ADC Advanced Policy Expressions


Operates on a service

This topic lists the expressions that are provided by this class.


    Returns number of connections on the service as an unsigned long number.

Returns: unsigned_long_at

MONITOR (text_t monitor_name)

Used for monitor expressions. These expressions raises an undef if monitor with the given name doesn't exist.


            monitor_name- Monitor name

Returns: monitor_t

  • NAME

    Returns the name of the service.

Returns: text_t


    Returns as a number, the response time in micro-seconds. RESPTIME is the TTFB (Time To recieve First Byte) from all the backend services.

Returns: num_at

SNMP_TABLE (uint index)

Returns the load entry in the SNMP table at the given index for the service.

Parameters (expressions not allowed):

            index- Index Raises an undef when service doesnot have SNMP load table or the given index is out of boundary (valid index values are 0-9).

Returns: unsigned_long_at


    Returns the state of service.

Returns: vserver_state_e


    Returns as a number, the number of requests in surge queue of service.

Returns: num_at


    Returns throughput of the service in Mbps (Megabits per sec) as an unsigned long number.

Returns: unsigned_long_at


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