NSERR_INVALPISEXPR 3085 0xc0d String expression syntax error
NSERR_NOBIDI 3086 0xc0e Bi-directional expression not allowed
NSERR_NOLAB 3087 0xc0f Policy Label does not exist
NSERR_INTERNAL_LABEL_RM 3088 0xc10 Default Policy labels cannot be removed
NSERR_POLICY_FLOWTYPE_NONE 3089 0xc11 Policy should either be a request or response policy
NSERR_INVAL_PRIORITY 3090 0xc12 Priority is mandatory for advanced expressions and should be in the range from 1 to 2147483647
NSERR_NUMERICEXPR 3091 0xc13 Expression should evaluate to numeric value
NSERR_BOOLEXPR 3092 0xc14 Expression should evaluate to true or false
NSERR_NOTBOUND 3093 0xc15 Cannot unbind a policy that is not bound
NSERR_POLICY_INUSE 3094 0xc16 Policy name already in use
NSERR_POLICY_SET_NOTALLOWED 3095 0xc17 Invalid rule/action for bound policy
NSERR_INVALID_BIND 3096 0xc18 Policy cannot be bound to specified policy label
NSERR_USE_INVOKE_RESULT 3097 0xc19 USE_INVOCATION_RESULT can be used only with invoke
NSERR_INVAL_EXPR_DATA_TYPE 3098 0xc1a Invalid expression data type
NSERR_EXPR_CONST_ONLY 3099 0xc1b Only constant parameters are allowed for function
NSERR_ALT_EXPR_STRING_ONLY 3100 0xc1c Only string expressions are allowed for ALT
NSERR_ACTION_DEF_SET_INVAL 3101 0xc1d Default action cannot be modified
NSERR_POLICY_DEF_SET_INVAL 3102 0xc1e Default policy cannot be modified
NSERR_POLICY_LABEL_DEF_SET_INVAL 3103 0xc1f Default policylabel cannot be modified
NSERR_INVAL_UNBIND 3104 0xc20 Policy not bound to specified policy label
NSERR_REGEX_INVALID 3105 0xc21 Invalid regular expression
NSERR_REGEX_BACKREF 3106 0xc22 Backreference in regular expression
NSERR_REGEX_RECURSIVE 3107 0xc23 Recursive regular expression present
NSERR_PIXL_EXPR_UNSAFE 3108 0xc24 Input expression is unsafe
NSERR_PI_ACTION_MAX_REF_REACHED 3109 0xc25 Cannot create policy. Binding limit for action reached (65536)
NSERR_PI_INVALID_UNSET 3110 0xc26 Cannot unset rule or action. No changes done
NSERR_EMPTY_STRING 3111 0xc27 Zero length string not allowed
NSERR_INVAL_BTW_ARGS 3112 0xc28 Arguments to BETWEEN are incorrect
NSERR_INVAL_ARG_SPECIFIED 3113 0xc29 GotoPriorityExpression, flowtype and invoke apply only to rewrite, responder and cache policies
NSERR_INVAL_ARG_CSPL 3854 0xf0e Target vserver cannot be specified along with GotoPriorityExpression and invoke.
NSERR_FLOWTYPE_NOT_APPLICABLE 3114 0xc2a Flowtype applies only to rewrite, responder and cache policies
NSERR_INVAL_ARG_SPECIFIED_CS 3115 0xc2b Flowtype and invoke apply only to Advanced policies.
NSERR_INVAL_GOTOEXPR_CS 3116 0xc2c GotoPriorityExpression applies only to Advanced policies
NSERR_REBIND_FAILED 3117 0xc2d Rebinding of policy with new bind parameters failed. The policy is unbound.
NSERR_SECOND_BIND 3118 0xc2e A policy can be bound only once
NSERR_NONHTTP_VS 3119 0xc2f Specified policy can be bound only to HTTP/SSL/PROXY/HTTP_QUIC vserver
NSERR_PI_LEX_FAILURE 3344 0xd10 Error in parsing
NSERR_PI_INVALIDNAME 3856 0xF10 Invalid policy entity name: names must begin with an ASCII alphabetic character or underscore and must contain only ASCII alphanumerics or underscores; words reserved for policy use may not be used
NSERR_PI_RST_CONN 3855 0xF0F Message processing reset connection
NSERR_PI_EXPR_CSMSG 3857 0xF11 Advanced expression cannot have client security message
NSERR_INVAL_XPATH_EXPR 3858 0xf12 XPath Expression Compilation Failed
NSERR_XPATH_EXPR_NOT_SUPPORTED 3859 0xf13 Unsupported XPath
NSERR_TARGET_INVAL 3860 0xf14 Target Vserver cannot be specified for this policy
NSERR_INVAL_VSERVER_BIND 3862 0xf16 Policy can be bound only to LB/CS vserver types
NSERR_APP_FREED_NSB 3863 0xf17 Application reset/drop connection and freed nsb
NSERR_MULT_BIND_INVAL 3864 0xf18 CVPN Policies cannot be bound to multiple entities
NSERR_CLASSIC_POLICY_ALREADY_BOUND 3865 0xF19 Cannot bind an advanced policy to a virtual server to which a classic policy is already bound
NSERR_ADVANCED_POLICY_ALREADY_BOUND 3872 0xF20 Cannot bind a classic policy to a virtual server to which an advanced policy is already bound
NSERR_MULT_UNBIND 3873 0xF21 Policy is bound to multiple global bindpoints. Please specify the appropriate bindpoint to unbind it.
NSERR_UNKNOWN_CERTKEY 3874 0xF22 The specified certkey object has not been configured
NSERR_NO_RSA_PUBLIC_KEY 3875 0xF23 The specified certkey object does not include a certificate with an RSA public key
NSERR_NO_RSA_PRIVATE_KEY 3876 0xF24 The specified certkey object does not include an RSA private key
NSERR_CERTKEY_NAME_TOO_LONG 3877 0xF25 The certkey name exceeds the maximum 63 characters
NSERR_INVALID_UTF_8 3878 0xF26 Invalid UTF-8 string
NSERR_UNRECOG_CHARSET 3879 0xF27 Unrecognized character set
NSERR_INCOMPATIBLE_NAME_EXPR_CHANGE 3880 0xF28 Incompatible named expression change for in-use expression.
NSERR_HEADER_EXPR_ONLY 3881 0xF29 Only classic expressions for headers allowed in EVAL_CLASSIC_EXPR
NSERR_INVALID_KEYVALUE 3905 0xf41 The keyvalue argument is incorrect.
NSERR_INVALID_RESOURCE_NAME 3906 0xF42 Resource of the given name does not exist
NSERR_INVALID_ACTION 3907 0xF43 Invalid action
NSERR_INVALID_ENUM_VALUE 3909 0xF45 Invalid enumeration value
NSERR_INVALID_BINDPOINT 3910 0xF46 Invalid bind point.
NSERR_NO_FIPS_FOR_POLICY_CRYPTO 3911 0xF47 A FIPS key cannot be used for policy crypto functions.
NSERR_NO_CONFIGDB_DATA_SELECTED 3912 0xF48 No data selected from the configuration database.
NSERR_HEADER_NAME_LENGTH_LIMIT 3913 0xF49 Custom header name is too long.
NSERR_UNSUPPORTED_CVPN_SEARCH 3914 0xF4A Patset, dataset, and xpath not supported for clientless VPN search.
NSERR_INVALID_HEADER_NAME 3915 0xF4B Header name contains invalid characters (one or more of ( ) < > @ , ; : \\ \" / [ ] ? = { } and space) as per the HTTP spec RFC 2616. This is allowed to for non-conformant HTTP messages, but may not be what you intended.
NSERR_HEADER_NAME_TOO_LONG 3916 0xF4c Header name is too long (maximum of 32 characters allowed).
NSERR_CSACTION_NOT_SUPPORTED 3918 0xF4E Content Switching actions are not suported for classic content switching policies.
NSERR_PI_EXPR_TOO_BIG 3919 0xF4F Expression too long - maximum length is 8191
NSERR_PI_INVALID_FUNCTION_NAME 3946 0xF6A Cannot use Advanced Expression reserved word as a function name.
NSERR_PI_FUNCTION_NAME_EXISTS 3947 0xF6B Function with the same name already exists.
NSERR_EXTENSION_INVALID_UPDATE_NAME 3948 0xF6C Add the extension before updating.
NSERR_PI_INVALID_EXTENSION_NAME 3949 0xF6D Extension is not added.
NSERR_EXTENSION_FUNCTION_PROTOTYPE_CHANGED 3950 0xF6E Extension has different prototype of a function than that which is in use.
NSERR_EXTENSION_FUNCTION_UPDATE_PROBLEM 3951 0xF6F Problem in updating function that is in use.
NSERR_EXTENSION_COMPILE_FAILURE 3962 0xF7A Extension compilation error.
NSERR_EXTENSION_LOAD_FAILURE 3963 0xF7B Extension loading error.
NSERR_PI_USED_FUNCTION_REMOVED 3964 0xF7C Update attempted to remove a function that is in use.
NSERR_EXTENSION_FUNCTION_MULTIPLE_DEFINITIONS 3965 0xF7D Extension has multiple definitions of a function.
NSERR_EXTENSION_INVALID_FUNCTION_PROTOTYPE 3966 0xF7E Extension function's prototype is invalid.
NSERR_EXTENSION_MAX_FUNCTION_ARGUMENT 3967 0xF7F Maximum number of function arguments can be 3.
NSERR_BAD_EXTENSION_TRACE_NAME 4038 0xFC6 Function or variable name can contain only alphanumerics and underscores and cannot begin with a digit.
NSERR_BAD_EXTENSION_TRACE_ARRAYS 3024 0xBD0 traceFunctions or traceVariables cannot be specified with trace off.
NSERR_PI_INVALID_GLOBAL_BINDTYPE 3828 0xEF4 Invalid global bindtype.
NSERR_INVALID_POLICY_GLOBAL_BINDING 3829 0xEF5 Policy cannot be bound/unbound to/from the given global bindtype.
NSERR_INVALID_PI_ANNOTATE 1465 0x5b9 Invalid Advanced Expression annotation value
NSERR_INVALID_PI_ANNOTATE_LOGINSCHEMA 1466 0x5ba Invalid loginSchema corresponding to Advanced Expression annotation value
NSERR_ANGLE_BRACKETS_IN_TAGNAME 3830 0xEF6 Invalid syntax, angle brackets in tag specified
NSERR_INVALID_ENCRYPTION_KEY_ARGUMENT 3831 0xEF7 Invalid encryptionKey argument
NSERR_INVALID_HMAC_KEY_ARGUMENT 3832 0xEF8 Invalid hmacKey argument
NSERR_ENCRYPTION_KEY_NOTPRESENT 3833 0xEF9 Encryption key does not exist.
NSERR_HMAC_KEY_NOTPRESENT 3834 0xEFA HMAC key does not exist.
NSERR_WARN_SHORT_HMAC_KEY 3835 0xEFB Recommend that the HMAC keyValue be at least as long as the digest blocksize
NSERR_MULT_TYPE_UNBIND 3836 0xEFC Policy is bound to multiple bindpoints. Please specify the appropriate bindpoint to unbind it.
NSERR_EMPTY_CERTKEY 3837 0xEFD The specified certkey name is empty or NULL.
NSERR_NON_SSL_HTTP_VS 3838 0xEFE Specified policy can be bound only to HTTP/SSL vserver
NSERR_EXTENSION_HAS_GENERIC_MBLB_API_NOT_FUNCTION_API 3839 0xEFF Extension code already used for an Advanced Expression extension function cannot be used for a user protocol implementation.
NSERR_EXTENSION_HAS_FUNCTION_API_NOT_GENERIC_MBLB_API 3424 0xD60 Extension code already used for a user protocol implementation cannot be used for an Advanced Expression extension function.
NSERR_EXTENSION_INCORRECT_USER_PARAM_VALUE 3435 0xD6B Incorrect parameter field's value. Value should be in = format.
NSERR_EXTENSION_USER_PROTOCOL_IN_USE 1502 0x5DE Can't update the extension as the user protocol using this extension is in use
NSERR_USER_VSERVER_EXCEED_PARAM_NAME_VALUE_LENGTH 1503 0x5DF Parameter's name or value length exceeds maximum allowed length of 63 characters
NSERR_USER_VSERVER_INVALID_DEFAULT_LB_PROTOCOL_TYPE 2832 0xB10 Default Load Balancing virtual server's protocol type should be a user type.
NSERR_USER_VSERVER_DIFFERENT_TRANSPORT_DEFAULT_LB_PROTOCOL_TYPE 2831 0xB0F Transport type and default Load Balanocing virtual server's protocol type are not compatible.
NSERR_INTERIM_UPDATE_SUPPORT_IN_RADIUS_ONLY 3436 0xD6C Treat Radius Interim message as Start message is only supported in Radius-Only mode.
NSERR_WARN_VAR_SET_INIT 3437 0xD6D Set of the init parameter will not affect existing variable values.
NSERR_CI_UNSUPPORTED_VS 3454 0xD7E A Content Inspection policy can be bound only to LB vservers of type HTTP and SSL, and CS vservers of type HTTP, SSL and PROXY
NSERR_CI_ICAP_FLOWTYPE_MISMATCH 3470 0xD8E This Content Inspection policy's ICAP action is incompatible with the specified bindpoint
NSERR_INVALID_POLICY_BINDING 3438 0xD6E Policy cannot be bound/unbound to/from this vserver for the given bindtype.
NSERR_HTTP_REQ_USER_DEPRECATED 3456 0xD80 HTTP.REQ.USER has been deprecated. Use AAA.USER instead.
NSERR_ASSIGN_CONTEXT_PCB_NOT_PRESENT 3471 0xD8F Assignment attempted when not in a connection context.
NSERR_SELFAUTH_DEPRECATED 3481 0xD99 Selfauth as ssotype has been deprecated.
NSERR_RHS_TARGET_REQUIRED 3482 0xD9A TARGET is required in the rewrite action stringBuilder expression when a refineSearch espression contains a REGEX or XPATH function.
NSERR_AAA_GRP_AS_XML_DEPRECATED 3483 0xD9B GROUPS_AS_XML has been deprecated. Use AAA.USER.GROUPS instead.
NSERR_REDIRECT_URL_SAML 3484 0xD9C Redirect URL is a required argument for adding SAML action. Please specify it explicitly, or enter Metadata URL from which it can be imported.
NSERR_CI_IPS_FLOWTYPE_MISMATCH 3486 0xD9E Policy's action is incompatable with specified bindpoint or flow type
NSERR_SAML_ACT_CONF_ISSUE 3487 0xD9F Saml configuration failure as samlIdPCertName/samlRedirectUrl present when meatadataURL is provided
NSERR_PATFILE_REF_EXIST 1964 0x7AC The specified patset file is already associated with a patset/dataset
NSERR_PATSET_PATSETFILE_REFERENCE 2033 0x7F1 Cannot bind/unbind patterns for a patset/dataset with patsetfile association
NSERR_INVAL_LB_VSERVER_BIND 2288 0x8f0 Policy can be bound only to LB/GSLB vserver types
NSERR_INVALID_UNBINDPOINT 2294 0x8f6 Invalid flowtype for unbind


