Statistics for ip v6 resource.


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Name Data Type Permissions Description
clearstats <String> Read-write Clear the statsistics / counters.

Possible values = basic, full
ipv6totrxpkts <Double> Read-only IPv6 packets received.
ipv6rxpktsrate <Double> Read-only Rate (/s) counter for ipv6totrxpkts
ipv6totrxbytes <Double> Read-only Bytes of IPv6 data received.
ipv6rxbytesrate <Double> Read-only Rate (/s) counter for ipv6totrxbytes
ipv6tottxpkts <Double> Read-only IPv6 packets transmitted
ipv6txpktsrate <Double> Read-only Rate (/s) counter for ipv6tottxpkts
ipv6tottxbytes <Double> Read-only Bytes of IPv6 data transmitted.
ipv6txbytesrate <Double> Read-only Rate (/s) counter for ipv6tottxbytes
ipv6totroutepkts <Double> Read-only IPv6 packets routed.
ipv6routepktsrate <Double> Read-only Rate (/s) counter for ipv6totroutepkts
ipv6totroutembits <Double> Read-only IPv6 total Mbits.
ipv6routembitsrate <Double> Read-only Rate (/s) counter for ipv6totroutembits
ipv6fragtotrxpkts <Double> Read-only IPv6 fragments received.
ipv6fragrxpktsrate <Double> Read-only Rate (/s) counter for ipv6fragtotrxpkts
ipv6fragtottcpreassembled <Double> Read-only TCP fragments processed after reassembly.
ipv6fragtcpreassembledrate <Double> Read-only Rate (/s) counter for ipv6fragtottcpreassembled
ipv6fragtotudpreassembled <Double> Read-only UDP fragments processed after reassembly.
ipv6fragudpreassembledrate <Double> Read-only Rate (/s) counter for ipv6fragtotudpreassembled
ipv6fragtotpktsprocessnoreass <Double> Read-only IPv6 fragments processed without reassembly.
ipv6fragpktsprocessnoreassrate <Double> Read-only Rate (/s) counter for ipv6fragtotpktsprocessnoreass
ipv6fragtotpktsforward <Double> Read-only IPv6 fragments forwarded to the client or server without reassembly.
ipv6fragpktsforwardrate <Double> Read-only Rate (/s) counter for ipv6fragtotpktsforward
ipv6errhdr <Double> Read-only Packets received that contain an error in one or more components of the IPv6 header.
ipv6nextheadererr <Double> Read-only Packets received that contain an unsupported next header. The supported next headers are TCP, ICMP, UDP, OSPF, and FRAGMENT.
ipv6landattack <Double> Read-only Land-attack packets received. The source and destination addresses are the same. If not dropped, these packets can lock up the appliance.
ipv6fragpkttoobig <Double> Read-only Packets received for which the reassembled data exceeds the Ethernet packet data length of 1500 bytes.
ipv6fragzerolenpkt <Double> Read-only Packets received with a fragment length of 0 bytes.
ipv6toticmpnarx <Double> Read-only Number of ICMPv6 NA packets received by Citrix ADC (OBSOLETE).
ipv6icmpnarxrate <Double> Read-only Rate (/s) counter for ipv6toticmpnarx
ipv6toticmpnsrx <Double> Read-only Number of ICMPv6 NS packets received by Citrix ADC (OBSOLETE).
ipv6icmpnsrxrate <Double> Read-only Rate (/s) counter for ipv6toticmpnsrx
ipv6toticmpnatx <Double> Read-only Number of ICMPv6 NA packets transmitted by Citrix ADC (OBSOLETE).
ipv6icmpnatxrate <Double> Read-only Rate (/s) counter for ipv6toticmpnatx
ipv6toticmpnstx <Double> Read-only Number of ICMPv6 NS packets transmitted by Citrix ADC (OBSOLETE).
ipv6icmpnstxrate <Double> Read-only Rate (/s) counter for ipv6toticmpnstx
ipv6toticmprarx <Double> Read-only Number of ICMPv6 RA packets received by Citrix ADC (OBSOLETE).
ipv6icmprarxrate <Double> Read-only Rate (/s) counter for ipv6toticmprarx
ipv6toticmprstx <Double> Read-only Number of ICMPv6 RS packets transmitted by Citrix ADC (OBSOLETE).
ipv6icmprstxrate <Double> Read-only Rate (/s) counter for ipv6toticmprstx
ipv6toticmprx <Double> Read-only Number of ICMPv6 packets received by Citrix ADC (OBSOLETE).
ipv6icmprxrate <Double> Read-only Rate (/s) counter for ipv6toticmprx
ipv6toticmptx <Double> Read-only Number of ICMPv6 packets transmitted by Citrix ADC (OBSOLETE).
ipv6icmptxrate <Double> Read-only Rate (/s) counter for ipv6toticmptx
ipv6errrxhdr <Double> Read-only Number of erroneous header packets received (OBSOLETE).
ipv6errrxpkt <Double> Read-only Number of erroneous packets received (OBSOLETE).
ipv6badcksum <Double> Read-only Number of bad checksum packets received (OBSOLETE).
icmpv6error <Double> Read-only Number of erroneous ICMPv6 packets received (OBSOLETE).
icmpv6unspt <Double> Read-only Number of ICMPv6 unsupported packets received (OBSOLETE).
icmpv6rtthsld <Double> Read-only Number of ICMPv6 packets dropped for rate threshold exceeded (OBSOLETE).


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  • GET (ALL)

Some options that you can use for each operations:

  • Getting warnings in response: NITRO allows you to get warnings in an operation by specifying the 'warning' query parameter as 'yes'. For example, to get warnings while connecting to the NetScaler appliance, the URL is as follows:

    http:// <netscaler-ip-address> /nitro/v1/config/login?warning=yes

    If any, the warnings are displayed in the response payload with the HTTP code '209 X-NITRO-WARNING'.

  • Authenticated access for individual NITRO operations: NITRO allows you to logon to the NetScaler appliance to perform individual operations. You can use this option instead of creating a NITRO session (using the login object) and then using that session to perform all operations,

    To do this, you must specify the username and password in the request header of the NITRO request as follows:

    X-NITRO-USER: <username>

    X-NITRO-PASS: <password>

    Note: In such cases, make sure that the request header DOES not include the following:

    Cookie:NITRO_AUTH_TOKEN= <tokenvalue>

*Note: * Mandatory parameters are marked in red and placeholder content is marked in green

get (all)

URL: http:// <netscaler-ip-address> /nitro/v1/stat/protocolipv6 Query-parameters: args http:// <netscaler-ip-address> /nitro/v1/stat/protocolipv6? args=detail: <Boolean_value> ,fullvalues: <Boolean_value> ,ntimes: <Double_value> ,logfile: <String_value> ,clearstats: <String_value>

Use this query-parameter to get protocolipv6 resources based on additional properties.

attrs http:// <netscaler-ip-address> /nitro/v1/stat/protocolipv6? attrs=property-name1,property-name2

Use this query parameter to specify the resource details that you want to retrieve.

HTTP Method: GET

Request Headers:

Cookie:NITRO_AUTH_TOKEN= <tokenvalue>


Response: HTTP Status Code on Success: 200 OK

HTTP Status Code on Failure: 4xx <string> (for general HTTP errors) or 5xx <string> (for NetScaler-specific errors). The response payload provides details of the error

Response Header:


Response Payload:

{  "protocolipv6": [ {