ADC Advanced Policy Expressions


This object represents the servicemember in the service group.

This topic lists the expressions that are provided by this class.


    Returns number of connections on the service member as an unsigned long number.

Returns: unsigned_long_at

MONITOR (text_t monitor_name)

Used for monitor expressions. These expressions raises an undef if monitor with the given name doesn't exist.


            monitor_name- Monitor name

Returns: monitor_t


    Returns as a number, the response time in micro-seconds. RESPTIME is the TTFB (Time To recieve First Byte) from all the backend service members.

Returns: num_at

SNMP_TABLE (uint index)

Returns the load entry in the SNMP table for the service member at the given index.

Parameters (expressions not allowed):

            index- Index Raise undef when service member doesnot have SNMP load table or the index is out of boundary( valid index values are 0-9)

Returns: unsigned_long_at


    Returns the state of service member.

Returns: vserver_state_e


    Returns as a number, the number of requests in surge queue of service.

Returns: num_at


    Returns throughput of the service in Mbps (Megabits per sec) as an unsigned long number.

Returns: unsigned_long_at


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