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_INVALIDPOL 2053 0x805 Binding invalid policy
NSERR_NOPOL 2054 0x806 No such policy exists
NSERR_RULEURL 2055 0x807 Rule or URL required
NSERR_DELMC 2056 0x808 Delay or maxConn argument required
NSERR_ACP 2057 0x809 Alternate content path not required
NSERR_ACS 2058 0x80A Alternate content service not required
NSERR_NOSET_CEXP 2059 0x80B No support to set compound expression value
NSERR_CEXP_DEPTH 2060 0x80C Maximum recursive depth reached
NSERR_NOVPNAPP 2061 0x80D No such intranet application exists
NSERR_NOSET_CSE 2062 0x80E Changing rule to/from client security expression is not allowed when policy is in use
NSERR_INVAL_POLNAME 2063 0x80F Invalid policy Name
NSERR_UNBIND_INVALIDPOL 2097 0x831 Policy not bound
NSERR_EXCEED_MAX_POL_LIMIT 2098 0x832 32 authentication policies are already bound
NSERR_INTERNAL_PI_ERROR 2103 0x837 Internal policy error
NSERR_NEG_POL_VIOL1 2104 0x838 Only negotiate and certificate policies can be bound together
NSERR_NEG_POL_VIOL2 2105 0x839 Negotiate policy in primary can be bound only along with ldap policy (with authentication turned off) in secondary
NSERR_NEG_POL_VIOL3 2106 0x83A Negotiate policy in secondary can be bound only along with certificate policy in primary
NSERR_SAML_POL_VIOL1 2122 0x84A SAML policy can only be the last in the cascade or the only one in the cascade
NSERR_SAML_POL_VIOL2 2123 0x84B SAML policy in primary can be bound only along with ldap policy (with authentication turned off) in secondary
NSERR_SAML_POL_VIOL3 2124 0x84C SAML policy cannot be bound to secondary cascade
NSERR_SAML_DISABLED 2125 0x84D SAML policy binding is disabled
NSERR_LDAP_POL_VIOL1 2088 0x828 Only LDAP policies may be bound for group extraction.
NSERR_LDAP_POL_VIOL2 2089 0x829 An LDAP policy bound for group extraction must set -authentication DISABLED.
NSERR_NON_SELECTOR_POLICY 2107 0x83B Only selector based policies can be bound to sql vserver
NSERR_BAD_SELECTOR 2108 0x83C Selector does not match content group type
NSERR_BAD_CONTENTGROUP 2109 0x83D Contentgroup not compatible
NSERR_SQL_POL_GLOBAL_BINDPOINT 2110 0x83E Datastream cache policies cannot have global/override bindpoint
NSERR_APPQOE_INVALID_ACP 2111 0x83F Alternate content path is invalid
NSERR_APPQOE_CLTRATE 2086 0x826 Client detect rate is not required
NSERR_APPQOE_DOSTHRESH_NREQ 2087 0x827 DoS attack threshold is not required
NSERR_APPQOE_DOSTHRESH_REQ 2090 0x82a DoS attack threshold is required
NSERR_APPQOE_ACS_REQ 2091 0x82b Alternate content service is required
NSERR_APPQOE_ACP_REQ 2092 0x82c Alternate content path is required with alternate content service
NSERR_APPQOE_VSVR_CONFIG_CONFLICT 2094 0x82E AppQoE policy cannot be bound to vserver configured for PQ/SC
NSERR_APPQOE_SVC_CONFIG_CONFLICT 2095 0x82F AppQoE policy cannot be bound to vserver with services configured for SC/HDOSP
NSERR_APPQOE_UNSUPPORTED_PROTO 2142 0x85E Specified policy can be bound only to HTTP/SSL/HTTP_QUIC vserver
NSERR_APPQOE_UNSUPPORTED_VSVR 2143 0x85F Specified policy can be bound only to LB vserver types
NSERR_CLASSIC_POLICY_INVALID_ARG 2145 0x861 Invalid arguments for classic policy binding
NSERR_AUTHN_ADVANCE_INVALID_ARG 2146 0x862 Invalid arguments for advanced authentication policy binding
NSERR_RENAME_NOT_PERMITTED 2147 0x863 Rename operation not permitted
NSERR_PI_AUTHZPLCY_NOT_SUPPORTED 2148 0x864 advanced authorization policy cannot be bound to aaa user/group
NSERR_SAML_2FACTOR_CONFLICT 2149 0x865 SAML 2-Factor policy should always be at the beginning of cascade
NSERR_AUDIT_SYSADVPLCY_BOUND 2150 0x866 Cannot bind Classic Syslog Policy to System global if Advanced Syslog Policy is already bound to SyslogGlobal
NSERR_AUDIT_SYSCLASSICPLCY_BOUND 2151 0x867 Cannot bind Advanced Syslog Policy to SyslogGlobal if Classic Syslog Policy is already bound to System Global
NSERR_CLASSIC_TMSESSPOL_ALREADY_BOUND 2152 0x868 Advanced TM Session Policy cannot be bound if Classic TM Session Policy is already bound to any entity (i.e. aaa user, aaa group, authentication vserver, tm global)
NSERR_ADVANCED_TMSESSPOL_ALREADY_BOUND 2153 0x869 Classic TM Session Policy cannot be bound if Advanced TM Session Policy is already bound to any entity (i.e. aaa user, aaa group, authentication vserver, tm global)
NSERR_AUDIT_NSADVPLCY_BOUND 2311 0x907 Cannot bind Classic Nslog Policy to System global if Advanced Nslog Policy is already bound to NslogGlobal
NSERR_AUDIT_NSCLASSICPLCY_BOUND 2312 0x908 Cannot bind Advanced Nslog Policy to NslogGlobal if Classic Nslog Policy is already bound to System Global
NSERR_CLASSIC_AUTHNPOL_ALREADY_BOUND 2219 0x8ab Advanced authentication Policy cannot be bound if Classic authentication Policy is already bound to system global
NSERR_ADVANCED_AUTHNPOL_ALREADY_BOUND 2220 0x8ac Classic authentication Policy cannot be bound if Advanced authentication Policy is already bound to system global
NSERR_NEXTFACTOR_ATTRIBMAP_MISMATCH 2221 0x8ad Bind functionality not supported for current bind-entity and nextFactor
NSERR_CLASSIC_VPNTRAFFICPOL_ALREADY_BOUND 2222 0x8ae Advanced VPN Traffic Policy cannot be bound if Classic VPN Traffic Policy is already bound to any entity (i.e. aaa user, aaa group, vpn vserver, vpn global)
NSERR_ADVANCED_VPNTRAFFICPOL_ALREADY_BOUND 2223 0x8af Classic VPN Traffic Policy cannot be bound if Advanced VPN Traffic Policy is already bound to any entity (i.e. aaa user, aaa group, vpn vserver, vpn global)
NSERR_CLASSIC_AUTHPOL_ALREADY_BOUND 2224 0x8b0 Advanced Authorization Policy cannot be bound if Classic Authorization Policy is already bound to any entity (i.e. aaa user, aaa group)
NSERR_ADVANCED_AUTHPOL_ALREADY_BOUND 2225 0x8b1 Classic Authorization Policy cannot be bound if Advanced Authorization Policy is already bound to any entity (i.e. aaa user, aaa group)
NSERR_CLASSIC_VPNSESSPOL_ALREADY_BOUND 2226 0x8b2 Advanced VPN Session Policy cannot be bound if Classic VPN Session Policy is already bound to any entity (i.e. aaa user, aaa group, vpn vserver, vpn global)
NSERR_ADVANCED_VPNSESSPOL_ALREADY_BOUND 2227 0x8b3 Classic VPN Session Policy cannot be bound if Advanced VPN Session Policy is already bound to any entity (i.e. aaa user, aaa group, vpn vserver, vpn global)
NSERR_INVALID_AUTHN_SET_ACTION_SUBTYPE 2228 0x8b4 Setting action for advanced authentication policy not allowed for different action subtype
NSERR_CLASSIC_AUTH_POLICY_DEPRECATED 2229 0x8b5 Classic authentication policies are deprecated and will be removed in the next major release. Please use advanced authentication policies (i.e. add/set authentication policy)
NSERR_CLASSIC_PREAUTH_POLICY_DEPRECATED 2230 0x8b6 Classic Pre-authentication policies are deprecated and will be removed in the next major release. Please use advanced authentication policies (i.e. add/set authentication epaaction, add/set authentication policy)
NSERR_INVALID_POLICY_CONTAIN_CSEC 2231 0x8b7 Binding policy with Client Security expression is not allowed for ICAOnly VPN Virtual Server
NSERR_CLASSIC_AUDITLOGPOL_ALREADY_BOUND 2232 0x8b8 Advanced Audit Policy cannot be bound if Classic Audit Policy is already bound to Vserver
NSERR_ADVANCED_AUDITLOGPOL_ALREADY_BOUND 2233 0x8b9 Classic Audit Policy cannot be bound if Advanced Audit Policy is already bound to Vserver
NSERR_MAX_AUDITLOGPOL_REACHED 2234 0x8ba Maximum auditlog policy binding to vserver reached
NSERR_PI_ADVANCED_POLICY_ALREADY_ADDED 2235 0x8bb Failed to bind classic policy because advanced policy(s) is already bound.
NSERR_PI_CLASSIC_POLICY_ALREADY_ADDED 2236 0x8bc Failed to bind advanced policy because classic policy(s) is already bound.
NSERR_CLASSIC_CLIENT_SECURITY_DEPRECATED 2237 0x8bd Client security expressions are deprecated using this command. Please use advanced authentication policies (i.e. add/set authentication epaaction, add/set authentication policy)
NSERR_CLASSIC_VPNURLPOL_ALREADY_BOUND 2240 0x8c0 VPN URL Policy cannot be bound if Classic VPN URL is already bound to any entity
NSERR_ADVANCED_VPNURLPOL_ALREADY_BOUND 2241 0x8c1 Classic VPN URL cannot be bound if VPN URL Policy is already bound to any entity
NSERR_PORTALTHEME_DEPRECATED 2242 0x8c2 Default, GreenBubble and X1 themes will be deprecated in the future release. Please use RfWebUI theme or RfWebUI based custom theme
NSERR_METADATA_REFRESH_MAX_INTERVAL 2243 0x8c3 Max metadata refresh interval support has been changed to 3600 minutes (60 hours)
NSERR_EPA_V2_CONFIG_FAILED 2244 0x8c4 EPA V2 config failed. Reconfigure this epa action when EPA v2 is enabled


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_POOLED_LIC_SET_CAP 3569 0xdf1 Unable to set capacity
NSERR_POOLED_LIC_LPED_COMM 3570 0xdf2 Connection to LPED failed
NSERR_POOLED_LIC_SERVER_CONN 3571 0xdf3 Unable to connect to licenseserver
NSERR_POOLED_LIC_BAD_STATE 389 0x185 License engine initialization in progress


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_PQ_BINDVIP 1360 0x550 Cannot bind same priority policy to VIP
NSERR_PQ_INVALPRIO 1361 0x551 Invalid priority value
NSERR_PQ_2BIGRULE 1362 0x552 Rule argument too big
NSERR_PQ_INVALWT 1363 0x553 Invalid weight value
NSERR_PQ_POLEXIST 1364 0x554 Policy name already in use
NSERR_PQ_NOPOL 1365 0x555 No such PQ policy exists
NSERR_PQ_2MANYREF 1366 0x556 Cannot remove a policy which is bound to VIP
NSERR_PQ_NOLBVIP 1367 0x557 No such LB vserver exists
NSERR_PQ_PHSCONFIG 1368 0x558 Cannot configure PQ on VIP if physical service has PQ configuration
NSERR_PQ_NOBIND 1369 0x559 Cannot unbind PQ Policy which is not bound


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_QOS_64BIT_NOT_SUPPORTED 3776 0xec0 Libqos is not currently supported on 64 bit platforms.
NSERR_QOS_FEATURE_LOCKED 3777 0xec1 QoS featuremask parameter cannot be used with the videooptimization feature enabled.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_QUIC_INVALID_SERVER_ID 1699 0x6a3 Invalid hex format of custom server id. Length should be even and it must be a hex string
NSERR_QUIC_INVALID_CONFIG 1700 0x6a4 Invalid configuration


