ADC Advanced Policy Expressions


mssql response done object

This topic lists the expressions that are provided by this class.


    number of rows affected by INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE queries.

Returns: unsigned_long_at


    status of the done token of the response. The Status MUST be a bitwise 'OR' of the following: 0x00: DONE_FINAL (this DONE is the final DONE in the request). 0x1: DONE_MORE (this DONE message is not the final DONE message in the result batch. Subsequent statements to follow). 0x2: DONE_ERROR (on error occurred on the current command. A preceding ERROR token SHOULD be sent when this bit is set). 0x4: DONE_INXACT (a transaction is in progress). 0x10: DONE_COUNT (the DoneRowCount value is valid. This is used to distinguish between a valid value of 0 for DoneRowCount or just an initialized variable). 0x20: DONE_ATTN (the DONE message is a server acknowledgement of a client ATTENTION message). 0x100: DONE_SRVERROR (used in place of DONE_ERROR when an error occurred on the current command, which is severe enough to require the result set, if any, to be discarded).

Returns: num_at


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