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_TECHSPRT_BUNDLE_MISSING 3824 0xef0 Tech support bundle does not exist.
NSERR_TECHSPRT_REMOVE 3825 0xef1 Error while removing tech support bundle.
NSERR_RESPOINT_MISSING 3826 0xef2 Restore point does not exist.
NSERR_RESPOINT_NAMEMISSING 2576 0xa10 Missing restore point name argument in the input.
NSERR_RESPOINT_MAXLIMIT 2577 0xa11 Reached max limit of 3 for restore points. Remove older restorepoints to proceed.
NSERR_CREATE_RESPOINT 2578 0xa12 Error while creating restore point.
NSERR_UPDATE_MAPFILE 2579 0xa13 Error while Updating the restorepoint map file.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_RW_ACT_INVAL 2817 0xb01 Invalid rewrite action
NSERR_RW_UNDEFACT_INVAL 2818 0xb02 Invalid undef action or log action
NSERR_ACTFLOWMISMATCH 2819 0xb03 Flow types of target and string expression are incompatible
NSERR_RONLY_TAR_EXPR 2820 0xb04 Target must be a simple reference to an unmodified portion of the message
NSERR_DATASET_BINDFAIL 2821 0xb05 Unable to bind the pattern to dataset/patset
NSERR_DATASET_UNBINDFAIL 2822 0xb06 Pattern or range does not exist in dataset/patset
NSERR_DATASET_NOTPRESENT 2823 0xb07 Dataset/Patset does not exist
NSERR_RSP_ACT_INVAL 2824 0xb08 Invalid responder action
NSERR_RSP_POLICY_FLOWTYPE_REQ 2825 0xb09 Responder policy must be a request policy
NSERR_TAR_FLOWTYPE_NRES 2826 0xb0a Flow type of target should not be response type
NSERR_RSP_CONFIG_LOCK 2827 0xb0b Responder configuration is temporarily disabled
NSERR_RSP_ACT_MUST_BE_NOOP 2828 0xb0c Non-terminating policy must have NOOP action
NSERR_PATSET_INVALID_REGEX 2829 0xb0d Patset contains invalid regex.
NSERR_DATASET_BINDFAIL_DUP_INDEX 2830 0xb0e Pattern index already in use, try using other index
NSERR_PATSET_BINDFAIL_PATLEN_LT_WU_MINLEN 2833 0xb11 Patset search on a body target not allowed if any of the patset patterns are < 3 or > 112 bytes in length, or a range is bound to the dataset
NSERR_TARGET_NOT_ALLOWED_IN_RULE 2834 0xb12 Expression involving Target not allowed in rule.
NSERR_RW_TARGET_NOT_ALLOWED_IN_STRBUILDER 2835 0xb13 Expression involving Target not allowed in StringBuilder expression.
NSERR_PIT_INVAL 2836 0xb14 Invalid Packet data
NSERR_INVAL_INVOKEPOINT 2837 0xb15 Invalid invoke point
NSERR_PIT_MAX_PACKET 2838 0xb16 Packet size exceeds maximum size
NSERR_REFINE_SEARCH_INVALID 2839 0xb17 Regular expression for patterns not allowed when refine search is specified
NSERR_EXTEND_INVALID 2840 0xb18 Extend not allowed for non-body expressions
NSERR_NON_EXTEND_EXPR 2841 0xb19 Non extend expressions are not allowed
NSERR_EXTEND_INVAL_PIRL 2842 0xb1a Extend not allowed in the string builder expression
NSERR_INVAL_TAR_EXPR 2843 0xb1b Invalid target expression
NSERR_INVAL_SEARCH_ARGS 2845 0xb1d Invalid argument: search supports text, xpath, xpath_json, xpath_html, regex and patset
NSERR_RSP_ACT_MUST_BE_RESET_DROP 2846 0xb1e Policy action must be DROP|RESET
NSERR_INVAL_SEARCH_SYNTAX 2847 0xb1f Invalid search syntax
NSERR_INVAL_SEARCH_XPATH_SYNTAX 2848 0xb20 Invalid xpath syntax
NSERR_INVAL_SEARCH_PATSET_SYNTAX 2849 0xb21 Invalid patset syntax
NSERR_INVAL_SEARCH_REGEX_SYNTAX 2850 0xb22 Invalid regex syntax
NSERR_RW_REQ_BODY_NOT_ALLOWED 2851 0xb23 Request body based expression is not allowed
NSERR_RENAME_NOTSUPPORTED 2852 0xb24 Renaming this entity is not supported as entity based expression is configured
NSERR_ENTITY_REMOVAL_NOTALLOWED 2853 0xb25 Removing this entity is not allowed as entity based expression is configured
NSERR_PI_ENTITY_EXISTS 2854 0xb26 Advanced expression entity with same name already exists.
NSERR_INCOMPATIBLE_CALLOUT_CHANGE 2855 0xb27 Incompatible callout change for in-use callout.
NSERR_STRINGMAP_NOTPRESENT 2856 0xb28 String map does not exist
NSERR_HTTP_PROFILE_ACTION_NOT_ALLOWED 2857 0xb29 Responder action using HTTP protocol expressions is not allowed in HTTP profile
NSERR_RSP_ACT_MUST_BE_DROP_NOOP 2899 0xb53 Policy action must be DROP|NOOP
NSERR_RSP_UNDEF_ACT_MUST_BE_DROP_NOOP 2859 0xb2B Policy undef action must be DROP|NOOP
NSERR_INCOMPATIBLE_UNDEF 2860 0xb2C Incompatible global undef action for SIP policy
NSERR_PIT_ACTION_EVAL_INVAL 2861 0xb2d Action cannot be evaluated due to wrong input type.
NSERR_STRLIT_MAXLEN 2863 0xb2f String literal length exceeds maximum. Allowed maximum length is 32767 bytes or the maximum expression length, whichever is less. In most situations the maximum expression length is either 8191 or 1499 bytes.
NSERR_DATASET_INVALID 2866 0xb32 Invalid dataset element
NSERR_DATASET_BINDFAIL_DUP_PATTERN 2867 0xb33 Pattern already bound to dataset/patset, try using other pattern
NSERR_TIMER_ACT_INVAL 2868 0xb34 Invalid timer action
NSERR_TIMER_ENTITY_INUSE 2869 0xb35 Timer entity name already in use
NSERR_TIMER_ENTITY_GLOBAL_BINDPOINT_INVAL 2870 0xb36 Invalid global bindpoint
NSERR_PATSET_BUILTIN 2871 0xb37 Built-in Patsets cannot be modified or deleted
NSERR_CROSS_MAX_LIMIT 2872 0xb38 Maximum value can be 2147483647
NSERR_INVALID_IPV4_FORMAT 2873 0xb39 Value should be in IPv4 format
NSERR_INVALID_IPV4_MAX_FIELD_VALUE 2880 0xb40 Maximum value of an IPv4 field can be 255
NSERR_INVALID_IPV6_FORMAT 2881 0xb41 Invalid IPv6 address format
NSERR_INVALID_NUMERIC_FORMAT 2882 0xb42 Value should be in decimal or hexadecimal format
NSERR_VALID_PREFIX_NUMERIC_FORMAT 2048 0x800 Value is valid decimal or hexadecimal format, but is only a prefix of the string
NSERR_DATASET_PATTERN_ALREADY_BOUND 2883 0xb43 Specified pattern or range is already bound to dataset/patset
NSERR_PI_CIRCULAR_REFERENCE_DETECTED 2884 0xb44 Circular reference detected
NSERR_INVALID_ULONG_FORMAT 2885 0xb45 Value should be in unsigned long format like 23445, 88888999
NSERR_INVALID_MAC_ADDRESS_FORMAT 2886 0xb46 Value should be in mac address format like ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
NSERR_INVALID_DOUBLE_FORMAT 2887 0xb47 Value should be in double format like 223, 22.3, 234e2
NSERR_CROSS_ULONG_MAX_LIMIT 2888 0xb48 Maximum value can be 18446744073709551615
NSERR_INVAL_AVP_INSERT_EXPR 2890 0xb4a Rewrite policy has invalid action. For Diameter bind points use DIAMETER.NEW_AVP() in action and for Radius bind points use RADIUS.NEW_AVP() in action as stringBuilderExpr expression to insert/replace AVP
NSERR_INVAL_AVP_LOOKUP_EXPR 2891 0xb4b Rewrite policy has invalid action. For Diameter/Radius bind points, use AVP lookup expression as target expression. e.g. RADIUS.REQ.AVP(127)/DIAMETER.REQ.AVP(9000)/AVP_START/AVP_END
NSERR_INVAL_DELETE_AVP_EXPR 2892 0xb4c Rewrite policy has invalid action. Deletion of AVP should be done using AVP based expression like RADIUS.REQ.AVP(33)/DIAMETER.REQ.AVP(9999)
NSERR_INVAL_NEW_MESSAGE_EXPR 2893 0xb4d Responder policy has invalid action. Use expressions like DIAMETER.NEW_ANSWER/DIAMETER_NEW_REDIRECT as target expression to create new diameter message and RADIUS.NEW_ANSWER/RADIUS.NEW_ACCESSREJECT for RADIUS message
NSERR_INVAL_DIAMETER_REDIRECT_ACTION 2894 0xb4e Binding Invalid Diameter action. Use DIAMETER.NEW_REDIRECT as target expression to create new redirect message
NSERR_INVAL_DIAMETER_ACTION 2895 0xb4f Invalid action for Diameter bind point.
NSERR_PIT_CONNECTION_ERROR 2897 0xb51 Connection error
NSERR_INVAL_SEARCH_AVP 2898 0xb52 AVP code should be a number
NSERR_DATASET_PATTERN_LIMIT_OVERFLOW 2900 0xb54 Cannot bind more than 50, 000 patterns to a patset/dataset
NSERR_INVAL_RADIUS_AVPCODE 2901 0xb55 RADIUS AVP code should be in 0-255 number range
NSERR_INVAL_RADIUS_RESPONSE 2902 0xb56 Invalid RADIUS response code
NSERR_RESP_ACT_REASON_PHRASE_REQUIRED 2903 0xb57 Please also specify a reason phrase with a user-defined HTTP status code.
NSERR_RESP_ACT_RESPONSE_CODE_REASON_PHRASE_NOT_ALLOWED 2904 0xb58 responseStatusCode and reasonPhrase options are allowed only for respondwithhtmlpage and redirect action types.
NSERR_RESP_ACT_INVALID_REDIRECT_CODE 2905 0xb59 For redirect action type the response status code must be in the range 300-399.
NSERR_RESP_ACT_EMPTY_REASON_PHRASE_NOT_ALLOWED 2907 0xb5B Empty reasonPhrase string not allowed.
NSERR_MAX_STREAMING_PATTERN_LIMIT 2909 0xb5D Maximum number of streaming patterns exceeded.
NSERR_RESP_UPDATE_HTMLPAGE_NOT_REFERENCED 1223 0x4c7 Responder HTML Page must be referenced in a responder action prior to update.
NSERR_PATSET_STREAMING_BINDFAIL_PATLEN_LT_WU_MINLEN 1224 0x4c8 Patterns which are < 3 or > 112 bytes in length are not allowed to be bound to the patset, if patset is being used for streaming search or in rewrite action search parameter.
NSERR_DATASET_RANGE_ERROR 2910 0xb5e Dataset range error
NSERR_DATASET_WARN_SUBNET_ADDR 2911 0xb5f Starting subnet address masked using subnet mask to create new starting address
NSERR_PATSET_CONFIG_CHANGED 2915 0xb63 The patset/dataset configuration changed after the iterator was created/
NSERR_RSP_NOOP_ACTION_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED 2916 0xb64 NOOP action type is deprecated and will be removed in the future - use NOOP action


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_RNAT_NAME_EXISTS 976 0x3d0 A RNAT with same name exists
NSERR_VLAN_IPV6_LL_N_ALLOW 962 0x3c2 IP address cannot be link-local address
NSERR_VLAN_INTF_BOUND_NSVLAN 963 0x3c3 Cannot unbind interface from nsvlan
NSERR_VLAN_INVALID 964 0x3c4 Incorrect vlan specified
NSERR_SYNC_VLAN_IPBOUND 965 0x3c5 Ipaddress binding/unbinding is not allowed on sync or default vlan
NSERR_VLAN_SUBNET_ALREADY_BOUND 966 0x3c6 Subnet already bound to this vlan
NSERR_UNABLE_GET_VLAN_IP 967 0x3c7 Unable to get vlan of the IPaddress
NSERR_IP_VLAN_BOUND 968 0x3c8 Ipaddress already bound to a vlan
NSERR_VLAN_UNABLE_ADD 969 0x3c9 Unable to add vlan
NSERR_DEFVLAN 970 0x3ca Default VLAN or NSVLAN cannot be modified
NSERR_IPV6_ROUTING_BRIDGEGRP 971 0x3cb vlan is part of a bridge group. Cannot enable routing
NSERR_VLAN_SDXMGMTVLAN_CLUSTER 972 0x3cc Operation not permitted. vlan is SDX management vlan in a cluster
NSERR_ACL_INUSE_RNAT 973 0x3cd This ACL is used for RNAT/NAT64/LSN/FORWARDINGSESSION. Action should be ALLOW
NSERR_RNAT_CM_TCPPROXY 974 0x3ce TCPPROXY should be disabled for connection failover to work properly.
NSERR_RNAT_DYN_PERM_RT 2413 0x96d RNAT cannot be configured on DYNAMIC/PERMANENT route
NSERR_RNAT_SRCIPPERSISTENCY_NOTSUPCLU 1218 0x4c2 RNAT SourceIPPersistency is not supported in Cluster.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_INVALTHRESHOLD 3457 0xd81 Threshold value for this alarm is a percentage (1 - 100)
NSERR_WRONGTHRESHOLDS 3458 0xd82 Normal threshold must be lower than alarm threshold
NSERR_INVALID_SRCIP 3459 0xd83 Valid source IP: NSIP, SNIP, MIP. In cluster setup, valid source IP: CLIP, Striped SNIP. In non default partition, valid source IP: SNIP
NSERR_THRESHOLD_UNSETTABLE 3460 0xd84 Threshold value cannot be set/unset for this alarm
NSERR_TIME_UNSETTABLE 3461 0xd85 Time interval cannot be set/unset for this alarm
NSERR_WRONG_LOW_THRESHOLDS 3462 0xd86 Normal threshold must be higher than alarm threshold
NSERR_NOSNMPUSER 3463 0xd87 SNMP user doesn't exist
NSERR_WRONG_SNMPVERSION 3464 0xd88 Bind command allowed only for V3 traps
NSERR_V3TRAP_COMMUNITY 3465 0xd89 V3 traps cannot have community
NSERR_IPINUSE 3466 0xd8A IP is used in SNMP trap configuration
NSERR_DEFAULTONLY 3467 0xd8B Alarm not supported in non-default partition
NSERR_OWNERNODE 3468 0xd8C Owner node not specified or invalid
NSERR_FIPS_SNMP 3469 0xd8D Less secure SNMP configuration is not supported in FIPS mode


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_NODECNT_EXCEED 4000 0xfa0 You cannot have more than 32 nodes in a nodegroup.
NSERR_INVAL_VAL_IN_DB 4001 0xfa1 Invalid values exists in database.
NSERR_NODE_IDX_EXCEED 4002 0xfa2 Node index cannot exceed 31.
NSERR_INVALID_NODE 4003 0xfa3 Specified node does not exist.
NSERR_INVALID_VSVR 4004 0xfa4 Specified type of virtual server cannot be bound to the default nodegroup.
NSERR_VSVR_NOT_EXISTS 4005 0xfa5 Specified virtual server does not exist.
NSERR_VSVR_ALREADY_BOUND 4006 0xfa6 Specified virtual server is already bound to some other nodegroup.
NSERR_NOT_IN_SAME_NG 4007 0xfa7 Dependencies of the specified virtual server (such as backup virtual server) are not available in the virtual server's nodegroup.
NSERR_NG_NOT_EXISTS 4008 0xfa8 Specified nodegroup does not exist.
NSERR_NO_NODES_OR_BOUND 4009 0xfa9 Specified node is not valid or is already bound to the nodegroup.
NSERR_NO_NODES_OR_UNBOUND 4010 0xfaa Specified node is not valid or is not bound to this nodegroup.
NSERR_DEPENDENCIES_EXCEED 4011 0xfab Specified virtual server has more than 1024 dependencies.
NSERR_VSVR_NOT_BOUND_OR_BOUND_TO_DIFFERENT 4012 0xfac Specified virtual server is not bound to this nodegroup.
NSERR_HAVE_DEPENDENCIES 4013 0xfad Specified virtual server has dependencies on other entities that are not part of the nodegroup. Remove these dependencies from the virtual server to bind the virtual server and its dependencies to the nodegroup.
NSERR_NG_CMDS_NOT_SUPPORTED_IN_STANDALONE 4014 0xfae Nodegroup commands are supported only in a cluster setup.
NSERR_BIND_VS_FAILS_IF_NO_NODES_AND_STRICT_OR_STICKY 4015 0xfaf You cannot bind an entity to a nodegroup that has no nodes and that has the strict/sticky option enabled.
NSERR_UNBIND_LASTNODE_FAILS_IF_BOUND_ENTITIES_AND_STRICT 4016 0xfb0 You cannot unbind the last node of a nodegroup that has entities bound to it and that has the strict option enabled.
NSERR_SET_STRICT_FAILS_IF_NO_NODES_AND_BOUND_ENTITIES 4017 0xfb1 You cannot enable STRICT option for a nodegroup that has no nodes, but that has entities bound to it.
NSERR_RM_FAILS_IF_BOUND_ENTITIES 4018 0xfb2 Specified nodegroup cannot be removed, because it has entities bound to it.
NSERR_RM_NODE_FAILS_IF_BOUND_ENTITIES 4019 0xfb3 Specified cluster node cannot be removed, because it belongs to a nodegroup that has entities bound to it.
NSERR_RM_CLUSTER_FAILS_IF_BOUND_ENTITIES 4020 0xfb4 Specified cluster instance cannot be removed, because one of its nodegroups have entities bound to it.
NSERR_BIND_WILDCARDVIP_FAILS 4021 0xfb5 You cannot bind a wildcard vserver to a nodegroup.
NSERR_SQL_QUERY_TRUNCATED 4022 0xfb6 Too long SQL query to perform the database query.
NSERR_IDENT_ALREADY_BOUND 4023 0xfb7 Given identifier already bound.
NSERR_IDENT_NOT_BOUND_OR_BOUND_TO_DIFFERENT 4024 0xfb8 Given identifier is not bound or bound to some other nodegroup.
NSERR_IDENT_BOUND_TO_NG 4025 0xfb9 Cannot delete identifier that is bound to a nodegroup
NSERR_GSLB_NG_EXISTS 4034 0xfc2 Can not configure multiple GSLB nodegroups.
NSERR_GSLB_SITE_TYPE_NOT_LOCAL 4035 0xfc3 Can only perform this operation on a local GSLB site.
NSERR_NG_NOGSLB 4036 0xfc4 GSLB entities can not be bound to this nodegroup.
NSERR_SERVICE_BOUND_TO_NG 4037 0xfc5 Cannot delete a service bound to a nodegroup.
NSERR_GSLB_NG_NODE_COUNT 4039 0xfc7 This nodegroup must be bound to exactly ONE node
NSERR_GSLB_NG 4040 0xfc8 Only GSLB entities can be bound to this nodegroup.
NSERR_VPN_BOUND_TO_NG 4041 0xfc9 Cannot bind more than one node to a nodegroup that has vpn vservers bound
NSERR_VPN_BOUND_TO_OTHER_NG 4042 0xfca Cannot bind vpn vserver to this nodegroup as other vpn vservers are bound to different nodegroup
NSERR_VPN_BOUND_TO_NG1 4043 0xfcb Cannot bind vpn vserver to a nodegroup that has more than one node bound
NSERR_UNBIND_LASTNODE_FAILS_IF_VPNVSERVER_BOUND 4044 0xfcc You cannot unbind the last node of a nodegroup that has vpn vserver bound.
NSERR_BIND_NODE_FAILS_IF_STICKY 4045 0xfcd You cannot bind more than one node to a nodegroup that is sticky.
NSERR_UNBIND_LASTNODE_FAILS_IF_BOUND_ENTITIES_AND_STICKY 4046 0xfce You cannot unbind the last node of a nodegroup that has entities bound to it and that has the sticky option enabled.
NSERR_SET_STRICT_FAILS_IF_STICKY 4047 0xfcf You cannot enable STRICT option for a nodegroup that is sticky.
NSERR_25GSPEEDRESTRICT 4048 0xfd0 25G ports on this platform are restricted to speeds 25000, 10000, 1000 or AUTO only
NSERR_NG_BIND_ENTITY_MISMATCH 4065 0xfe1 Nodegroup with state option, supports only cluster nodes binding
NSERR_NG_SET_BOUND 4066 0xfe2 Can not set nodegroup, since already bound
NSERR_NODE_ALREADY_BOUND_TO_STATENG 4067 0xfe3 Node already bound to state specific nodegroup
NSERR_NODE_BOUND_TO_STATENG 4068 0xfe4 Can not set the state of the cluster node when bound to nodegroup with state option
NSERR_NG_STRICT_DISABLED 4069 0xfe5 You can not disable STRICT option for nodegroup with state option
NSERR_NO_TRUE_POLICY 4071 0xfe7 No policy evaluated to TRUE
NSERR_BRIDGEAGE_DEPR 2749 0xabd Argument deprecated[bridgeAge]. Use set l2param -bridgeAgeTimeout instead


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_SSL_CERT 1536 0x600 Invalid certificate
NSERR_SSL_PKEY 1537 0x601 Invalid private key, or PEM pass phrase required for this private key
NSERR_SSL_NOMATCH 1538 0x602 Certificate and private key do not match
NSERR_SSL_CERTTYPE 1539 0x603 Invalid cetificate type
NSERR_SSL_NOCERT 1540 0x604 Certificate does not exist
NSERR_SSL_REFEXT 1541 0x605 Certificate is referenced by a CRL, OCSP responder, vserver, service, monitor, SSL profile, CA Cert Group, another certificate, or a policy expression using XML_ENCRYPT() or XML_DECRYPT()
NSERR_SSL_BIND 1542 0x606 Certificate binding does not exist
NSERR_SSL_LINK 1543 0x607 Certificate can't be linked to the same certificate
NSERR_SSL_NEED_SSLPROTO 1544 0x608 Object's protocol type is not SSL
NSERR_SSL_NOLINK 1545 0x609 Certificate does not have any CA link
NSERR_SSL_BINDOR 1546 0x60A Current certificate replaces the previous binding
NSERR_SSL_NOSVRCERT 1547 0x60B Certificate is not a server/client certificate
NSERR_SSL_ISSUBMIS 1548 0x60C Issuer certificate mismatch
NSERR_SSL_CRL 1549 0x60D Invalid CRL
NSERR_SSL_NOCRL 1550 0x60E CRL does not exist
NSERR_SSL_DHCOUNT 1551 0x60F DH Refresh count should be 0 or >=500
NSERR_SSL_SESSTO 1552 0x610 Session timeout should be > 0
NSERR_SSL_ERSACOUNT 1553 0x611 eRSA Refresh count should be 0 or >=500
NSERR_SSL_DH_SIZE 1554 0x612 DH params of size greater than 4096 bits not supported
NSERR_DHPATH 1555 0x613 DH file path mandatory if DH enabled
NSERR_CERTHEADER 1556 0x614 Cert header tag mandatory if cert enabled
NSERR_SESSHEADER 1557 0x615 Sess header tag mandatory if sess enabled
NSERR_CIPHER_PERM 1558 0x616 Default ciphers/aliases cannot be added or removed
NSERR_SSL_ERSADISABLED 1559 0x617 Setting eRSA count when eRSA is disabled
NSERR_SSL_DHDISABLED 1560 0x618 Setting DH count when DH is disabled
NSERR_SSL_SESSDISABLED 1561 0x619 Setting session timeout when session reuse is disabled
NSERR_SSL_PKEY_SIZE 1562 0x61A Certificate with key size greater than RSA4096 or DSA2048 bits not supported
NSERR_SSL_NOT_APPLICABLE 1563 0x61B Option is not applicable for this type of service
NSERR_CERTDNHEADER 1564 0X61C Cert DN tag mandatory if cert-DN enabled
NSERR_CERTISSUERHEADER 1565 0X61D Cert issuer tag mandatory if cert-issuer enabled
NSERR_CIPHERHEADER 1566 0X61E Cipher tag mandatory if cipher header enabled
NSERR_SSL_INTERNALERR 1567 0x61F Internal Error
NSERR_SSL_NOCACERT 1568 0x620 cacert does not exists
NSERR_SSL_REFRESHDIS 1569 0x621 crl refresh disabled
NSERR_SSL_SVRPORTNEEDED 1570 0x622 Server/port information is needed for enabling auto refresh
NSERR_SSL_BASEOBJNEEDED 1571 0x623 baseDN is required for enabling auto refresh
NSERR_SSL_CIPHER_REDIRECT 1572 0x624 Send Internal Cipher mismatch error page
NSERR_SSL_NODSA 1573 0x625 Loading of certificate and key of type DSA(DSS) is not supported with FIPS
NSERR_SSL_FIPSREFEXT 1574 0x626 The FIPS key is referenced by a certificate
NSERR_SSL_NOFIPSKEY 1575 0x627 No such FIPS key
NSERR_NOFIPSCARD 1576 0x628 Operation not permitted - no FIPS card present in the system
NSERR_SDXNOFIPSCARD 2256 0x8d0 Operation not permitted - Either FIPS card not present or not initialized, check SVM/Dom0.
NSERR_FIPSCARDNOTCONF 1577 0x629 Operation not permitted - FIPS card is not configured
NSERR_SSL_SSLV2_REDIRECT 1578 0x62A Send Internal SSL protocol mismatch error page
NSERR_SSL_MODSIZE64 1579 0x62B Modulus size in bytes should be multiple of 64
NSERR_SSL_NONFIPSKEY 1580 0x62C Configuration of non-FIPS key on FIPS system not allowed
NSERR_NFIPS_FIPS_UPD 1581 0x62D Cannot update a non-FIPS certificate with a FIPS certificate
NSERR_FIPS_NFIPS_UPD 1582 0x62E Cannot update a FIPS certificate with a non-FIPS certificate
NSERR_SSL_ISSUER_NOTIN_GLBCERTLIST 1583 0x62F Unable to find the CA certificate for the CRL
NSERR_SSL_CRLSIGCHECK_FAIL 1584 0x630 Signature check on the CRL failed
NSERR_SSL_PORTREWRITE 1585 0x631 SSL port rewrite can be enabled only when SSL redirect is enabled
NSERR_SSL_SSLV2_RENEG_CLIENT_CERT 1586 0x632 Send Internal error page for SSLv2 protocol and client authentication with session renegotiation
NSERR_SSL_BRKLINK 1587 0x633 All incompatible CA links/Cert bindings were broken during the update operation
NSERR_SSL_CERT_NOT_YET_VALID 1588 0x634 The specified certificate is not yet valid
NSERR_SSL_CERT_EXPIRED 1589 0x635 The certificate has expired
NSERR_SSL_EXPIRED_BRKLINK 1590 0x636 All incompatible CA links were broken during the update operation. (Note: the certificate has expired)
NSERR_SSL_NYVALID_BRKLINK 1591 0x637 All incompatible CA links were broken during the update operation. (Note: the certificate is not yet valid)
NSERR_SSL_OCSP_RESPCERT 1592 0x638 No such responder certificate.
NSERR_SSL_OCSP_SIGNCERT 1593 0x639 No such signing certificate.
NSERR_SSL_NO_SESS_TKT 1594 0x63A Session Ticket feature is not supported on FIPS platform
NSERR_SSL_OCSP_AIA_LEN_NOT_SUPPORTED 1596 0x63C OCSP AIA URL length is should be <126
NSERR_SSL_SSL3_SUPPORT 1597 0x63D Enabling of SSLv3 is not supported on this platform.
NSERR_SSL_BOUNDTO_SSLACTION 1598 0x63E Vserver cannot be removed as it's referenced by one or more SSL Actions. Remove SSL action(s) prior to removing vserver.
NSERR_SSL_INVALID_SESS_TKT_DATA 1599 0x63F invalid session ticket key data len, length should be 64 bytes
NSERR_SSL_SAME_VS_IN_FORWARD 1600 0x640 Vserver to which packets will be forwarded cannot be same as the vserver to which this policy is getting bound.
NSERR_NAME_ALPHANUM_DASH_DOT 3358 0xd1e Name must begin with a letter followed by letters, digits or dots.
NSERR_SSL_PROFILE_SSLI_NOT_ALLOWED 3370 0xd2a SSL interception can only be enabled on profile bound to proxy vserver
NSERR_SSL_CTX_SSLI_PROFILE_NOT_ALLOWED 3371 0xd2b Profile with SSL interception enabled cannot be set on non proxy vservers
NSERR_SSL_PROFILE_SSLI_CLUSTER_NOT_SUPPORTED 3372 0xd2c SSL interception is not supported on cluster
NSERR_SSL_DEFAULT_PROFILE_SSLI_NOT_SUPPORTED 3373 0xd2d SSL interception cannot be enabled on default frontend SSL profile
NSERR_SSL_CERT_BOUND_TO_AAA_FEATURE 3374 0xd2e SSL certificate is used for encrypting user data and can not be updated
NSERR_SSL_CERT_BOUND_TO_ADFSPROXY_PROFILE 3375 0xd2f SSL certificate is bound to a adfsproxy profile and cannot be updated
NSERR_SSL_CERT_LINK_NOT_ALLOWED 3418 0xd5a SSL certificate link can be done only for Non CA certificates
NSERR_SSL_DTLS12_SUPPORT 3391 0xd3f DTLSv1.2 is not supported on this entity/platform.
NSERR_SSL_ERR_HTTPS_ONLY 3419 0xd5b Invalid Protocol. Only HTTPS supported.
NSERR_SSL_PROFILE_SSLI_ADMIN_PARTITION_NOT_ALLOWED 3420 0xd5c SSL interception is not supported in non-default partition


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_SSL_FIPSCARDLOCKED 3584 0xe00 FIPS card locked due to three unsuccessful login attempts
NSERR_SSL_DOMINCOMPAT 3585 0xe01 Certificate is registered to a different domain; use the 'no domain check' option to force the operation
NSERR_SSL_NOMTHDCHANGE 3586 0xe02 Cannot change refresh method of CRL
NSERR_SSL_URLSRVRNEEDED 3587 0xe03 Either URL or server-IP required on CRL
NSERR_SSL_INVALID_URL 3588 0xe04 Invalid URL
NSERR_SSL_MIXPARAMS 3589 0xe05 LDAP and HTTP parameters cannot both be specified
NSERR_SSL_PKEY_MINSIZE 3590 0xe06 Certificate of size smaller than 512 bits not supported
NSERR_SSL_SYNCINPROGRESS 3591 0xe07 Another synchronization is already in process, please try again later
NSERR_SSL_SYNCFAILED 3592 0xe08 Synchronization failed, please try again
NSERR_SSL_CIPHGRP_REFCNT 3593 0xe09 Cipher group has bound entities or is referenced by an SSL vserver or SSL service
NSERR_SSL_CVM_NODSA 3594 0xe0A Loading DSA(DSS) certificate and key not supported on this platform
NSERR_CERTHASHHEADER 3595 0xe0B CertHash header tag mandatory if certHash is enabled
NSERR_SSL_CRLINREFRESH 3596 0xe0C CRL refresh in progress, details cannot be displayed
NSERR_SSL_CRLMEM_EXCEEDS 3597 0xe0D CRL memory exhausted. Cannot load any more CRL's
NSERR_SSL_CRLINDELETION 3598 0xe0E CRL deletion in progress, details cannot be displayed
NSERR_SSL_INDELETE_NOREFRESH 3599 0xe0F CRL deletion in progress, cannot be refreshed
NSERR_SSL_INREFRESH_NODELETE 3600 0xe10 CRL refresh in progress, cannot be removed
NSERR_NOMIX 3601 0xe11 Cannot specify both HTTP data insertion and SSL actions
NSERR_NOPOLICY_NONTRSVC 3602 0xe12 Cannot bind SSL policy to SSL backend service
NSERR_SSL_SSLPOL_BIND_CONST 3603 0xe13 Cannot bind non-SSL policy to SSL vserver/service
NSERR_SSL_NO_USABLE_CIPHERS 3604 0xe14 No usable ciphers configured on the SSL vserver/service
NSERR_SSL_CERT_NOT_CA 3605 0xe15 Not a CA certificate
NSERR_SSL_CACERT_NO_CRLSIGN 3606 0xe16 Specified certificate is either not a CA cert, or does not have privileges to issue CRLs
NSERR_SSL_CRL_EXPIRED 3607 0xe17 CRL has expired
NSERR_SSL_CRL_NOTYET_VALID 3608 0xe18 CRL is not yet valid
NSERR_SSL_PARSING_DELTA_CRL_EXTN 3609 0xe19 Parsing of Delta-CRL extension failed
NSERR_SSL_DELTA_CRL_MISSING_BASE_CRL 3610 0xe1A Base-CRL for the specified Delta-CRL is missing
NSERR_NOFIPSCIPHER 3611 0xe1B Specified cipher/cipher-alias is not FIPS-approved
NSERR_NOFIPSCIPHERGRP 3612 0xe1C Cipher group does not contain all FIPS-approved ciphers
NSERR_NONFIPSCIPHERTOGRP 3613 0xe1D Cannot add non FIPS approved cipher to cipher group
NSERR_NONFIPSALIASTOGRP 3614 0xe1E Cannot add non FIPS approved cipher alias to cipher group
NSERR_NONFIPSGROUPTOGRP 3615 0xe1F Cannot add non FIPS cipher group to another cipher group
NSERR_SSL_IMPORT_FIPSKEY_NAME_MISMATCH 3616 0xe20 Specified FIPS key name does not match with the exported FIPS key name
NSERR_SSL_PKEY_SIZE_CA 3617 0xe21 CA certificate of size greater than 4096 bits not supported
NSERR_SSL_CRL_PORT_MISMATCH 3618 0xe22 Port specified in URL does not match -port parameter
NSERR_SSL_PKEY_SIZE_VPX 3619 0xe23 Certificate with key size greater than RSA512 or DSA512 bits not supported
NSERR_SSL_DH_SIZE_VPX 3620 0xe24 DH params of size greater than 512 bits not supported
NSERR_NOENT_CIPHER 3621 0xe25 No such cipher/cipherAlias/cipherGroup
NSERR_FIPSFWWRONGMAJOR 3622 0xe26 The current firmware's major version is not supported for update operation
NSERR_FIPSFWWRONGMINOR 3623 0xe27 The current firmware's minor version is not supported for update operation
NSERR_FIPSFWUPDATED 3624 0xe28 The current firmware is already updated to 4.6.1
NSERR_SSL_PENDING_CMDS 3625 0xe29 Other commands (card health monitoring/traffic) are pending to FIPS card. Please try the firmware update command after some time
NSERR_FIPSFWUPDATEDOREBOOT 3626 0xe2A Operation not permitted - FIPS card firmware update done, please reboot the system
NSERR_SSL_SNI_NOTENABLE 3627 0xe2B SNI feature not enabled on the vserver/service
NSERR_SSL_NO_CN 3628 0xe2C CommonName not present in certificate, it is must for a certificate to use for SNI
NSERR_SSL_DUP_SNICERT 3629 0xe2D Trying to bind SNI certificate with duplicate CommonName, operation failed
NSERR_SSL_SNI_NOTVALID_SERV 3630 0xe2E Operation not permitted - SNI feature not supported on internal service
NSERR_SSL_NOT_SUPPORTED_ON_PLATFORM 3631 0xe2F Feature not supported on this platform
NSERR_OCSP_REFERENCES 3632 0xe30 OCSP responder is bound to a vserver/certkey pair. Use unbind ssl certkey.
NSERR_OCSP_SIGNER_NOKEY 3633 0xe31 Signing certificate must also have a private key.
NSERR_SSL_NOT_SUPPORTED 3634 0xe32 OCSP responder must be an HTTP server; SSL is not supported.
NSERR_OCSP_TOO_MANY_RESPONDERS 3635 0xe33 Too many OCSP responders configured to add another. Please delete some and try again.
NSERR_OCSP_NO_DNS_SERVER_CONFIGURED 3636 0xe34 Unable to resolve DNS name.
NSERR_SSL_DUP_SNICERT_BRKLINK 3637 0xe35 Some of the existing SNI cert bindings are broken due to presence of certificate with duplicate Common Name.
NSERR_SSL_NO_CN_BRLLINK 3638 0xe36 All exitsing SNI Cert bindings are broken during update operation due to missing Common Name.
NSERR_NGFIPSRESETREBOOT 3639 0xe37 Operation not permitted - FIPS card was reset, please reboot the system
NSERR_NGFIPSINITREBOOT 3640 0xe38 Operation not permitted - FIPS card was initialized, please reboot the system
NSERR_FIPSCMDTIMEOUT 3641 0xe39 Operation timedout on the FIPS card, please try again
NSERR_SSL_SIMTIMEOUT 3642 0xe3a Operation timed out or repeated, please wait for 10 mins and redo the SIM/HA configuration steps.
NSERR_SSL_NGFIPS_QFULL 3643 0xe3b FIPS card command queue full. Please try again later
NSERR_SSL_NOMEM_VSVRSRVLISTNODE 3644 0xe3c Failed to allocate memory for CertkeyVserverServList Node.
NSERR_SSL_CERTKEY_SIZE64 3645 0xe3d Certificate with key size (modulus) that is not multiple of 512 bits is not supported
NSERR_SNI_ATK 3646 0xe3e Host header field in the HTTP request does not match with the SNI domain name
NSERR_SNI_NOHOSTHDR 3647 0xe3f Host header missing in the HTTP header for SNI enabled session
NSERR_CRL_SHMEM_ALLOC_FAIL 3648 0xe40 Crl node allocation in the shared mem is failed
NSERR_SSL_NOT_CTL_POL 3650 0xe42 Not a control policy
NSERR_SSL_NOT_DATA_POL 3651 0xe43 Not a data policy
NSERR_SSL_TYPE_REQD 3652 0xe44 Type is required
NSERR_SSL_CERT_MISSING_PARAM 3655 0xe47 Required parameters missing in the certificate. Please check the certificate for completeness
NSERR_SSL_NOMEM_CERTKEY_OCSPRESP_LISTNODE 3656 0xe48 Failed to allocate memory for CertkeyOCSPRespList Node.
NSERR_SSL_OCSP_DUPLICATE 3657 0xe49 An ocspResponder is already bound with the specified priority.
NSERR_SSL_BUNDLE_IC_FILE_EXISTS 3660 0xe4c Certificate file for intermediate certificate already exists.
NSERR_SSL_BUNDLE_SCERT_MISSING 3661 0xe4d Server certificate must be placed first in certificate bundle file.
NSERR_SSL_BUNDLE_CERT_MISSING 3662 0xe4e No certificates present in the certificate bundle file.
NSERR_SSL_BUNDLE_FAILED 3663 0xe4f Processing of certificate bundle file failed.
NSERR_SSL_BUNDLE_PARSE_ERR 3664 0xe50 Unable to parse the certificate bundle file.
NSERR_SSL_BUNDLE_MAX_CERT 3665 0xe51 Exceeded maximum Intermediate certificates limit of 9.
NSERR_SSL_BUNDLE_MAX_KEY 3666 0xe52 Only one private-key is allowed in the certificate bundle file.
NSERR_SSL_BUNDLE_IC_FILE_CREATE_FAILED 3667 0xe53 Intermediate certificate file creation failed.
NSERR_SSL_SKIPCA_OPNOTPER 3668 0xe54 skipCA is not permitted for this entity.
NSERR_SSL_ISSUER_MISMATCH 3669 0xe55 Certificate Issuer mismatch
NSERR_SSL_SET_POLICY_ACTION_TYPE 3670 0xe56 Action type cannot be changed from the previous configured action type
NSERR_SSL_DTLS_NOTSUPP 3671 0xe57 Server/Service of type DTLS is not supported on this platform
NSERR_SSL_INVALID_CN_NAME 3672 0xe58 Invalid Common Name.
NSERR_SSL_ECC_NOT_SUPPORTED 3673 0xe59 ECDHE ciphers supported only on FE SSL entities on VPX, MPX and BE MPX
NSERR_SSL_NO_PROTOCOL_ENABLED 3674 0xe5a SSL or TLS protocols not enabled on the service.
NSERR_SSL_SSL2_NOT_SUPPORTED 3675 0xe5b SSLv2 not supported in this release
NSERR_DTLS_PROFILE_REFEXT 3676 0xe5c DTLS profile is referenced by a vserver or front-end service.
NSERR_SSL_NO_ECC_CURVES 3677 0xe5d No ECC curves bound for ECDHE ciphers.
NSERR_CRYPTODEV_MAX_LIMIT 3678 0xe5e Crypto Device count exceeds maximum available.
NSERR_SSL_PROFILE_ATTACHED 3679 0xe5f Operation not permitted. Use set ssl profile for setting these parameters.
NSERR_SSL_PROFILE_USED 3680 0xe60 Profile is being used by Virtual Server, Service or Monitor.
NSERR_SSL_PROFILE_NOT_VAILD_PARAM 3681 0xe61 Specified parameters are not applicable for this type of SSL profile.
NSERR_IMPORT_SSL_INVALID_DHFILE_ERROR_OBJECT 3682 0xe62 Import failed:DH file being imported is invalid.
NSERR_IMPORT_SSL_INVALID_CRLFILE_ERROR_OBJECT 3683 0xe63 Import failed:CRL file being imported is invalid.
NSERR_IMPORT_SSL_INVALID_CERTFILE_ERROR_OBJECT 3684 0xe64 Import failed:Certificate file being imported is invalid
NSERR_IMPORT_SSL_INVALID_KEYFILE_ERROR_OBJECT 3685 0xe65 Import failed:Key file being imported is invalid
NSERR_FIPSFW_FILEPATH 3686 0xe66 Invalid firmware file path
NSERR_FIPSFW_FILEOPEN 3687 0xe67 Unable to open firmware file
NSERR_FIPSFW_FILEIO 3688 0xe68 Read error occurred for firmware file
NSERR_FIPSFW_FSTAT 3689 0xe69 Failed to get status of firmware file
NSERR_FIPSFW_AUTH_FILEPATH 3690 0xe6a Invalid firmware signature file path
NSERR_FIPSFW_AUTH_FILEOPEN 3691 0xe6b Unable to open firmware signature file
NSERR_FIPSFW_AUTH_FILEIO 3692 0xe6c Read error occurred for firmware signature file
NSERR_FIPSFW_AUTH_FSTAT 3693 0xe6d Failed to get status of firmware signature file
NSERR_FIPSFW_BEGIN_ERROR 3694 0xe6e Firmware update process failed BEGIN command
NSERR_FIPSFW_UPDATE_ERROR 3695 0xe6f Firmware update process failed UPDATE command
NSERR_FIPSFW_END_ERROR 3696 0xe70 Firmware update process failed END command
NSERR_FIPSFW_STATE_ERROR 3697 0xe71 Firmware update process failed, invalid state
NSERR_FIPSFW_INVALID_CHUNK_TYPE 3698 0xe72 Firmware update process failed, invalid chunk type
NSERR_SSL_OCSP_WITH_CK_HSMKEY 3699 0xe73 Configuration of OCSP signing certificate with external HSM key not supported.
NSERR_SSL_HSMKEY_DEFLOCATION 3700 0xe74 Input HSM Key Simple file not present under the default directory /var/opt/nfast/kmdata/local/
NSERR_SSL_HSMKEY_IDENT_MISMATCH 3701 0xe75 HSM Key Name must be same as HSM Key Ident
NSERR_SSL_HSMKEY_DTLS 3702 0xe76 HSM Key bind with DTLS Vserver is not supported.
NSERR_SSL_HSMKEY_BUNDLE 3703 0xe77 Addition of certificate-bundle with external HSM Key is not supported.
NSERR_CPE_EXPRESSION_PARTITION_INVALID 3704 0xe78 Classic expression is not supported in current partition.
NSERR_AP_INVALID_EXPRESSION 3705 0xe79 Expression value not supported.
NSERR_SSL_DH_BUSY 3706 0xe7a DH Param in use. Please try later...
NSERR_FIPSFW22_MINKEYSIZE 3707 0xe7b Key size less than 2048 is not supported on FIPS Firmware Version 2.2.
NSERR_SSL_MAXSAN 3708 0xe7c Maximum number of SANs reached
NSERR_SSL_BADSNICERT 3709 0xe7d Bad SNI certificate
NSERR_SSL_AESGCM_SHA2_NOT_SUPPORTED 3710 0xe7e SHA2 ciphers not supported on VPX and FIPS
NSERR_SSL_NOCIPHERGRP 3711 0xe7f Cipher Group does not exist.
NSERR_SSL_SVCVSR_NOT_FOUND 3712 0xe80 No SSL vserver/service found with this name.
NSERR_SSL_DEF_DTLS_PROFILE 3713 0xe81 Cannot modify default DTLS profile.
NSERR_SSL_NOSSLV2REDIRECTOPT_ON_FIPS 3714 0xe82 Sslv2 Redirect option is not permitted on MPX-FIPS platform.
NSERR_SSL_OP_ON_NONFIPS_NOT_PERM 3715 0xe83 Operation permitted only on MPX-FIPS platform.
NSERR_SSL_LOAD_KEYS 3716 0xe84 Loading of internal keys failed.
NSERR_SSL_PASSWORD_DECODE 3717 0xe85 Decode of the encrypted passphrase failed.
NSERR_SSL_NOCERT_FILE 3718 0xe86 Certificate file name not specified.
NSERR_SSL_DEFAULT_CERT_DEL 3719 0xe87 Cannot delete internal default certificate.
NSERR_SSL_FIPS_CERT 3720 0xe88 FIPS certificate cannot be bound as a CA certificate, install the certificate without the FIPS key.
NSERR_SSL_CERTKEY_HSM 3721 0xe89 Cannot bind a certificate with HSM key to a service.
NSERR_SSL_DEFAULT_CERT_BIND 3722 0xe8a Cannot bind internal default certificate.
NSERR_SSL_CMD_DEPRECATED 3723 0xe8b Command deprecated, operation not applicable to this platform.
NSERR_SSL_NO_LIC 3724 0xe8c Only export ciphers are allowed without proper SSL license.
NSERR_SSL_DTLS_NA 3725 0xe8d Command arguments does not apply to vserver/service of type DTLS.
NSERR_SSL_ECC_SUPPORT 3726 0xe8e ECC curve is not supported for this entity/platform.
NSERR_SSL_PROFILE_FE 3727 0xe8f Cannot bind front-end profile to a back-end SSL service.
NSERR_SSL_PROFILE_BE 3728 0xe90 Cannot bind back-end profile to a front-end SSL vserver.
NSERR_SSL_OP_ON_FIPS_WOFW22_NOT_PERM 3729 0xe91 Operation not permitted on MPX-FIPS platform without FIPS firmware version 2.2 or higher.
NSERR_SSL_NONSSL_VSERVER 3730 0xe92 Vserver is not of type SSL/HTTP_QUIC.
NSERR_SSL_UDP_DTLS 3731 0xe93 Cannot bind policy to vserver of type DTLS.
NSERR_SSL_TLS11_12_SUPPORT 3732 0xe94 Enabling of TLSv1.1/1.2 is not supported on this entity/platform.
NSERR_SSL_HSM_KEY_SVC_SVCGRP 3733 0xe95 Binding of certificate with HSM key is not supported on back-end service, serviceGroup or monitors.
NSERR_DTLS_PROFILE 3734 0xe96 Cannot bind DTLS profile to a SSL vserver.
NSERR_SSL_PROFILE_NO_USABLE_CIPHERS 3735 0xe97 No usable ciphers configured for some of the SSL vserver/service binded to this profile
NSERR_SSL_CIPHGRP_NO_USABLE_CIPHERS 3736 0xe98 No usable ciphers configured for some of the SSL vserver/service binded to this cipher group
NSERR_SSL_PROFILE_UNSET_DEFAULT 3737 0xe99 Unsetting a default SSL Profile is not allowed
NSERR_SSL_DEFAULT_PROFILE_ENABLED 3738 0xe9a Disabling ssl default profile is not allowed
NSERR_SSL_PROFILE_DEFAULT_DISABLED 3739 0xe9b Operation not permitted. To do this Enable default ssl profile by setting 'set ssl parameter -defaultProfile E'
NSERR_SSL_PROFILE_DEFAULT_ENABLED 3740 0xe9c Operation not permitted. To do this Disable default ssl profile by setting 'set ssl parameter -defaultProfile D'
NSERR_SSL_CIPHER_EXIST_HIGHER_PRI 3741 0xe9d Specified cipher is already bound with higher priority
NSERR_SSL_DEFAULT_PROFILE_PERM 3742 0xe9e Default ssl profile can not be removed
NSERR_SSL_DH_SIZE_16B 3743 0xe9f DH params of size is not 16B aligned
NSERR_SSL_NOCIPHERREDIRECTOPT 3744 0xea0 The cipher redirect option is not supported for SSL Service
NSERR_SSL_NOCLIENTAUTHOPT 3745 0xea1 The client auth option is not supported for SSL Service
NSERR_SSL_NOSSLV2REDIRECTOPT 3746 0xea2 The SSLv2 redirect option is not supported for SSL Service
NSERR_SSL_NONONFIPSCIPHERSOPT 3747 0xea3 The nonFipsCiphers option is not applicable any more
NSERR_SSL_NOCIPHERREDIRECTOPT_ON_FIPS 3748 0xea4 Cipher Redirect option is not permitted on MPX-FIPS platform.
NSERR_SSL_NOSSL2PROTOOPT_ON_FIPS 3749 0xea5 Ssl2 protocol option is not permitted on MPX-FIPS platform.
NSERR_SSL_CANNOT_BIND_VSERVER 3750 0xea6 Front end service cannot be bound to a vserver.
NSERR_SSL_SERVERAUTHNOTSUPP 3751 0xea7 ServerAuth Operation is not supported for front end service.
NSERR_SSL_SERVERAUTH_SNI_REQUIRED 3752 0xea8 Argument pre-requisite missing serverAuth == ENABLED or SNIEnable == ENABLED
NSERR_SSL_CN_REQUIRED 3753 0xea9 Argument pre-requisite missing commonName
NSERR_SSL_DTLSPROFNOTSUPP 3754 0xeaa DTLS options are not applicable to non-DTLS vserver/Service
NSERR_SSL_PUSHENCNOTSUPP 3755 0xeab Push encryption trigger is not supported for SSL Service.
NSERR_N3FIPS_MINKEYSIZE 3756 0xeac Key size less than 2048 is not supported on N3FIPS
NSERR_N3FIPS_MAXKEYSIZE 3757 0xead Key size more than 3072 is not supported on N3FIPS
NSERR_N3FIPS_MINEXPSIZE 3758 0xeae N3FIPS only supports F4(65537) as an exponent
NSERR_SSL_OCSPNAMENOTSUPP 3759 0xeaf Ocsp responder name should not start with ns_internal.
NSERR_SSL_OCSP_NOT_VALID_PARAM 3760 0xeb0 Specified parameters are not applicable for this type of ocsp responder.
NSERR_SSL_NOOCSPSTAP 3761 0xeb1 Ocsp stapling option is not supported for SSL Service.
NSERR_SSL_CREATE_AIA_OCSP_RESP_FAILED 3762 0xeb2 Failed to create/bind Internal Ocsp responder(using certkey AIA URL).
NSERR_N3FIPDEXUPGRADE 3763 0xeb3 N3FIPS VPX does not support upgrade firmware operation
NSERR_N3FIP_MAXKEYNUM 3764 0xeb4 Maximum Fips keys limit reached
NSERR_FIPSCARDCONFIGED 3765 0xeb5 Fips is already configured, please reset first to set fips again
NSERR_N3FIPSCHANGELIC 3770 0xeba N3FIPS license is changed, please reboot the system
NSERR_SSL_OCSP_SET_NOT_ALLOWED_ON_AIA 3771 0xebb Set operation on internal ocsp entity is not allowed
NSERR_SSL_TLS13_SUPPORT 3775 0xebf Enabling of TLSv1.3 is not supported on this entity/platform.
NSERR_SSL_CLEARTEXTPORT_WARNING 3778 0xec2 Cannot set cleartextport for a ssl service.
NSERR_SSL_DH_SIZE_2048 3780 0xec4 DH params of size greater than 2048 bits not supported on this platform.
NSERR_SSL_DEFAULT_CERT_NAME 3802 0xeda Cannot use this name in non-default partition.
NSERR_SSL_VS_NOT_ALLOWED 3803 0xedb Vserver should be of type: TCP, SSL_BRIDGE, SSL_TCP or SSL.
NSERR_SSL_CACERTGROUP_EXIST 3566 0xdee CA certificate group already exists.
NSERR_SSL_CACERTGROUP_NOTEXIST 3567 0xdef CA certificate group does not exist.
NSERR_SSL_CACERTGROUP_REF 3579 0xdfb Certificate group is referenced by SSL action(s).
NSERR_SSL_NOT_CACERT 3580 0xdfc Certificate is not a CA certificate.
NSERR_SSL_GROUP_HAS_CACERTKEY 3581 0xdfd CA certificate group already has an entry for this CA certificate-key.
NSERR_SSL_GROUP_HAS_NO_CACERTKEY 3583 0xdff CA certificate group does not have an entry for this CA certificate-key.
NSERR_SSL_SNICERT_INVALID 3805 0xedd Cannot bind SNI cert on an internal and backend service. SNI cert can be bound only to SSL vserver.
NSERR_SSL_NO_CERTKEY_FILE 3807 0xedf CertKey files deleted from file system, do save config, unsaved reboot will not bring deleted certKey files.
NSERR_SSL_NO_PRIVATE_KEY 3827 0xef3 Private Key is not present.
NSERR_SSL_NO_DTLS_PROTOCOL_ENABLED 1691 0x69b DTLS protocols not enabled on the vserver/service.
NSERR_SSL_PROFILE_QUIC_MISMATCH 1776 0x6f0 SSL profiles of type QUIC-FrontEnd can only be associated with HTTP_QUIC virtual servers.
NSERR_SSL_DH_SIZE_INTEL_CRYPTO 1777 0x6f1 DH params key size is not supported in the Intel Crypto platform


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_ERR_AAA_LICENSE 2624 0xa40 MaxAAAUsers value more than allowed by license, ignored.
NSERR_USR_NOINTRAIP 2625 0xa41 No intranet IP bound to user
NSERR_USR_NOTCONFIGURED 2626 0xa42 User does not exist
NSERR_INVAL_AAA_GRP 2627 0xa43 Group does not exist
NSERR_INVAL_COMBNATION 2628 0xa44 NONE and ALL cannot be used simultaneously
NSERR_INVAL_MIP_IIP 2629 0xa45 Both Mapped IP and Intranet IP must be specified
NSERR_INVAL_MIPOFF_IIPOFF 2630 0xa46 Mapped IP and Intranet IP cannot be OFF at the same time
NSERR_USEREXIST 2631 0xa47 User already exists
NSERR_GROUPEXIST 2632 0xa48 Group already exists
NSERR_USERALREADYBOUND 2633 0xa49 User is already bound to the group
NSERR_NO_RADIUS_IP 2634 0xa4a ServerIP is not configured in radius params
NSERR_NO_TACACS_IP 2635 0xa4b ServerIP is not configured in tacacs params
NSERR_USERNOTBOUND 2640 0xa50 User is not bound to the group
NSERR_ENTITYNOTBOUND 2641 0xa51 Entity not bound
NSERR_GROUPNOTEXIST 2642 0xa52 Group does not exist
NSERR_INVALIDLOGLEVEL 2643 0xa53 NONE cannot be combined with other options
NSERR_DH_MISCONFIG 2644 0xa54 The first hop and second hop can not be enabled on the same vserver
NSERR_DH_IPPORT 2645 0xa55 The SG second hop ip and port are required
NSERR_DHINUSE 2646 0xa56 Bound double hop server cannot be removed
NSERR_INVAL_AAAGLOBAL_POLTYPE 2647 0xa57 Only preauthentication policies can be bound to AAA global
NSERR_NO_LDAP_IP 2648 0xa58 ServerIP is not configured in ldap params
NSERR_AAATM_LIC 2649 0xa59 Feature not licensed [AAA]
NSERR_AAATM_DISABLED 2650 0xa5a Feature(s) not enabled [AAA]
NSERR_NO_AUTH_HOST 2651 0xa5b No Authentication Host specified
NSERR_AUTH_ON 2652 0xa5c Turn authentication off first
NSERR_KILLPENDING 2653 0xa5d Another kill command in progress
NSERR_AAATM_NO_AUTH_VS 2654 0xa5e No Authentication vserver name specified or the server does not exist
NSERR_AAATM_401AUTH_ON 2655 0xa5f Turn off 401 based authentication first
NSERR_UNAUTHRZED 2656 0xa60 Unauthorized
NSERR_KILL_INPROGRESS 2657 0xa61 A kill session command is in progress. Try again later
NSERR_WI_FRM_NOTEXIST 2658 0xa62 Farm does not exist
NSERR_WI_FRM_LAST 2659 0xa63 At least one Farm should be configured: can not remove last farm
NSERR_WI_NOTINST 2660 0xa64 Web interface not installed
NSERR_WI_GENFAILED 2661 0xa65 Unable to generate website
NSERR_WI_SITE_EXIST 2662 0xa66 Site already exists
NSERR_WI_SITE_NOTEXIST 2663 0xa67 Site does not exist
NSERR_WI_SITE_INVAL_AGURL 2664 0xa68 Invalid agURL
NSERR_WI_SITE_INVAL_STAURL 2665 0xa69 Invalid staURL
NSERR_WI_SITE_ONLY_MPX 2666 0xa6a WI can only be installed on NetScaler nCore builds
NSERR_WI_INSTFAILED 2667 0xa6b Installation failed. Please check the log file /var/log/wicmd.log
NSERR_WI_MAXSITE_EXCD 2668 0xa6c Maximum number of WI Sites exceeded. Please check the log file /var/log/wicmd.log
NSERR_WI_STAWITHOUTAGURL 2669 0xa6d STAUrl cannot be specified without AGUrl.
NSERR_WI_AGURLWITHOUTSTA 2670 0xa6e AGUrl cannot be specified without STAUrl.
NSERR_WI_RELWITHOUTAGURL 2671 0xa6f SessionReliability cannot be ON without AGUrl.
NSERR_WI_AUTHWITHOUTAGURL 2672 0xa70 AuthenticationPoint cannot be specified without AGUrl.
NSERR_WI_TWOTKTWITHOUTREL 2673 0xa71 UseTwoTickets cannot be ON without SessionReliability.
NSERR_WI_TWOTKTWITHOUTSECSTA 2674 0xa72 UseTwoTickets cannot be ON without SecondSTAUrl.
NSERR_WI_SECSTASAME 2675 0xa73 SecondSTAUrl should be different from StaURL.
NSERR_WI_LICENSE 2676 0xa74 Web Interface on NS Feature not licensed.
NSERR_WI_SECSTAWITHOUTSTA 2677 0xa75 SecondSTAUrl cannot be specified without STAUrl.
NSERR_AUTH_NEGOTIATE 2678 0xa76 Negotiate authentication required
NSERR_WI_INSTSITESREDUCED 2679 0xa77 Memory available is not sufficient for the passed maxSites value
NSERR_WI_INCOMPATIBLEAUTHPOINT 2680 0xa78 WI Authentication methods can not be specified unless authentication point is WI
NSERR_WI_SITE_WITHIN_SITE 2681 0xa79 One WI site can not be completely within another WI site
NSERR_WI_SITE_TRANSLATION_NOEXIST 2682 0xa7a Translation Map does not exist
NSERR_WI_SITE_TRANSLATION_LAST 2683 0xa7b Can't Unbind Last Translation Map
NSERR_WI_SITE_NOAGURL 2684 0xa7c AGURL is not set
NSERR_AGSVC_AUTHFAIL 2685 0xa7d AG-Service request with invalid AAAC cookie
NSERR_TM_INVALID_PERS_CONFIG 2686 0xa7e Please specify both persistentCookie and persistentCookieValidity parameters
NSERR_WI_SMARTCARD_NOT_SUPPORTED 2687 0xa7f SmartCard AGAuthentication method is not supported with sites created using wi package
NSERR_WI_SEARCH_NOT_SITEWEB 2688 0xa80 Show Search Attribute supported only for site type XenAppWeb
NSERR_KCD_ACCOUNT_NOT_EXISTS 2689 0xa81 The KCD account does not exist
NSERR_KCD_KEYTAB_NOT_EXISTS 2690 0xa82 The keytab file does not exist
NSERR_KCD_VS_PRINCIPLE_NOT_FOUND 2691 0xa83 The Vserver principle not found
NSERR_KCD_REM_INUSE 2692 0xa84 KCD account is in use and cannot be removed
NSERR_KCD_TOO_MANY_VS_PRINCIPLE 2693 0xa85 Too many host principles
NSERR_WI_REFRESH_NOT_SITEWEB 2694 0xa86 Show Refresh Attribute supported only for site type XenAppWeb
NSERR_WI_UIMODE_NOT_SITEWEB 2695 0xa87 User Interface Mode Attribute supported only for site type XenAppWeb
NSERR_WI_UILAYOUT_NOT_SITEWEB 2696 0xa88 User Interface Layout Attribute supported only for site type XenAppWeb
NSERR_WI_MESSAGESTRS_NOT_SITEWEB 2697 0xa89 App Welcome Message, Welcome Message, Footer Text, Login Sys Message, Pre Login Button, Pre Login Message, Pre Login Title Attributes supported only for site type XenAppWeb
NSERR_AAATM_AUTHN_PROFILE_CONF 2704 0xa90 Please turn ON authentication or authn401 setting in order to use authentication profile
NSERR_NEGACTION_UNAME_DOM 2705 0xa91 Domain must either be specified either explicitly or in the username
NSERR_NO_PRODUCTION_FARM 2706 0xa92 WI site will not be fuctional till a production farm is bound
NSERR_SAML_FORM_CONFLICT 2707 0xa93 Traffic cannot have both SAML SSO and Form SSO on same action
NSERR_MAXLOGIN_FAILLOGIN_CONFLICT 2708 0xa94 Please specify both max login attempts and fail login timeout
NSERR_KCD_ACCOUNT_EXIST 2709 0xa95 The KCD account does not exist
NSERR_KCD_ACCOUNT_NOTCONFIGURED 2710 0xa96 The KCD account is not configured
NSERR_NEGACTION_KEYTAB_CONFLICT 2711 0xa97 Action should have either keytab file or domain, username and password. Domain need not be specified if UPN is given for username
NSERR_KEYTAB_INVALID_ENC 2712 0xa98 Unsupported encryption type in keytab file
NSERR_HTTP_SSL_PROXY_CONFLICT 2713 0xa99 Cannot configure both HTTP and SSL proxy
NSERR_INVALIDIP_PORT 2714 0xa9a Invalid IP or Port
NSERR_ADVEPA_NOTSUPP 2715 0xa9b VServer does not support advanced EPA scans
NSERR_ADVEPA_NOPROFILE 2716 0xa9c EPA profile with this name does not exist
NSERR_ADVEPA_INUSE 2717 0xa9d Bound EPA profile cannot be removed.
NSERR_ADVEPA_EXISTS 2718 0xa9e EPA profile exists.
NSERR_ADVEPA_BOUND 2719 0xa9f EPA profile already bound to vserver.
NSERR_ADVEPA_NOTBOUND 2720 0xaa0 EPA profile not bound to vserver.
NSERR_ADVEPA_ON 2721 0xaa1 Advanced EPA is ON, can not bind classic preauthentication policy.
NSERR_DEVICEPROFILE_ADDRM_FAIL 2722 0xaa2 There has been a design change in the support of OPSWAT specific EPA scans. EPA Profile Configuration is no longer needed. Please refer to support documents for complete details.
NSERR_DEVICEPROFILE_INTERNAL_ERR 2723 0xaa3 An Internal Error occurred while operating on the Device Profile, please contact your Admin
NSERR_AAA_SESS_INVALID_INDEX 2724 0xaa4 Invalid attribute index. Attribute index should be between 1 and 16 both included
NSERR_AAATM_FORCETIMEOUT 2725 0xaa5 Force timeout setting of START or RESET must accompany a desired time in minutes
NSERR_KCDACCOUNT_KEYTAB 2726 0xaa6 Keytab file cannot be specified along with other parameters in kcdaccount
NSERR_KCDACCOUNT_REALM 2727 0xaa7 Realm must be specified by itself or extracted from delegated username/keytab
NSERR_KCDACCOUNT_KEYTAB_INVALID 2238 0x8be Invalid Keytab file
NSERR_WEBAUTH_FULLEXP 2728 0xaa8 Please specify full request expression
NSERR_WI_INVALID_SETTING_FOR_AUTHPOINT 2729 0xaa9 Setting is Invalid for given Authpoint
NSERR_WI_SETTING_VALIDONLYFOR_XENAPPWEB 2730 0xaaa Setting is Invalid for SiteType other than XenAppWeb
NSERR_WI_PARAMETER_UPGARDE_ERROR 2731 0xaab Migration of WebInterface.conf parameter to CLI didn't happen successfully
NSERR_SAMLIDP_ENC_CERT 2732 0xaac Encryption option requires ServiceProvider (SP) certificate.
NSERR_WF_NOT_INST 2733 0xaad Web Front is not installed
NSERR_WF_INSTFAILED 2734 0xaae Installation failed. Please check the log file /var/log/wfcmd.log
NSERR_AAA_TOOMANY_EXP 2735 0xaaf Number of expressions found exceeds allowed limit
NSERR_SAML_REDIR_CONFLICT 2736 0xab0 Signature and Digest algorithms are incompatible for Redirect Binding
NSERR_SET_MAXAAAUSER_NOT_ALLOWED 2737 0xab1 Set maxaaaUser not allowed per partition
NSERR_AAATM_INCOMP_NO_PROFILE 2744 0xab8 Profile does not exist or does not have Host configured
NSERR_RENAME_AUTHN_LABEL_NOT_PERMITTED 2745 0xab9 Rename of authentication policyLabel not permitted if it referred as nextFactor
NSERR_ERR_AAA_LICENSE_LOW 2747 0xabb MaxAAAUsers value less than allowed by license, ignored.
NSERR_ERR_ENABLE_DTLS 2750 0xabe Cannot start DTLS or PCOIP listener due to existing (ip, port, transport) conflicts.
NSERR_OPENID_ENC_METADATA 2751 0xabf Token encryption requires Relying Party metadata url.
NSERR_OPENID_MAX_ATTRIBUTES 2814 0xafe Expression exceeds maximum permissble attributes.
NSERR_AAA_MAX_LIMIT 2815 0xaff It's taking longer than expeected. Not processing further entries.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_SST_SUBSCR_ALLOC_FAILED 3504 0xdb0 Cannot allocate memory for subscriber in extended memory space
NSERR_SST_SUBSCR_LOOKUP_FAILED 3505 0xdb1 Cannot find subscriber
NSERR_SST_SUBSCR_REQUEST_ERROR 3506 0xdb2 Invalid request for subscriber
NSERR_GX_SERVICE_CONFIG_XOR 3507 0xdb3 service and vserver cannot be set at the same time.
NSERR_SST_SUBSCRIBER_ENTRY_EXCEEDED 3510 0xdb6 Size of subscriber entry exceeds total allowed size.
NSERR_GX_PCRF_NOT_CONFIGURED_VSERVER_SERVICE 3511 0xdb7 PCRF not configured. To configure PCRF, please use set gxInteface -vserver/service .
NSERR_SST_STATIC_SUBSCRIBER_SESSION_DELETION 3512 0xdb8 Static subscriber profiles cannot be deleted using this command, please use 'rm subscriber profile'
NSERR_SST_SUBSCRIBER_SESSION_EXIST 3513 0xdb9 subscriber profile cannot be added as corresponding subscriber session already exists
NSERR_SST_NOT_RADIUS_SERVICE 3514 0xdba Not RADIUS Listener service
NSERR_MAX_SERVICE_FUNCTIONS 3515 0xdbb Number for service functions exceeding the limit
NSERR_NOSUCH_SVCFUNC 3516 0xdbc Service Function is not present with specified name
NSERR_NOSUCH_SVCPATH 3517 0xdbd Service Path is not present with specified name
NSERR_INVALID_SVCINDEX 3518 0xdbe The value of service index is invalid
NSERR_SVCPATH_SVCINX_EXISTS 3519 0xdbf A service function is already bound with given service index


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_SST_IPANDVLAN_GXONLY 3799 0xed7 IPANDVLAN keytype can only be set in GxOnly interface type mode.
NSERR_VLAN_NOT_ALLOWED_DEFAULT_SUBSCRIBER_PROFILE 3800 0xed8 VLAN ID is not allowed for the default subscriber profile.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSCFG_INFO 2049 0x801 Sending the /cfg information
NSCS_INFO 2050 0x802 Backend server info exists
NSCSPROBE_INFO 2051 0x803 Probe to backend server pending
NSAPPPROBE_INFO 2052 0x804 Client side connection being closed
NSCFG_MP_INFO 2112 0x840 Sending the /mp_cfg Information
NSERR_NOINTRANETIP 2113 0x841 No Intranet IP available
NSERR_ALREADYLOGEDIN 2114 0x842 The user is already logged-in
NSERR_URLINUSE 2115 0x843 Bound URL/bookmark cannot be removed.
NSERR_VPNAPPINUSE 2116 0x844 Bound VPN application cannot be removed.
NSERR_NOTSUPP_TRANS_INTERCPT 2117 0x845 Transparent interception is not yet supported.
NSERR_CLNT_CERT_RENEG 2118 0x846 Client SSL certificate renegotiation failed
NSERR_DEFAULTCMDPLCY 2119 0x847 Default command policy cannot be removed
NSERR_CLNT_CERT_REQD 2120 0x848 Client SSL certificate is required
NSERR_INVAL_CERTFIELD 2121 0x849 Invalid certificate field
NSERR_VPNAPP_PROXY_IPRANGE 2064 0x810 Proxy interception does not support IP ranges
NSERR_VPNAPP_PROXY_NETMASK 2065 0x811 Proxy interception does not support netmasks
NSERR_VPNAPP_PROXY_DSTPORT_RANGE 2066 0x812 Proxy interception does not support destination port ranges
NSERR_VPNAPP_PROXY_PROTOCOL 2067 0x813 Proxy interception supports only TCP
NSERR_VPNAPP_PROXY_HOSTNAME 2068 0x814 Proxy interception does not support hostname interception
NSERR_VPNAPP_TRANS_SRCIP 2069 0x815 Transparent interception does not support source IP
NSERR_VPNAPP_TRANS_SRCPORT 2070 0x816 Transparent interception does not support source port
NSERR_VPNAPP_NO_INTERCEPTION_TYPE 2071 0x817 Intranet application requires an interception type
NSERR_VPNAPP_CLIAPP_PORT 2072 0x818 Both client application name and destination port cannot be specified
NSERR_VPNAPP_CLIAPP_PROTO 2073 0x819 Protocol can not be specified when client application name is present
NSERR_VPNAPP_PROXY_CLIAPP 2074 0x81a Proxy interception does not support client application based interception
NSERR_VPNAPP_MISSING_PROTO 2075 0x81b Protocol must be specified
NSERR_VPNAPP_MISSING_ARG 2076 0x81c One of destIP, IPRange or hostname has to be specified
NSERR_VPNAPP_TOO_MANY_ARG 2077 0x81d At most one of destIP, IPRange or hostname may be specified
NSERR_NSIPV6NOTPRESENT 2079 0x81f No IPV6 Netscaler IP has been configured
NSERR_REMOVE_SESSION 2096 0x830 No IPV6 Netscaler IP has been configured
NSERR_STAWI_EXIST 3250 0xcb2 A STA or WI DBS configuration exists. Unset it first
NSERR_INVALID_SSO_ACTION 2099 0x833 Invalid sso action
NSERR_INVALID_TMTRAFFIC_ACTION 2100 0x834 Invalid tm traffic action
NSERR_INVALFSSO 2101 0x835 SSO should be turned on for setting formsso action
NSERR_INVALIDURL 2102 0x836 Action url should be root relative url
NSERR_INVALID_FLOWTYPE_FORAPPFLOW 2126 0x84E Flowtype needs to be REQUEST or ICA_REQUEST or OTHERTCP_REQUEST for appflow policy when bound to VPN vservers
NSERR_TOO_MANY_SERVERS 2127 0x84F Too many servers bound
NSERR_BLOCKING_ATTR_WARNING_FOR_VPN_APPFLOW 2961 0xb91 Policy will not apply to VPN traffic if it has blocking attributes
NSERR_SAMLIDP_ACTION 2975 0xb9f Invalid SAML IDP Action
NSERR_SAML_ACTION_AUTHNCTX 2976 0xba0 None option is mutually exclusive with other Authentication Class References
NSERR_ABSOLUTE_URL 2977 0xba1 URL has to be an absolute URL
NSERR_INVALID_AG_BIND 2978 0xba2 SSLVPN vserver can be bound to only SSL type CS vserver
NSERR_NO_VSERVER 2979 0xba3 Please specify the associated vserver name
NSERR_SSSO_NOT_LICENSED 2980 0xba4 This feature needs enterprise or platinum license.
NSERR_MULT_AGBIND 2981 0xba5 Only one VPN vserver can be bound to a CS vserver.
NSERR_VPN_VSERV_PROTOCOL_NOT_ALLOWED 2982 0xba6 VPN/Authentication Vserver of service type 'HTTP' is not allowed.
NSERR_SET_NOT_ALLOWED_ON_ICAONLY_BIT 2983 0xba7 Changing 'ICAonly' parameter is not allowed in Cluster Deployment.
NSERR_IIP_INVALID_RANGE 2984 0xba8 The given intranet IP binding does not exist
NSERR_SSLVPN_LICENSE 2985 0xba9 Feature not licensed [SSLVPN]
NSERR_SAMLIDP_REDIR_INVALID_SIGN 2990 0xbae signAssertion option can only be set to ASSERTION in Redirect binding
NSERR_VPN_AUTH_BIND 2991 0xbaf Authentication vserver can not be bound to a CS vserver if VPN vserver is already bound to it.
NSERR_AUTH_VPN_BIND 2992 0xbb0 VPN vserver can not be bound to a CS vserver if Authentication vserver is already bound to it.
NSERR_SVPN_INVALID_URL 2993 0xbb1 URL must be an absolute url with a trailing slash
NSERR_MULT_AUTHBIND 2994 0xbb2 Only one Authentication vserver can be bound to a CS vserver.
NSERR_SVPN_INVALID_ICONURL 2995 0xbb3 Only the following image types i.e. .png, .jpeg, .jpg and .giff are allowed as bookmark icons.
NSERR_XM_PKG_CONTENT 2996 0xbb4 XenMobile package content error. Please find more information in /var/log/nsxm.log
NSERR_XM_MISSING_TOKEN_VALUE 2997 0xbb5 XenMobile script tokens replacement failure. Please find more information in /var/log/nsxm.log
NSERR_SAML_ARTIFACT_NO_URL 2998 0xbb6 Artifact resolution url is required when binding is specified as ARTIFACT
NSERR_OAUTHIDP_ACTION 2999 0xbb7 Invalid OAuth IDP Action
NSERR_NOLICENCE_PUSH 3000 0xbb8 Platinum license is required for this operation
NSERR_INVALSAMLSSO 3001 0xbb9 SSO should be turned on for setting samlsso action
NSERR_INVALSAMLIDPATTR1 2512 0x9d0 Incorrect expression at attribute 1
NSERR_INVALSAMLIDPATTR2 2513 0x9d1 Incorrect expression at attribute 2
NSERR_INVALSAMLIDPATTR3 2514 0x9d2 Incorrect expression at attribute 3
NSERR_INVALSAMLIDPATTR4 2515 0x9d3 Incorrect expression at attribute 4
NSERR_INVALSAMLIDPATTR5 2516 0x9d4 Incorrect expression at attribute 5
NSERR_INVALSAMLIDPATTR6 2517 0x9d5 Incorrect expression at attribute 6
NSERR_INVALSAMLIDPATTR7 2518 0x9d6 Incorrect expression at attribute 7
NSERR_INVALSAMLIDPATTR8 2519 0x9d7 Incorrect expression at attribute 8
NSERR_INVALSAMLIDPATTR9 2520 0x9d8 Incorrect expression at attribute 9
NSERR_INVALSAMLIDPATTR10 2521 0x9d9 Incorrect expression at attribute 10
NSERR_INVALSAMLIDPATTR11 3002 0xbba Incorrect expression at attribute 11
NSERR_INVALSAMLIDPATTR12 2523 0x9db Incorrect expression at attribute 12
NSERR_INVALSAMLIDPATTR13 2524 0x9dc Incorrect expression at attribute 13
NSERR_INVALSAMLIDPATTR14 2525 0x9dd Incorrect expression at attribute 14
NSERR_INVALSAMLIDPATTR15 2526 0x9de Incorrect expression at attribute 15
NSERR_INVALSAMLIDPATTR16 2527 0x9df Incorrect expression at attribute 16
NSERR_PUSH_SERVICE_AZURE_ARGS 2550 0x9f6 Azure type service requires Namespace, Hub, Servicekey and Servicekey name but not Trust service
NSERR_PUSH_SERVICE_NS_ARGS 2551 0x9f7 Citrix type service requires Client id and secret
NSERR_INVALID_DFA_BINDPOINT 2552 0x9f8 DFA policies cannot be bound to user defined policylabels/factors
NSERR_SMARTACCESS_ACTION 2313 0x909 Invalid Smartaccess profile


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_TD_EXISTS 944 0x3b0 The specified traffic domain is already configured.
NSERR_TD_VLAN 945 0x3b1 The specified VLAN/VXLAN/bridge group is already bound to another traffic domain. These entities can belong to only one traffic domain.
NSERR_TD_NOTEXIST 946 0x3b2 The specified traffic domain is not configured.
NSERR_TD_MISMATCH_WITH_L3VLAN 947 0x3b3 L3 VLANs can not be bound to a traffic domain.
NSERR_TD_MISMATCH 948 0x3b4 The binding entities have incompatible traffic domain identifiers.
NSERR_TD_NOSUPP 949 0x3b5 This feature is not supported in a non-default traffic domain.
NSERR_TD_CONFIG_NOT_ALLOWED 950 0x3b6 This configuration option is not supported in a non-default traffic domain.
NSERR_TD_IP_NOTEXIST 951 0x3b7 The IP address is not configured for the specified traffic domain.
NSERR_TD_VLAN_NOTEXIST 952 0x3b8 The specified VLAN is not configured.
NSERR_TD_DEFVLAN 953 0x3b9 Default VLAN cannot be bound/unbound to/from traffic domain.
NSERR_TD_BDG_NOTEXIST 954 0x3ba The specified bridge group is not configured.
NSERR_TD_VLAN_BDG_EXIST 955 0x3bb The specified VLAN is bound to a bridge group.
NSERR_TD_SERVER_MISMATCH 956 0x3bc The specified virtual server already bound to a service in a different traffic domain.
NSERR_DIFF_TD_NALLOWED_LLB 957 0x3bd Not allowed for LLB: Services bound to the specified virtual server must be in same traffic domain.
NSERR_DUPIP 958 0x3be IP address duplication with VMAC address detected. Please try a different IP address.
NSERR_VMAC_VLAN 959 0x3bf Traffic domain can be either VLAN based or VMAC based.
NSERR_TD_SYNCVLAN 960 0x3c0 SYNC VLAN cannot be bound/unbound to/from traffic domain.
NSERR_TD_NOT_VLAN 961 0x3c1 The specified VLAN/VXLAN/bridge group is not bound to given traffic domain.
NSERR_SYNCNSVLAN_TD 975 0x3cf VLAN bound to traffic domain cannot be configured as SYNC/NS VLAN.
NSERR_TD_CONFIG_DEPR 934 0x3a6 Traffic domains related configuration commands are deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Citrix recommends that you use admin partitions instead of using traffic domains.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_URLFILT_CANNOT_PARSE_XML 3772 0xebc Cannot parse XML categories file.
NSERR_URLFILT_CANNOT_FIND_GROUP 3773 0xebd Cannot find the specified category group.
NSERR_URLFILT_XML_FILE_TOO_BIG 3774 0xebe XML categories file is too big.
NSERR_URLFILT_DEPRECATED_IC_CACHE_NOT_ENABLED 3869 0xf1d IC feature need to be enabled too. URLFiltering feature is deprecated and will be removed in future.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_URLSET_CANNOT_INIT_PATTERN 3768 0xeb8 Cannot initialize urlset pattern.
NSERR_URLSET_CANNOT_FIND_URL 3769 0xeb9 Cannot find url in urlset.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_URLTRANS_MAX_ENTITIES 2960 0xb90 Number of URL Transformation entities exceeds limit
NSERR_URLTRANS_INVAL_PROFILE 2962 0xb92 Invalid URL Transformation profile
NSERR_URLTRANS_ACTION_INUSE 2963 0xb93 Action name is already in use
NSERR_URLTRANS_PRIORITY_EXISTS 2964 0xb94 An object with this priority already exists
NSERR_URLTRANS_REQ_PCRE_ERR 2965 0xb95 Invalid PCRE expression under 'reqUrlFrom'
NSERR_URLTRANS_RESP_PCRE_ERR 2966 0xb96 Invalid PCRE expression under 'resUrlFrom'
NSERR_URLTRANS_REQ_INTO_ERR 2967 0xb97 Invalid expression under 'reqUrlInto'
NSERR_URLTRANS_RESP_INTO_ERR 2968 0xb98 Invalid expression under 'resUrlInto'
NSERR_URLTRANS_COOKIE_INTO_ERR 2969 0xb99 Invalid expression under 'cookieDomainInto'
NSERR_URLTRANS_COOKIE_PCRE_ERR 2970 0xb9a Invalid PCRE expression under 'cookieDomainFrom'
NSERR_URLTRANS_TOO_MANY_BACKREFS 2971 0xb9b More than 5 back references in PCRE expression
NSERR_URLTRANS_MISSING_FROM 2972 0xb9c Each 'Into' expression must have a corresponding 'From' pattern
NSERR_URLTRANS_NOT_SUPPORTED_VS 2973 0xb9d Specified policy can be bound only to HTTP/SSL/PROXY/HTTP_QUIC type vserver
NSERR_URLTRANS_BAD_COMMENT 2974 0xb9e Invalid comment


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_VIDEOOPT_INV_RANDOMSAMPLING 3804 0xedc Invalid RandomSampling parameter. Should be >=0.0 and <=100.0


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_INTERFACEBOUND 2080 0x820 Interface is already bound to this VLAN
NSERR_IFACE_NO_UNBIND 2081 0x821 Untagged interface cannot be removed from default VLAN. To remove, bind to other VLAN.
NSERR_IFACE_MAX_VLANS 2082 0x822 Maximum number of tagged VLANs bound to the interface exceeded or the binding of this VLAN is not allowed on the interface.
NSERR_VLAN_RTEXIST 2083 0x823 An existing route relies on the presence of this vlan
NSERR_VLAN_LLEXIST 2084 0x824 An existing link-local ip relies on the presence of this vlan
NSERR_BOUNDTONSVLAN 2085 0x825 Interface/Channel bound to NSVLAN
NSERR_VLAN_TD_CONFIGURED 2408 0x968 TD is configured on this bridgegroup/vlan. Cannot delete this
NSERR_VLAN_BOUNDTO_NETBRIDGE 1216 0x4c0 Vlan bound to Netbridge cannot be removed


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_INTERFACE_BOUND 3329 0xd01 Interface already bound
NSERR_VRID_INTERFACE_NOT_BOUND 3330 0xd02 Interface not bound
NSERR_NO_SUCH_INTERFACE 3331 0xd03 No such interface
NSERR_DYNAMIC_ENTRY 3346 0xd12 Dynamic Entry exists.
NSERR_PRIO_INTFVRID 3347 0xd13 Invalid Priority for interface bound VRID
NSERR_INTFVRID 3348 0xd14 Binding interface is not allowed for Dynamic or IP bound VRID
NSERR_NOTSTATIC_VRID 3349 0xd15 Not a Configured VRID
NSERR_IPVRID 3350 0xd16 IP binding is not allowed for Interface VRID
NSERR_IPVRID_BOUND 3351 0xd17 VRID already bound to this IP
NSERR_NOVRID 3354 0xd1a VRID doesn't exist
NSERR_INTF_TRACKINTF_BOUND 3362 0xd22 Interfaces can either be tracked or bound to a vrID.
NSERR_VRRP_SHAREDVLAN_NOT_SUPPORTED 3408 0xd50 VRRP functionality is not supported on shared VLANs.
NSERR_INTF_VRID_BIND_NOTALLOWED 3868 0xf1c Binding of interface to this VRID is not allowed. Plesae check if the VRID is allowed for the interface from SVM.


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_VXLAN_INCOMP 2608 0xa30 Vlan extension and IP address - both cannot be configured on vxlan
NSERR_VXLAN_TUN_BOUND 2609 0xa31 Tunnel is already bound to this vxlan
NSERR_INV_MCAST 2610 0xa32 Another multicast group already configured for this vxlan
NSERR_TUN_NOT_BOUND 2611 0xa33 Tunnel not bound to this vxlan
NSERR_IP_NOT_BOUND 2612 0xa34 IP/IPv6 address not bound to this vxlan
NSERR_INV_TUN 2613 0xa35 Tunnel should be of VXLAN type
NSERR_NO_VXLAN 2614 0xa36 Vxlan is not configured
NSERR_VLAN_EXT 2615 0xa37 Vlan already extended by a different vxlan
NSERR_VXLAN_TD 2616 0xa38 Vxlan is bound to a traffic domain
NSERR_VXLAN_ROTUING 2617 0xa39 Vlan extension and routing - both cannot be configured on vxlan
NSERR_VXLANMAP_INUSE 2743 0xab7 This vlan-to-vxlan map table is in use by a netbridge/pbr-tunnel
NSERR_VXLAN_TBL_BOUND 2738 0xab2 Vxlan is in use by a vlan-to-vxlan map table
NSERR_TUN_MAP_TBL 2739 0xab3 The tunnel currently applies vlan-to-vxlan mappings
NSERR_VXLAN_INUSE 2740 0xab4 Vxlans that have vlan extensions or IP addresses or routing cannot be used in mapping table
NSERR_NETBDG_VXLAN_VLAN 2741 0xab5 Vlan-to-vxlan map table and vlan - both cannot be configured on a netbridge
NSERR_NO_VXLANMAP 2742 0xab6 Vlan-to-vxlan map table is not configured
NSERR_VXLANMAP_TUN_NOSUP 2746 0xaba Incompatible tunnel type for vlan-to-vxlan map table


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSWAR_SSL_BINDOR NS_WARNING|NSERR_SSL_BINDOR Current certificate replaces the previous binding
NSWAR_SSL_BRKLINK NS_WARNING|NSERR_SSL_BRKLINK All incompatible CA links/Cert Bindings were broken during the update operation
NSWAR_SSL_EXPIRED_BRKLINK NS_WARNING|NSERR_SSL_EXPIRED_BRKLINK All incompatible CA links were broken during the update operation. (Note: the certificate has expired)
NSWAR_SSL_NYVALID_BRKLINK NS_WARNING|NSERR_SSL_NYVALID_BRKLINK All incompatible CA links were broken during the update operation. (Note: the certificate is not yet valid)


Error Code Error Code(Decimal) Error Code(Hex) Error Message
NSERR_CIPROF_INTERFACE_NOT_ALLOWED 2436 0x984 IngressInterface and Ingressvlan are not allowed for this contentinspection profile type
NSERR_XS_INTERNAL_RESOURCE_CREATION 3794 0xed2 Resource creation failed, internal error.
NSERR_XS_INVALID_SERVERNAME 3795 0xed3 Unsupported service type. Supported types are TCP and SSL_TCP for ICAP, TCP for INLINEINSPECTION and ANY for MIRROR.
NSERR_CI_ACT_IP_PORT_NOT_ALLOWED 3820 0xeec IP and Port can't set be for this contentinspection action type
NSERR_CI_ACT_SNAME_SIP_CONFLICT 3796 0xed4 Server name and ip can't both be set for this content inspection entity.
NSERR_XS_INVALID_ICAPPROFILE_NAME 3797 0xed5 Invalid ICAP profile name.
NSERR_CI_PROFILE_EXISTS 3798 0xed6 ContentInspection profile exists with the given name.
NSERR_CIPROF_INUSE 3801 0xed9 Can't change MODE as the ContentInspection profile is in use.
NSERR_XS_INVALID_CIPROFILE_NAME 3766 0xeb6 Invalid contentInspection profile name.
NSERR_CI_UNSUPPORTED_PROFILE_TYPE 3767 0xeb7 Invalid Content Inspection type specified.
NSERR_CI_NO_PROFILE 3817 0xee9 Content Inspection profile does not exist.
NSERR_CI_INVALID_CIC 3821 0xeed Content Inspection callout does not exist or type didn't match.
NSERR_CI_ACT_MISSING_PROFILE 3823 0xeef ContentInspectionProfile is not set on service(s)
NSERR_CIPROF_TUNNEL_NOT_ALLOWED 2437 0x985 Tunnel is not allowed for this contentinspection profile type